SISTER MAIL: Prayerfully Seeking Joseph In Australia

I received an email from one of my readers, who is prayerfully seeking her Joseph. ย Her email message to me is shown below.

If you are in the US or Australia, a traditional Catholic man seriously discerning marriage and are interested, CONTACT ME and tell me a little about yourself.

She is not on Facebook, but I can provide you with her email for you to contact her.

Also, feel free to forward this post to any men who meet the above basic criteria described and who would be interested.


Hi Paige,

I came across your site and it has beautiful content about our beautiful faith and femininity the way God had designed a woman! May God bless your efforts.

I am 35 yrs old, from Sydney, Aus who loves the Traditional Mass and have been looking for a good God fearing man. I attend Holy Mass at the SSPX Church in Sydney. Could you please let me know if you come across a gentleman seriously discerning marriage and would like to communicate with me for this discernment.ย 
I thought I ask since you are very active on social media and internet and perhaps have a much larger circle of Traditional Catholics that you might know.ย 

Thank you and May God bless you abundantly,

ad Jesum per Mariam