Grateful For The Publicity

Someone kindly sent me this screenshot to inform me that there is aย thread about me going on within a Facebook group.

It is not the first time I have had people message me or email me to tell me about similar other incidents.

Plus, the stats of my website clearly shows where my inbound traffic is coming from, so I am usually able to tell who areย discussing my blog and where.

I thoroughly appreciate the gesture of ‘warning me’, but things like this do not bother me at all.

In fact, I am actually thoroughly pleased with the attention that the blog is receiving.

I share this to encourage you all not to be despondent when people don’t understand your choices to be a traditional Catholic, a SAHM, to veil at Mass, to homeschool and so on.

Your life and the salvation of your soul is not a democracy for people to vote on.

You answer to God and God alone, so just continue being obedient to God.

I also wish to express my gratitude to those who discuss me or my blog.ย  Whether the discussions are positive or negative,ย  I am honestly not perturbed as it helps to increase traffic to my blog as well as bring it to the attention of more people.ย  So for that, I am truly grateful.

Below is the response that I gave to the person who sent me this image.

I’m flattered that people will take the time to discuss me. My blog must be provoking some stimulating thoughts and discussion.

I have also seen people discussing my blog on other places like Catholic Match, Catholic Answers forum etc

Meh, it does not bother me at all.

In fact, I appreciate the publicity that these people are creating for me.

Hopefully, there would be some people who would visit the blog and find it both useful and enriching to their lives.

Of course, I am also aware that there will be others who will disagree with my blog topics.

That is fine. It does not bother me at all.

I honestly don’t spend my time being worried about someone upset about my opinions and choices.

My life is extremely busy with work, personal and of course, family obligations.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices in life, even them.

Thanks for sharing, anyway. I sincerely appreciate it!

God bless!

ad Jesum per Mariam


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