Always Pointing To Him

Some people assume that because I am private on social media about my family and personal life that I must have no children, or my husband is not the breadwinner of the family, or I must be unmarried or I must be a teenager.

Um, okay, whatever floats your boat, Felicia ๐Ÿ˜’

My ministry is not about using my personal and family life as a template for you to emulate and aspire to.

My ministry is about inspiring you to live your own lives and your vocations the way God intended, using Church tradition and Biblical teaching.

I do not come up with new teachings or information on Traditional Catholicism or traditional femininity.

I am simply reminding you of what has been forgotten or suppressed- in the Catechism, in the Bible, in Church tradition and from the writings and teachings of many holy saints.

To echo St. Bernadette, my job is to inform, not convince, and my intention is to point you, not to me, but to Our Lady and to God.

God gave all of us all free will.ย  You are certainly free to make your own choices regarding how you live your life, live your faith and raise your children.

However, you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

Surely, the rise of feminism (the architect of whom is a Marxist Freemason, by the way) and the growth of the sexual revolution, with all their resultant problems, should be a clear warning of this.

I understand that we currently live in a society where people are focused on achieving celebrity status and popularity through using themselves and their personal lives as a brand.ย  As a result, their brains canโ€™t handle the fact that some of us who are simply not interested in this sort of popularity.

I have no interest in parading myself, my family or my personal life in public.ย ย This is not keeping up with the Kardashians.

The focus is Our Lord and what He wants for you.ย  So instead of focusing on the messenger, focus instead on the message.

Now, if some people are really that ignorant and unable to grasp this simple concept, then I suppose they shouldnโ€™t allow a male OBGYN to deliver their babies because after all, heโ€™s never been pregnant, right?

While you are at it, kindly withdraw your children from schools where the teachers are unmarried or have no children.

Also, do not receive cancer treatment from any medical professional who has not experienced cancer themselves.

Pro-life? Well, you certainly shouldn’t follow pro-life and motherhood activist, Obianuju Ekeocha, because she has never had childrenย  The fact that she is a force of good in the world and her ministry has changed many lives for the better should be completely disregarded.

And you definitely should not be taking marriage or parenting advice from a priest because heโ€™s not experienced that before.

Come on, people.ย  Aren’t we smarter than this?

When you see a person so eager to distract you from the message and direct your focus on to the messenger, you must tell yourself: this person has an ulterior motive and does not care about my wellbeing or my salvation.

Normal people who disagree with anotherโ€™s ideologies simply ignore it and move on.

They do not actively set out to destroy or discredit the messenger.

Those that do, find the message a threat to their agenda and also do not want you to know the truth.ย  They do not care about your soul or the salvation of your children.

So, be wary of the wolves in sheepโ€™s clothing that are eager to destroy, not rebuild, the Church from the inside out.

And if you are doubtful of the message, you can always research any facts presented, pray and discern.ย  ย The Holy Spirit will be your guide.

I pray for every single one of you that God truly opens your eyes to truth and that people with diabolical agendas do not cause you to lose your salvation.

You are much loved and always in my prayers.

God bless.



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