Blacks Are Happier Than Whites

And now that I have your attention, let us begin.

“American Blacks are more optimistic than American Whites” – that was the headline of THIS ARTICLE that caught my attention this morning.

In a way, I am not too surprised.  It makes complete sense and I shared this article, along with why it made sense, on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.  Below is the response I wrote:

Because a lot of the black Americans tend to have strong family connections and they also tend to have more children.

Increased number of children leads to increased sense of purpose and community spirit.

Meanwhile, a lot of white Americans tend to have fewer children, ship them off to daycare while they build their careers in an endless pursuit of money, resulting in distancing between them and their offspring

When their children reach adulthood, many leave home and contact with the parents is very limited as they hardly spent adequate time with them in their early years.

At the end of their lives, the white folks are shipped off to old people’s homes by their kids.

It really breaks my heart when I see the elderly in old people’s homes, especially those that have living children.  It is so distressing to see.  What a way to end one’s life.

I often tell my husband (who is white) that when the time arrives, I absolutely refuse to have his parents in an old people’s home – they will be staying with us and I will take care of them


Money and a career do not buy happiness. Long-term happiness and fulfilment is gained from family and building a legacy.


Also, watch this video:

The truth is that my observations and comments about family attitudes among American black communities is not just exclusive to Black Americans or Blacks in general.

In Europe, especially countries like France, Italy and Spain, the family has a very high priority and both blacks and whites in these countries have about the same level of optimism and happiness.

In the UK, I am seeing an unfortunate trend of adopting a lot of American mentalities, including America’s high focus on materialism over family.  As a result, there are more miserable white British people than blacks.  There is a higher rate of depression, loneliness and suicide among the white population than blacks or hHispanics

Once again, the reason for this is above.

Thankfully, a lot of my dear British friends are wising up to their life choices.  They are now putting more focus on family, with an increasing number of women, even the highly educated ones, choosing to be SAHMs.

Why?  Because we Brits are able to learn from our mistakes.  We learnt from our mistake regarding the EU and we voted for Brexit.

Unfortunately, America has a worldwide reputation for being brash, hostile and arrogant, and I saw evidence of this in the response I received to the above article that I posted on my social media.

One person who is following me on Instagram, and running a Catholic page of his own, commented with:

“Do you live in America?? This is fake news!! You must be a 15 year old boy behind a laptop” 

Now, the person seems to have deleted the comment at the time of me writing this post, but not before I gave a detailed response – see below:

1) I don’t live in America and I don’t have to live in America to read news and research material from America!

2) just because you say it’s fake news does not make it so. The research was done by your own American scientists and researchers who, I am sure, know a lot more about the situation than you do.

3) your attempt to discredit it or me, by demanding to know if I live in America, even though it is very clearly a report from the worldwide respected BBC news tells of your ignorance

4) your insistence that you THINK you know better than the US scientists who conducted the research and BBC world news who reported it simply exposes your deep racism.

5) I suspect that you are white, which makes sense at your outrage that you are indeed NOT a superior race because here is scientific evidence that you are miserable. okay, i was a little bit harsh here

 6) perhaps if you spent more time and focus on family, and less time on materialism and disgusting racial bias, then maybe, just maybe, the declining white population, as you call it, will be a thing of the past and then you TOO can be happy. K?  aannnnd here. 


Now, I am a black woman and yes, I come from a multi-generational Catholic family.

My family has been Catholic for over 4 generations and I am the youngest of 6 children.

I had a good education and have lived in both white and black communities.  I also have a lot of white friends and my husband is white, and no, I never had any children outside of wedlock.

Personally, I have never experienced racism here in the UK and I get truly appalled at some of the things that I hear going on in the US.

I am even more disgusted that there are some whites who follow my blog and when I check out their social media, it reeks of white nationalism, neo-nazi vibes and just pure racism.  They actually believe that they, whites, have the monopoly over the Catholic faith.

Well, now that they realise it is a black woman behind this blog, I guess I’ll be seeing less of them around these parts.  See ya!!

There are three main types of people that tend to follow Traditional Catholic Femininity, from my observations:

  1. The Neo-Nazis, as I mentioned above, covering up their racism under a veil of Traditional Catholicism
  2. The fetishists, who are deeply misogynistic, regard women as second -class and pretty much, just want a submissive, subservient sex slave.
  3. The true Traditional Catholics.

With the first two groups, I generally just ignore them as I know they won’t stay for long.  I post a wide variety of topics and images, including black images, interracial families and so on.

These first two groups cannot always contain their deep ugliness and they will react to the posts.

All I have to do is just sit back and watch the trash out itself and then take itself out.

So here is a PSA for the first two groups:

  • Racism and Catholicism are incompatible with each other.  You CANNOT claim to be Catholic and racist.
  • Disrespect of women and Catholicism are incompatible with each other.  You CANNOT claim to be Catholic and harbour deep misogynism.

Catholics hold high reverence for a woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  When Jesus rose from the dead, He chose to appear first to a woman!  When God created Adam, He created Woman as a gift to Adam AND He then gave Woman the ability to bear children and create life, within her womb.

So, if you believe that being Traditional means women are less than, inferior, and should be treated with disrespect simply because they are submissive and respectful to you, then a) you do not deserve any ounce of respect or submission from any woman, and b) you are definitely not Catholic.

Therefore, if you are not Catholic, kindly get off my page.

It is not wrong to be a nationalist or proud of your heritage and country. I am VERY proud of Britain and England. I am not in favour of uncontrolled, illegal immigration. Does that make me a racist? No!

However, it is wrong and SINFUL to be prejudiced, biased or hateful towards another person or group of persons for their skin colour.  Absolutely despicable!

Now, back to the above article.  Below is another response that I received to the article.

I have posted it below, along with my response to the commenter

PERSON:  Interesting. Because in the US about 78% of Black children are born out of wedlock and almost 50% of their families are on public assistance. Only 19% of blacks have college degrees.

ME:  Exactly. Education and money does not guarantee happiness

PERSON: No, money doesn’t make one happy. But neither does sin and irresponsibility.

ME: The overall take-home message was not whether or not their lifestyle choices are acceptable or not.

The take-home message is that family and community is what brings happiness.

And given America’s racial history, it kinda makes sense that the existing racial prejudice resulted in disillusioned black communities with little to no opportunities or motivation.

Example, here is the UK, black people do not have the problem that blacks and Hispanics have in the US.

Why not? After all, the UK and the British Empire had colonies in black countries.

The difference between us and the US is that we do not have racial prejudice to level that the US has. As a result, we don’t have the same rates of crime, violence, broken homes etc that exist in the US.

You honestly can’t blame the black community for the violence, broken homes, poor education etc

In addition, with all that the US blacks have had to endure through the decades, it is still commendable, that they remain optimistic and happy.

We all, black or not, US or not, could learn from this… retain an attitude of hope, joy, optimism and to focus on important things, even if our circumstances are dire.

As you can see, the two people who commented were both Americans, both white and both triggered by the Black angle to the story.

The focus of my comment was that family, not materialism, is important than materialism.

But they did not see that at all.  They immediately honed in on the race angle, ignoring the most important part.

Now, I can understand that there are some people with an attitude of racial superiority and entitlement, it must really trigger them to be proven otherwise and herein lies the problem with a lot of Americans – arrogance, even in the face of proof ie results of scientific and sociological research.

No race is superior to the other. None!

The belief in racial superiority is deeply offensive and insulting to God who created us all, and no matter how many Masses you attend, you will be judged for it.

The only superiority we have is over animals and plants.

See Genesis, where God created the plants and animals, and then gave Man authority and dominion over them.

We all can learn from each other and adopt practices from each other’s culture that is beneficial. My husband and I learn from each other all the time. We don’t see it as “Oh, you are different, therefore you are wrong!”

We learn from each other cultures and we create our own traditions and rituals, unique to our own family.

Interestingly enough, the two richest women in the world are black women.  One of them is Oprah, an American, and before I have biased Americans claim that Oprah only made her money because she grew up in America, the other richest woman in the world is Alakija, a Nigerian.

Why them and not a white woman, I ask the Neo-Nazis who believe in white racial superiority.

In conclusion, your race is no guarantee of happiness.

Your money is no guarantee of happiness.

Your education is no guarantee of happiness.

If you are focusing on race and not the important things in life, boy, are you doing it wrong.

Instead of spending your time and energy hating on other races or even other people because they are steadily improving on themselves or doing better than you, spend that time on working on yourself and improving yourself.

You want long-term happiness?  Focus on what is important: Family, Community and building a legacy.

You will not lie on your deathbed wishing you had fewer children.

You will not lie on your deathbed wishing you chose a career over taking care of your children.

Even Fr. Ripperger confirms:

“Children are a good thing. The more you have them, the happier you will be” 

White, Black, Asian, Hispanic – God loves you all and so do I!

St Martin de Porres, ora pro nobis!

Edit – this article is perfect timing because this Sunday, in a couple of days, all churches and I think religious bodies in the U.K. will be celebrating Racial Justice Sunday.



Healing The Racial Divide

Racial Justice & The Catholic Church


ad Jesum per Mariam


2 thoughts on “Blacks Are Happier Than Whites

  1. Not Catholic, but I am a Bible believing Christian (plus was born & raised in the US) and I greatly enjoy this blog and the articles you write on various topics that are applicable to all believers. I have never understood why people would get triggered over an article stating Black folks are happier than white folks–that is not racist or even saying to black people are superior. I am convinced that some people just want to be offended so bad. Here in America I do believe that many white people believe they are superior to the rest of us. It’s essentially ingrained in our culture from the National Anthem, American History that is taught in schools to the televisions shows and yes, even in religious circles. It’s insidious and really sickening, but I understand why American whites feel that way–which is really sad.


  2. I love this so much! ❤ Great post!! It honestly shocked me to learn earlier the racism behind many Trads! Sickos… they really know nothing of the Faith.
    God bless ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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