The True Purpose of Marriage

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Modern society has perverted marriage itself and has lost sight of the true purpose of marriage, and then they wonder why marriages left and right are ending in divorce.

Abandoning the historical and traditional purpose of marriage only results in pain, heartache, divorce, chaos and perverted forms of marriage such as same-sex marriage, sologamy and so on.

Modern society has the view that marriage is founded on love and that the primary purpose of getting married is because you love each other.

This is simply not true!

Marriage was never founded on love.

Marriage was founded on justice and its primary purpose is for procreation.

The primary purpose of marriage was for the couple to transition into a different state, ie the state of parenthood, and justice, in form of marital vows, was to protect the interests of the man and of the offspring that would result from the marriage.

Justice ie a legal contract is needed to enforce the fulfilment of the primary purpose of marriage – procreation.

“Traditionally speaking, the primary purpose of marriage is the generation and nurturing of offspring; the second purpose is the mutual help of spouses, and the third is the remedy for concupiscence.

From the beginning of creation, God made men and women to be together in the generative union of marriage not merely so that they could be companions to one another, but also to populate the earth.

Taking a more in-depth look at this definition and the one given above, we can see that there are three main elements that compose it: 1). indissolubility, 2). contractual union between ONE man and ONE woman, and 3). ordering to the procreation and upbringing of children, mutual help, and remedy for concupiscence.

In marriage, if it truly is directed towards the generation and fostering of children, it seems necessary for the contract to be indissoluble.”ย  – SOURCE

Note the words “contract” and “indissoluble”, all indicating that marriage is founded on justice.


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The word “marriage” derives from the Latin “maritare”, which means โ€œto join together.”

“To wed” comes ultimately from an Indo-European root for โ€œpledge.โ€ , which means “to make a binding promise, to make a vow.”

The word “matrimony” stems from the Latin roots for โ€œthe condition or office of motherhood.โ€

Essentially, the purpose of getting married is to join together a man and women, who pledge binding vows to each other in order to prepare the woman for the condition/state of motherhood.ย  Once again, this emphasises procreation as the primary purpose of marriage.

After marriage, the wife’s takes on a state of office, a new role – Wife and Mother.

This is why it is strongly encouraged that women remain at home after marriage.ย  Motherhood and marriage is no easy task.

Combining motherhood with household obligations, home management and marital duties is a full-time job in itself and it astounds me that women want to be modern-day beasts of burden, by taking on additional jobs, outside the home.

No wonder they are tired! No wonder they are run ragged and aged before their time, losing their appeal towards their husbands, who then replaces them with a younger model.

Don’t do it, ladies.ย  The poor economy is not an excuse for being a working wife/mother.

Down-size, be frugal, be economical, work from home – the options are endless, especially in today’s society.

Men and women are fundamentally different.

The mother’s primary role in marriage is to nurture and procreate.

The father’s primary role in marriage is to protect and provide, ensuring the mother can be at home to nurture their offspring.

Married women who place their babies in daycare in order to return quickly to work violate the primary God-ordained purpose of marriage.ย  You shouldn’t get married if you intend to place your babies in daycare.

Women are built to nurture, so pour those energies into nurturing your home, your husband, your marriage and your children. When your husband returns home from work, your nurturing energy restores and energises him.ย  This is the clever design of God


Dear men, don’t date a woman who does not want to be a housewife or SAHM.ย  Don’t date a woman who wants to pay on dates, or go 50-50.

Not only would you be disrespected, manipulated, and controlled in your own home, she would divorce in order to upgrade to a higher status man, leaving you with huge divorce bills, a massive alimony settlement and of course, child support.

This is what generally happens when you go against the Natural Law, ordained by God.

For those who are married and experiencing stress or marital issues, reconnect with the traditional template for marriage and see how much your lives and your marriages will improve.

“No human law can abolish the natural and original right of marriage, nor in any way limit the chief and PRINCIPAL of marriage ordained by Godโ€™s authority from the beginning: โ€˜Increase and multiply.โ€™ [Gen 1:28]

Holy Family, model of marital and family perfection, pray for us.


ย  ย ย 

ย ย ย 

ย ad Jesum per Mariam



8 thoughts on “The True Purpose of Marriage

  1. even with my background I was very blessed to be able to be married in a church, so my wedding was very special to me, even beyond the covenant of marriage, which in itself is special.


  2. You are entitled to your opinion, but the Church defines it as a contract, which it always has been historically and Biblically, and which makes more sense if you view it without the distorted lens of self-projection and personal bias.

    Also, the historical meaning of covenant translates into Contract.

    You may hate the word Contract all you like due to your own issues or projection, but redefining it doesn’t change the Biblical FACT that it IS a contract.

    People who are opposed to binding terms such as “contract”, “justice” and “law” are generally people who want a marriage without boundaries, without determined rules, with an escape route……. in short, commitment-phobes.

    They want the benefits of marriage without the commitment and rules of marriage – these are people to be avoided

    If you don’t like the traditional terms of marriage, do not redefine marriage to suit your agenda – just don’t get married.

    Stay single and do not date either, for you are only wasting the time of people who ACTUALLY want to get married.

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    1. First of all, it is “cause”, not “caused”.

      Second of all, even the Bible recognises marriage to be a CONTRACT, as we see in the story of Mary and Joseph, surrounding their betrothal.

      Third of all, it is BOTH a sacrament AND a contractual union.

      The contractual union is mentioned in the CCC, but of course YOU know better than both the CCC and the Bible.


    2. I think as you stated, a contract for me solidifies what it truly means to be married under the eyes of God – a more serious take than to just going to the โ€˜courthouse.โ€™ In my opinion it is the reason why so many refuse to get married by the church and just head to the courthouse, and call it a day. The day both spouses are down each others throat, they decide this isnโ€™t working out, and a divorce is ensued.


    1. A great post ! I do understand the argument regarding Covenant or Contract but the really important element is that marriage is a lifelong in-dissolvable bond between a man and a woman, with clear, different but complimentary God given roles, the primary purpose of which is the creation (with God) and nurturing of children.

      The role of a wife an mother is to focus her life on motherhood and caring for her husband, children and home. The role of a husband is to provide for, protect and guide his family.

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      1. I agree! May no man break what God has put together. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ Even each other! The wind will blow, and when it blows – because it will, hold on to God, Heโ€™s the only one that will keep your marriage from falling apart.


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