Those Sodomy-Enabling Catholics

Fed up with man’s blatant depravity and carnal sins, God destroys the world by the deluge.
Promises never again, giving the Rainbow as a sign of His Promise.

4000+ years later, sodomites adopt the Rainbow as their banner, and wallow shamelessly in their perversions and carnal depravity, corrupting our children on the way.

Your darn flag deserves to BURN, you VILE & LOATHSOME blaspheming degenerates!!!

As you can tell, I am outraged and angry at the current state of affairs in our world.

Before the hippy-Catholics tell me that I am not a Christian for being angry, I will remind you that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between toxic anger and righteous anger.

And when I see perversions and the endangerment of our children, combined with grievous blasphemy against God, I feel completely justified in having righteous anger and I am both shocked and horrified to see so-called Catholics who actually excuse and enable sodomite behaviour.

They tell us that we are to love and forgive – true, but loving and forgiving does not equate to justifying and enabling toxic or sinful behaviour. Also, forgiveness comes after TRUE repentance.

They tell us that we are being judgemental for speaking out or taking a stand against the encroaching evil around us, and that the Bible tells us not to judge.ย  LIE.ย  We are called to judge.

They tell us that God is loving and does not judge people. More twisting of Scripture.ย  God has perfect Mercy, but He also has perfect Justice and He burns the unrepentant by throwing them in the lake of fire.

I mean, come on!! Do they seriously think that Hell is currently empty??!

Cardinal Sarah once said: โ€œDonโ€™t deceive people with the word โ€œmercyโ€.ย  God forgives sins only if we repent of them.โ€ He is right!

They tell us that we are not charitable, Christian or feminine because we speak out.ย  More hippy, New-Age, heretical nonsense to shut us up and allow our children to be endangered.

When brave priests like HIM and HIM take a stand against sodomy, abuse and perverse indoctrination, they are attacked by their own fellow Catholics.

The same Catholics that criticise Pope Francis and make an outcry against the homosexual/abuse scandal.

Are they for real??!!ย  You cannot denounce depravity and abuse, while at the same time enabling depravity and abuse!! They must think that true, faithful Catholics are guillible or really stupid.

Any so-called ‘Catholic’ or ‘Christian’ that has the nerve to criticise Pope Francis and be outraged about the homosexual/abuse scandal in the Church, yet at the same time tells you to be charitable, accepting, non-judging and ‘forgiving’ to sodomites who support paedophilia or who encourage the trans agenda and sodomite indoctrination of our children, is part of the problem we have in the Church.

Congratulations. You have just identified a sociopath who is trying to gaslight and groom you into being okay with your children being sexualised and abused.

Yes, I said it.ย  They are part of the problem that our Church is facing.ย  Don’t believe me?

Then, read THIS!

Sociopaths and psychopaths do not always look evil.

Many times, they can be incredibly charming, with a veneer of ‘virtue and humility’ and proclaim themselves to be Christians, Catholics or even theologians.

They can look just like the Bill Cosbys and Casey Anthonys of the world.

How else did you think evil was able to infiltrate our Church?!

Be discerning and disengage from such hypocritical, dangerous ‘Catholics’ immediately.

Whether they are in your parish or in your community, distance yourself and go No Contact from them.ย  They are dangerous!

They will seduce you with the beauty and goodness of traditionalism, femininity and the Catholic faith, wooing you into this bubble of light, love and seeing the goodness in everyone, while keeping you blind to the very real warfare happening around us, for our souls and our children.

Educating and informing them does not work on these sociopaths.

They know what they promote is abhorrent and they just do not care.ย  This is why what they proclaim with their mouths is never EVER consistent with their actions.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

These people will simply drag you down into blasphemy against God, endless circular conversations and make you lose your state of grace.

Your safety, your soul and those of your children are at stake.

A balanced traditional Catholic is as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, as the Bible tells us to be.

The Bible does not tell us to be just harmless doves and sitting ducks for evil to destroy us.

Do not tempt the Lord our God by allowing these poisonous persons in your life, who twist Scripture and use your own faith to abuse, manipulate and confuse you, and make you blaspheme God.

For our culture, our children, our families and our Church to survive, we need more Catholics and more priests like the ones I mentioned above, who are brave enough to speak out, take a stand and resist the evils encroaching upon us and our children.

The Bible tells us that in the last days, the wheat will be separated from the chaff. The sociopaths, hypocrites, predators and wheat masquerading among us as faithful Catholics are being outed.ย  You only have to watch their actions, not their words.

They twist Scripture, very much the same way that the devil did to Eve and to our Lord in the desert, in order to justify heresy and blasphemy.

The wolves in sheep clothing who covertly work to destroy us and the Church are not always the leaders that we have in the top tiers of the Church; they are also in the so-called ‘Catholics’ who are on your social media friend list, your neighbourhood, or in the pew next to you at your parish church.

Unfriend, Delete, Block and No Contact is the only way to deal with them or the price will be paid – with our souls, our Church, and our children.

Maria, Sedes Sapientiae, ora pro nobis.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.




ย  ย 

ย ad Jesum per Mariam



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