About The Brett Kavanaugh Case

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Having received a lot of messages from TCF readers asking my opinion on the Kavanaugh case, I decided to address this volatile issue via this blog post.

I personally do not believe that he is guilty and I really hope that I am proven right.

However, I would still not go around fervently defending the man until justice has run its course.

I am frankly surprised at the large numbers of Conservative, Catholic or pro-Trump media outlets, websites and blogs, who on the one hand, viciously attack any priest accused of abuse, with or without an investigation, and yet on the other hand, rabidly defend Kavanaugh.

Hypocrisy much??

Have they seriously gone mad??ย  Have they not learnt anything from the Church’s history of predatory priests abusing and molesting the innocent?

Have they forgotten the Cosby case, which by the way, was concluded less than a week ago?

Just because a man has traditional values and conservative political beliefs do not mean that he is innocent of the accusations.

Just because he has the traditional family set-up does mean that he is innocent.

Just because he is Catholic or Christian does not mean that he is innocent

The best place for evil to hide is behind good.

I repeat:


brett kavanaugh, bett kavanaugh wife, kavanaugh hearing, kavanaugh vote, kavanaugh wife, kavanaugh testimony, kavanaugh news, kavanaugh latest, kavanaugh fbi investigations,

The abusive Catholic priests and Cosby, among many others, has proven this to be the case.

The most dangerous, predatory and sociopathic men do not always look like Charles Manson.

Many times, they look like Ted Bundy: charming, handsome and with an appearance of virtue and helplessness.

So although I do not believe at this time that Kavanaugh is guilty, I would be very wary of defending him simply because of his conservative political affiliations or because of his Catholic faith.

Do not be a source of scandal, my dear Catholic brothers and sisters.

Be wary of what you say or support with regards to this case.

What if Kavanaugh turns out to be guilty?

Then the world will see us Catholics as a people who not only indulge predatory, abusive priests, but also rabidly defend predatory abusive judges too.

You will be enabling the devil in the destruction of God’s Church.

Be careful, wise and discerning.

Our Lady is indeed cleaning house.ย  Not just in the Church, but in the world at large.

Let her do her thang.

How do you know that these abusers being exposed and prosecuted isn’t exactly how God wants to out, shame and publicly mete out justice on those who gravely offend Him?

Do not stand in the path of God’s fiery justice lest you get burned yourself.

For the men hysterically crying that this is a witch-hunt against all men: is it?

Is it, really??!

A fornicating, porn culture has given rise to this rape culture, where men generally:

  • Objectify women and see them purely as tools of sexual gratification
  • Get enraged when women decline to date them or have sex with them.
  • Believe that women truly do not deserve to be treated with basic human dignity or respect. After all, this is what the porn industry shows you, isn’t it?
  • Have such a blinding degree of entitlement to women that should a woman reject their advances, these men feel completely justified in taking them by force or even drugging and raping them a la Cosby.

Porn changes your brain, your perception of women, your perception of yourself and your perception of reality, at large.

And generally, the men who are leaving vile comments on this Kavanaugh case are men who are absolutely furious….LIVID... that a sex abuse victim dared to out her abuser.

They are usually the men who are porn addicts themselves, so much so that they can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy; between acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour.

Watch out for these men online, ladies, and cut them out of your life. Quick!!

Like I said, fellow Catholics, let justice run its course before you offend our Lord any further by hysterically defending someone who just might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Maria, Sedes Sapientiae, ora pro nobis.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.



Abuse Resources, Help and Healing

ย  ย ย 

ย ad Jesum per Mariam





3 thoughts on “About The Brett Kavanaugh Case

  1. Criminal behaviour including rape and sexual assault has always and sadly always will exist.

    But the feminist dogma of regarding the sins of immodesty, fornication, promiscuity and contraception as empowering and without moral significance has taken away the natural restraints which most men once felt.

    A womanโ€™s sexual consent should come only with the marriage vows that is clear and how God intended.


  2. Well said, Paige! This culture in which men (and women) have so promiscuously packaged sex as a no strings attached, one night stand deal, has degraded and cheapened sex to the point that men believe they are entitled to it and do not even need to ask for it.


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