With all the ongoing issues going in the US and worldwide with regards to the murder of George Floyd, I thought I’d make this video about why Black Lives Matter and our duty as Catholics and Christians.

Now, before anyone leaves me comments telling me that the BLM organisation is corrupt and yada yada yada,……that may well be the case, but it doesn’t take away from the core message.

And we should not be deflecting to the BLM organisation issues as a way to circumvent the BLM message.

It will be akin to us leaving the Catholic Church because of abusive priests.

Sure, the Catholic Church like any major organisation has its share of REALLY bad eggs, who seem bent on destroying the good that the Church does, but it doesn’t make the Catholic Church itself inherently evil.

Ditto for Black Lives Matter.Β  The BLM organisation may today have been corrupted and infiltrated by people with ulterior agendas, but it does not make the core message of BLM inherently evil.

I hope you enjoy the video and I pray that the Holy Spirit grant you both wisdom and discernment.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.


ad Jesum per Mariam





3 thoughts on “Why BLACK LIVES MATTER Is So Important

  1. Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.

    The problem with Black Lives Matter is that the core message gets overshadowed by radical left wingers who destroy property and loot stores…I’m glad the protests are peaceful now. It’s terrible what happened to him and I hope the cops involved all go to prison for life.


    1. You are right.

      The core message has been overshadowed, but hijacking the BLM with WLM or ALM is invalidating, dismissive of the specific problems that the Black community faces daily and part of the reason why many whites are seen as racist.

      In fact, the White Lives Matter and All Lives Matter narrative DID NOT EXIST until AFTER Black Lives Matter became a thing.

      So, countering BLM message with WLM or ALM is obviously a tactic being used to silent the core issues and messages of Black Lives Matter and it shows a diabolical lack of empathy.

      This psychopathic tactic is also used by psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists against their prey and victims.

      When a victim speaks out, they will say something like “you didn’t have so bad. Other people suffer too. Oh, I know that I hurt and abuse you, but what about me??! Feel sorry for me too!” and so on.

      Narcissists and psychopaths have NO EMPATHY so it is no wonder that they give responses like these.

      In short, they invalidate and dismiss the core issue specific to that one person or a subset of people!!

      And to be honest, your disgusting response makes most of the white community look incredibly racist and psychopathic.

      It’s amazing that despite the video’s simple, BASIC explanation, you display a blinding lack of empathy and you respond with a comment with that is jaw-droppingly ignorant and dense.

      Now, I know some white people don’t have the same backwards mentality you do, cos my husband is an amazing white man, and even he was shocked at the dumb response you left here.

      Honestly, you do yourself no favours and you reinforce the narrative of the dense racism that whites display towards the black community.

      Well done(!). Clap for yourself!!


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