By popular request, I have created this page as a one-stop source for resources, advice, information, and help surrounding all issues of abuse.

The resources below will be useful for any of the following:

  • All victims and survivors of abuse – domestic abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, verbal abuse, family abuse, abuse from siblings, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, spousal abuse etc
  • Recognising if you are in a toxic, abusive or manipulative relationship or friendship.
  • Recognising, dealing with and staying safe from narcissistic or borderline personality disordered people, covert sociopaths, covert and overt psychopaths and generally toxic, manipulative, abusive or disordered people within the family, church, school, workplace etc.
  • Help, healing and resources for survivors and how to heal and move on.
  • Resources, advice and help for abuse survivors who are dealing with fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression, anxiety and other trauma-related conditions.
  • Information, resources and help for adult children of abusive or dysfunctional families.

This list below will be updated as and when needed, so feel free to check back periodically.

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Offering counseling for marriage, parenting, emotional abuse, religious abuse, difficult relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction, compulsions, and more.


If you are a parent where your child’s other parent is a narcissist or toxic person, you really want to be vigilant with your children.
Narcs damage their children and the children either grow up to be sociopaths or narcs themselves or they grow up to be kids with no boundaries, who become prey for narcissists and other predators.
You can mitigate the damage being done to your kids by their toxic or narcissistic parent.
Check out Michele below.
She is a survivor of a narcissistic parent and husband, and she has lots of videos on parenting with a narcissist and how she helped her children mitigate the damage done by their narcissistic father.



Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D. is a clinical expert on the Narcissistic Personality (Covert and Overt Narcissist) and a licensed psychotherapist. She provides in-depth clinical expertise, insights and practices to individuals abused by narcissists, helping them to heal and recover fully.



Unravelling the most complexed characteristics, tendencies, behaviours, and abusive tactics that Narcissist use to mentally control and use against their victims

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Learn about the red flags of a narcissist, and other types of emotional manipulators, as well as what you can do to break the cycle and keep them out of your life for good



Dedicated to spreading awareness of narcissistic abuse as well as healing tips for survivors and adult children of narcissistic parents.


For helping people to self-heal after relationships with psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and other manipulative characters.


Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT, is an international codependency, narcissism, trauma, and sex and love addictions expert who provides psychotherapy, training and consultation services.


She is a graduate of Columbia University graduate school and the author of four Amazon bestselling books, including a #1 Amazon Best Seller in personality disorders.





This chanel is dedicated to equip people with skills and knowledge to leave and defeat narcissists/BPDs and other toxic people in their lives.







Narc Free Formula is the murder free option to getting Narc Free for life.