Be sure to read the TCF Rules of Engagement as by choosing to engage with TCF on this website and other platforms, you agree to the conditions stated within the Rules of Engagement.

It seems that traditional and Conservative platforms are under attack all around.

Many of the attacks are from liberals, triggered feminists and leftists who flood trad pages with comments that are hateful and vile, simply because these liberals disagree with our conservative viewpoints.

SCROLL DOWN FOR MY PERSONAL MESSAGE TO “Catholic” fraud who seems to be targetting TCF for simply having a different opinion to hers.

If you do not agree with a person’s ideology, what are you doing on their page, in the first place?

This person is simply on their own page, in their own digital space, expressing their own personal opinions, and you CHOOSE to enter their space and berate them because their ideologies are different from yours?  CRAY. CRAY.

You’ll hardly see these same liberals on Muslim pages, attacking them so rabidly. 

These cowards only feel able to act is such despicable ways on Conservative or trad pages because they twist and use our Christian values against us.

And when we counter-respond to them or stand up for ourselves, we get any one of the following:

  • Judge Not
  • Not very charitable/Christian/Feminine/Catholic etc of you
  • Love the sinner, not the sin
  • Hate

And other similar nonsense.

This classic manipulative tactic of disordered people is as old as the devil in the Garden of Eden.
When someone spouts phrases like these, twisting Scripture in order break down your boundaries, to make you sin or as free abuse to use, abuse or endanger you, you should instantly know that the person is not of God, but of the devil, and act accordingly.

Feel free to send them my articles that refute their nonsense

> Judge Not – we ARE actually called to judge.

> Not very Catholic/charitable/feminine of you

> Love the sinner, not the sin

> Biblical basis for boundaries


If you are the admin or owner of a trad, Catholic or Conservative page, website or social media, I encourage you to enforce these Rules in your own digital spaces.

Now, on to the Rules of Engagement.

This digital scourge of trolling and smearing behaviour has become such a scourge that even the Royal Family decided to take action and enforce boundaries on their own pages.

As the owner and admin of TCF, I  reserve the right to determine whatever rules of engagement I want within my TCF digital space.

Traditional Catholic Femininity was created to SUPPORT Traditional Catholic women in their vocations.

This space is NOT a battlefield for liberals, Novus Ordo, feminists, liberals and non-Catholics to come here, spew out their hate, misery and anger, and attack us for our ideologies, our views and our opinions.

From my observations, it is always the liberals and Novus Ordo Catholics that accuse us of being proud, being aggressive, intolerant and so on, and YET, they are the ones that are always very ANTAGONISTIC, coming into OUR SPACE, and viciously attacking us.

These people are welcome to have their heretical beliefs, but you will not see me on their platforms, condemning them for having those beliefs, and therefore, they will not be tolerated on TCF, attacking us for our ideologies either.

Putting up boundaries and shutting the door entails banning the undesirables that have outstayed their welcome in our digital space.

This is no different to us shutting the door of our houses to strangers who come into our houses and then start acting in a rude and disrespectful manner.

We all have freedom of speech, but you are not free to enter a person’s digital space or their physical space, and abuse your freedom of speech, by being rude, disrespectful and disagreeable.

The house owner or page/website admin has every right to kick you out, delete, ban or block you.

What you will not do in a person’s house, do not do in a person or organisation’s digital space.  Period.

Another reason why I will delete your comment, ban or block you is that I am responsible for the souls of the people on my TCF pages, and I won’t have wolves-in-sheep-clothing being a source of scandal to the faithful.

I’ll be held accountable by God if I allowed comments of wolves-in-sheep-clothing to scandalise the faithful on my platforms. So, the best way to protect the sheep is for the shepherd to enforce boundaries and keep the wolves out.

To be honest, any Catholic website owner, social media influencer, blogger etc is obliged to do the same.

Monitor and moderate your pages! Kick the trolls out!!

Unless, of course, you are more concerned about popularity and numbers, than actually getting people to Heaven!

People who genuinely have questions or need clarifications can do so via email, not by being antagonistic in the comments section of my social media or website.

Those that do this simply wish to create discord, contention and scandal.

Whether or not I respond to the emails of these people is my choice and my prerogative.

Rational, respectful, non-antagonistic and courteous emails will always be responded to.

Invalidating, abusive, provoking, dissenting, antagonistic and generally disrespectful emails WILL NOT.

Oh and one more thing, I am very private about my life and my family.


Given how crazy many of these liberals are and how vile they get, going as far as attacking people’s families, stalking them, harassing their children, getting people fired from their jobs and more, simply because trads and Conservatives have a differing ideology, I reserve the right to privacy, and to keep myself and family safe, sane and secure.

Bear in mind that any acts of harassment, slandering, doxxing or stalking (online or offline) would be ruthlessly dealt with via the necessary authorities.

Your names, details, profiles and IP addresses will be logged and reported.

You may disagree with me and my opinions, but you have no right to stalk, harass, slander or doxx me in any way.

My life is not a template for you to follow.  I am pointing you to Christ, through Mary, NOT to me.

Finally, unless you are family or a very close friend of mine, please don’t send me a request via any of my personal social media accounts.  I will not add you.



You may not be a page or website admin, but you can help keep the page free of trolls and also protect yourself from attacks by crazed liberal leftists.

When you see a liberal leftist leave a dissenting/provoking/mocking/antagonistic etc comment on a trad, conservative or Catholic page,  do not respond to them.
Just report the comment for hate speech, harassment etc.

If the liberal leftists reply to your comment on a trad page, using a mocking, provoking or antagonistic tone, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM AT ALL.

Simply report their comment as described above.



When these leftists/toxic/liberals/non-trads etc people come on to your platform and engage with baiting, hateful, mocking, harassing or threatening behaviour, you MUST delete and block them and be sure to also block anyone who “likes” their comment.

If you do not do so or simply ignore them, they will go gather up their minions to attack and report your social media page, and then get you blocked, shadow-banned etc.

They will also engage in a smear campaign against you that can be harmful to you and your family.

The best thing to do is to cut off this mobbing behaviour at the root and quick!

The best response is NO RESPONSE!



Luckily for you, these sorts of people often display their nasty and disagreeable behaviour on many other trad and Conservatives pages.

So before you block them from your Insta, social media etc make sure that you report their profile or their comment for HATE SPEECH/HARASSMENT etc and then block them.

The more negative reports/bad feedback they receive, the worse their digital reputation gets and they will eventually get removed or banned from their social media altogether, for their harassing/hateful/threatening behaviour.

We do not have to stoop down to their level of hate, nastiness and devious behaviour.

We do not have to fight them or get defensive either.

The best thing we can do is to have solid boundaries by refusing to engage with them.

Boundaries are kryptonite to all sorts of toxic, hateful, abusive, contentious and manipulative people

The information HERE will provide you with great tips in recognising and protecting yourself from these type of people, be they online, offline, in the work or school environment, in the church, community or family

Feel free to share this information with other Catholic or Conservative social media influencers, pages and so on.

So, here is the list of people that will earn an AUTOMATIC BAN from TCF pages, platforms and social media

  • Anyone that supports Novus Ordo
  • Feminists, including anyone who is pro-feminism
  • LGBTQ supporters
  • Racists, including Neo-Nazis Alt-Right sympathisers
  • Pro-choicers.  Baby-killers are not welcome here.
  • Anyone that uses rude, aggressive, insulting language, or name-calling either towards other people here, towards admin, or towards clergy of the Church, INCLUDING the Pope.
  • Anti-Science conspiracy theorists.
  • Anyone who shares this page on their own spaces with the motive of being derogatory, insulting and conflict stirring.
  • Provoking, conflict-stirring, invalidating, antagonistic, mocking, mobbing, trolling, stalking or doxxing behaviour.
  • Any MGTOW nihilistic nonsense!
  • Those who support Yoga. There are so many articles and videos about how diabolical it is, from both trad priests and even non-Catholics. I have also written an article about it HERE.  Remaining hard-headed about this tells me that you are a wolf-in-sheep-clothing and you’ll be kicked out! Go do your own thing, boo!
  • Anyone who twists Scripture eg using the old line “Do not judge..” in response to any content that points out ungodly behaviour. Clearly, you don’t know the difference between calling out sin and judging, so I refer you AGAIN to THIS . Telling me I am being judgy for calling out sin will earn you an AUTOMATIC BAN!

Some people are so hateful and have such miserable lives that when nobody wishes to deal with them and their nonsense offline anymore, they choose to come online to spew their toxic nonsense on to others.


Go fix yourself and fix your life, and maybe you will hate yourself less.

It is a mark of self-hatred to be so vicious and envious of other people’s lives and values that you feel the need to attack them and tear them down in other to feel better about you being such a failure.

No normal, healthy or happy person has the time or interest to do what you do.

We are all too busy with our lives, our vocations and our families, and we won’t let you spew your poison on us, removing us from a state of grace.

We care about you and will pray for you, but from afar and from behind a door, which we now nail shut!


So there is an idiot troll that is trying to target TCF.

And yes, I did call them an idiot because their behaviour is nothing short of idiocy.
This person keeps using several aliases, names & emails, but obviously doesn’t realise that we are tracking your IP address and it is the same IP address attached to your various fake emails.
This little bag of hate is obviously so miserable as to be sending nasty messages during Christmas.
Normal people enjoy Christmas, either alone or with their families.
What’s wrong, troll? Are you so mean-spirited that no-one wants to spend the festive season with you? Hmm?
Narcissists are nasty bags of hate who, when the world is celebrating, choose to try and spread their misery everywhere because they cannot stand to see people happy or celebrating – even on a day like Christmas.
Those of you who deal with narcissistic partners or family members would have experienced them trying to ruin the holiday and Christmas mood.
This is classic behaviour of all narcissists.
They hate themselves and they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.
Sucks to be you, troll.
You cannot and you will not dampen our festive mood. You will NEVER stop the TCF ministry either.
And your IP address, as well as your geolocation, has been logged and reported as evidence of your attacks which are stemming from the same location in Maryland, USA.
The authorities know EXACTLY where you live.
I would quit it, if I were you, or face consequences.