St. Dymphna, known as the Lily of ร‰ire, was a virgin and martyr.
She was the only daughter to a pagan king, took after her mother in faith and beauty, taking a vow of chastity at a young age.

After the death of his wife, Dymphnaโ€™s father sought to marry his daughter, causing her to flee. After finding her and her continued refusals, Dymphnaโ€™s father cut off her head making her a martyr at the age of fifteen.

She is the patron saint of mental disorders, runaways, victims of incest, neurological disorders, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, anxiety, depression, loneliness, emotional and mental illness.

However, before you start to wonder if you are depressed or have a mental illness, first look around you to be sure that you don’t have toxic, abusive people in your life.


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