The Gift of Feminism: Sex Robots

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And so it has happened – sex robots, it seems, are here to stay.

What a sad state of affairs society has become.

Meanwhile, feminists the world over are protesting the introduction of sex robots.

Feminists say that sex robots  “are like prostitutes….and they desensitize humans to intimacy and empathy, which can only be developed through experiencing human interaction and mutual consenting relationships….”   source

Oh, really??!

They also say that “sex robots epitomize patriarchy and offer men a solution to the threat of female independence…” source

You don’t say (!)

What else do you honestly expect from decades of emasculating men??! Hm?

The feminist movement claims to have been borne from the need for equality between the sexes, but at its core, feminism has been about the destruction of the family, demonizing and emasculating men, promotion of promiscuity and the denigration of men to a position of inferiority.
Today, feminism actually puts the message out there that men are useless and obsolete, and how they (feminists) are “strong, independent women that don’t need no man!”

Well, guess what?  Men are giving you exactly what you asked for.  They are refusing to marry, refusing to commit, refusing to raise families, refusing to treat women with decency and respect, and are now refusing to have any form of physical or emotional intimacy with women.

GREAT job, feminists (!)

Now, instead of trying to beat men into submitting to insane and biologically impossible roles, perhaps what this world needs is an abolishment of feminism and a return to traditional gender roles and true femininity/masculinity.

The greatest trick our enemies ever pulled was turning our women from beautiful, traditional mothers & homemakers into drunken, materialistic slobs.

Thanks to feminism, today’s women reject femininity in order to behave & dress in a masculine manner because femininity itself has been demonized;  kinda ironic how they call themselves feminists, huh?

Feminists have deliberately chosen to be entirely independent of men so much so that the only solution for men now is to get themselves sex robots.

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In fact, long before sex robots came on the scene, women refused intimacy with men, choosing to satisfy themselves with sex toys.  The introduction of dildos and other sex toys was hyped, promoted and celebrated as symbols of ‘feminine power’ and ‘independence’, in publications, magazines and even on TV shows like Sex and The City.

Strong men make for a strong society. Weak men make for a weak society. The emasculation of men will be our demise.

The insidious and deliberate destruction of traditional gender roles through the decades has caused much more damage than anyone realized and has led to total chaos in society, including this rising trend of gender fluidity.

.I mean, just take a look at this madness!!

In their outcry against the introduction of sex robots for men, these feminists, who caused men to be this way, decided to get their revenge, and ‘one-up’ men by………wait for it……..getting their own male sex robots!  Utter. Madness!!

This essentially is what feminism has always been about:  competing with men, trying to be men, trying to be greater than men.

Those who do not realise how demonic feminism truly is will do well to remember that Satan was the first to demand equal rights.  But why stop there – he wanted more – he wanted to be like God, he wanted to be greater than God.

Notice the obvious parallels with feminism yet?

Feminists view feminine qualities of docility, receptivity and submissiveness as weakness.  Basically, they are saying God made a mistake, that He did not know what He was doing when He created woman to be feminine.

Feminists do not understand, they do not realise that a woman is not weak. In fact, she is VERY powerful when she is submissive to her husband.

A truly submissive woman is the only one able to give a man the gift of dominance and THAT is what makes femininity and submissiveness so powerful.

By women embracing traditional gender roles and our femininity, we CAN change culture, deprogram society of its feminist ideals and revive the feminine spirit by exposing its beauty.

Until that happens, this world will continue to sink further and further into decay, and when that happens, sex robots replacing women in the bedroom will be the least of our worries.

ad Jesum per Mariam


13 thoughts on “The Gift of Feminism: Sex Robots

  1. Wow. You seem very angry and judgemental. Feminism isn’t perfect, by a long shot. But neither is labelling women as “drunken materialist slobs”, or assuming men are helpless passive creatures who stand by and let all these things happen to them. Really, you give men too little credit, in my opinion, and you also appear to excuse their behaviour as “being made that way by feminists”. Using sex robots is still not acceptable, despite the issues caused by this third wave feminism (which I do disagree with).


    1. yes, of course I am angry – angry and ashamed that members of my own contributed to the breakdown of the family unit.
      the breakdown of the family began with feminism and the introduction of contraception.
      this took away power from the men, disrupting God’s design for the family – men could no longer lead their own families.
      as a result, the family unit began to disintergrate, spawning generation after generation of broken families, broken men, and masculine woman.

      Feminism HAS contributed to the breakdown of the family unit and as a result, the breakdown of society.


  2. In a marriage, aren’t the man and woman supposed to be completely devoted to serving one another and their family? Why does there have to be “dominant” & “submissive” roles? I don’t think every couple should have to abide by these roles, especially because it is not a requirement made by the Church.


    1. Are you serious?!! Like, are you for real??!!

      From your comment, I have to assume that you are not a Christian or Catholic.

      To answer your second question, God said wives are to submit to their husbands. Period.
      Every couple does not have to abide by these rules, of course not, but you cannot call yourself a Christian without obeying God’s commands.

      You are free to believe whatever you want, but you are not free to believe whatever you want and call it Christianity or Catholicism.


      1. Could I please have a source of when God said this? If it is Epheshians 5, I interpret it as a husband and wife mutually surrendering themselves to God & each other to serve God, one another, and their family not the wife submitting to the dominance of the husband. Also, I understand you’re passionate about your beliefs & I agree with you on many things but I don’t appreciate being told I’m neither a Christian nor a Catholic because I don’t believe every wife should submit to their husband. I believe everything in the Nicene Creed but because I interpret something differently than you I’m not a Catholic? Interesting.


      2. Noooo. The Bible says men are to love their wives and wives are to submit to their husbands.

        I think you just feel very uncomfortable with the idea of submission.
        Perhaps you feel it takes away your power and free agency?
        A woman is not weak or powerless when she is submissive to her husband.
        Quite the opposite,a woman is powerful because by being truly receptive and submissive to her husband, it is only she who can give him the gift of dominance.

        It’s a beautiful and empowering thing to let go and be surrendered. It really is ☺️


      3. Who are you to tell someone they aren’t Christian or Catholic? I’ve not met a single Catholic that agreed 100% with another Catholic in terms of interpretation of the scripture but does that mean they can go ahead and tell the other they aren’t Catholic? Their core beliefs are probably the same. I’ve determined this is not a respectful and calm platform for discussion. God is the ultimate seer of hearts so I will let Him determine my faith, not you.


      4. The Bible clearly says: by their fruits, ye shall know them.
        So regardless of how a person tries to spin things to fit their world view, if their beliefs and lifestyles is contrary to what God has commanded us as Christians to do, then they are clearly not Christian or Catholic.


    2. It doesn’t have to be dominant and submissive. However modern culture teaches women to be dominant and that any submissive behavior is failure. Remember, ladies, you can and should HAVE IT ALL! Well, enjoy the consequences!


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