500 Years of Martin Luther’s Rebellion aka Reformation

martin luther reformation 500 catholic church protestant

So today marks 500 years since the Rebellion of Martin Luther, the Augustinian Friar turned heretic.

The so-called Reformation being celebrated by many Christians worldwide today is less of a reformation and more of a rebellion.

Perhaps the Catholic Church did need reform back then, possibly like it does even today, but the Catholic Church did not need to be split, which was Luther’s ultimate agenda – to split the Church and begin his own Church.

His narcissistic, egocentric, prideful nature is also revealed when he considered himself better than St Augustine.ย  I can think of someone else who was so full of pride, he considered himself better than his superior and rebelled against Him…..oh yeah, that is Satan.

Luther also went as far as to create his own ‘Bible’ by removing several books from the Bible, in order to justify his agenda.ย  Clearly, the original Bible divinely inspired by God was not good enough for him, right?

Yet today, there are thousands of Christians all over the world celebrating this man’s rebellion against God.

Considering that Martin Luther was the first to write an essay advocating the extermination of Jews, celebrating Luther is kinda like celebrating Hitler.ย  Same evil.

Luther even labelled Moses a heretic and admonished his Protestant followers to reject the Commandments.

The term ‘Reformation’ is in itself a misnomer.ย  A Reformation implies a return to how things were.ย  The Early Church fathers believed in Papal primacy, apostolic succession and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist: all key things that a vast majority of Protestants deny and/or ignore.

And in what way does shredding out portions of the Bible, Sacred Scripture, in order to create your own ‘Bible’ constitute a return to the way things were? Hmm?

Thanks to the ‘Reformation’:

  • Millions of Christians lack intimacy with Christ in the Eucharist
  • modern capitalism was produced, as a result of preaching individualism while preserving inequality.
  • The most efficient form of Protestantism, Prussia (i.e Nazi Germany) was produced
  • The worst warsย  in the history of mankind occurred

martin luther reformation 500 catholic church protestant

Luther the heretic, rebelled against the 1500-year old Catholic Church founded by Christ Himself, rebelled against the Vicar of Christ in the Seat of St Peter, in Persona Christi and a direct successor to the Apostles, and rebelled against God Himself.

How interesting that the Greek word for rebellion is Apostasy.

I recently heard a rumour thatย prior to his death he regretted everything that he did and sought out the Sacrament of reconciliation.

I sincerely hope for the sake of his soul that he did.ย ย Unfortunately, the damage done to countless souls lost because of him could not be undone.
ย .

My opinion of the so-called Reformation and Protestantism: โ€ฌโ€ชreductio ad absurdum – leading back to the absurdโ€ฌ.

The Rebellion, for I refuse to acknowledge it as a Reformation, should not be celebrated.ย  It should, instead, be mourned because it tore the Body of Christ asunder.

May God have mercy on his soul and the souls of our Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ, who have been led astray by his heretical, diabolical deeds.



ย ad Jesum per Mariam