Traditional Femininity And Free Will

I received a message from a reader recently.  Both the message and my response deserved sharing in a blog post.


Traditional femininity and free will and equality


I have no idea where you got the impression that women do not deserve to hold traditionally masculine roles in the family or community.

Women have different roles to men and I do not, for one second, believe that feminine roles are inferior to men.

Would you put a 4-year-old child in the role of running a country, for the sake of equality and feeling like they deserve to have that role? No!  It is a ludicrous idea because a 4-year-old has a separate and different role to fulfill.

The natural order that God put into place is Man as the head of the home, Church and the community.  The Holy Bible is very clear – a woman is not to have headship over a man, not in the family, in the Church or in the community.  Disobedience to this incurs God’s wrath.

Just as God created the angels in a hierarchical order, so too He created us the same manner.  Satan rebelled against God’s order and was punished for it.  So too, when we rebel against the natural order that God put into place, we suffer consequences. Rebellion against God’s command is apostasy.

As a Catholic, I believe that a woman is meant to live out her role, as a woman, given to her by God.

Living or behaving masculine when you are born a woman is insulting to God and disobedient to Him.

If God made you female, He expects you to behave in a traditionally feminine manner.  Acting to the contrary is you saying that God did not know what He was doing when He made you female and that He made a mistake.

All people ARE indeed made equal in the image of God – the Bible does say that.  The Bible also says: male AND female, made He them.

If He made us all the same, then we would be expected to behave and look the same, but as He made us male and female, with different functions and roles, we are to live in the role and function that He gave us, according to our sex.

Women and men are equal in dignity, but different in function.   Equality does not mean sameness.

Yes, God gave us free will. You can choose to obey God or you can choose to disobey Him.

You are absolutely free to make your own choices and decisions, but you are not free from the consequences of the choices and decisions that you make.

There is judgment, punishment and severe consequences from God when we disobey Him.


Since the sexual revolution and introduction of feminism, which resulted in a lot of women behaving in a masculine manner or taking on traditionally masculine roles, God’s punishment has been visited upon society at large.

We see this in the increase of infertility, increase in breast cancer due to contraception and abortion (backed by science), the risk of suicide, a decrease in the numbers of men choosing to commit and protect women and increase in sexual assault and attacks on women, in general.  If you choose to act like a strong, independent or masculine manner, you are less likely to be viewed as tender, feminine and delicate by a majority of men and they will treat you with disrespect and dishonor.

Acting like a man or in a masculine manner is just as ridiculous as someone born a human who decides he/she would rather like a dog or a horse.

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