Traditional Catholic Femininity Is……

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12 months ago when I first launched Traditional Catholic Femininity, I had no idea how quickly it would grow to the level that it is right now.

I am so thankful for everyone who has been with me during this journey.

Many thanks also to the brands and businesses that have partnered with me, such as Benedicta Veils, and other Catholic brands that I am still partnering with, including The Catholic Company, Catholic Match and many more, which you can view HERE.

I am especially grateful to God and to Our Lady for the strength given, graces gained and lessons learned on this adventure.

I have a surprise for you, my dear readers, a THANK YOU for your support and for simply being a part of this journey with me.

Look for the announcement later on this blog.

For now, I hope that you enjoy this little video that I put together.

Please, join the TCF family in giving thanks to God for seeing us through this milestone and also in praying for my intentions.

God bless you all!

Regina Cรฆli, ora pro nobis!!

ย ad Jesum per Mariam




2 thoughts on “Traditional Catholic Femininity Is……

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful that this ministry has grown! I want you to know that I appreciate your blog and the encouragement and lessons you impart. Know that I keep you in my prayers daily!

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