Love The Sinner, Not The Sin

People think that we Traditional Catholics hate N.O Catholics, Liberals, LGBTQs and anyone else with different ideologies or belief systems to ours.

That could not be further from the truth!

We love everyone. Yes, EVERYONE – WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

However, because we love you does not mean we love or accept your sin.

You are not your sin or sexual orientation.  It is not your core identity.  Your core identity is, first and foremost, as a child of God, a precious soul formed by Him and we love you both for this reason and also to save your soul.

A lot of people who preach tolerance seem to have TOLERANCE confused with ACCEPTANCE.  These two are just not the same.

Just because we TOLERATE something does not mean that we ACCEPT it.

For example, you TOLERATE having to pay taxes, but if there were other alternatives or if it was entirely optional, you would not ACCEPT it. See the difference?

Think about it.  Jesus dined with sinners and prostitutes, right?

Just because he loved and tolerated them does not mean that He accepted their sins or gave them a special exemption from judgement.

He still admonished them to repent, sometimes gently, sometimes harshly, but always with love.

Now, I am sure that I will get some irrational people using the above example to justify keeping company with people of questionable morals or, and I have actually had a so-called Catholic tell me this, justify dating or marrying a non-Catholic in order to “save his soul”

You must remember that:

  • You are NOT Jesus.  Jesus could wine and dine with sinners, without being influenced or corrupted by them because He was without sin.
  • You are NOT Jesus.  Jesus could convert sinners by virtue of His company with them.  To imply or suggest that your presence in a person’s life will help save them or lead them to Christ is blatant arrogance and pride, and a form of idolatry.  God converts, NOT you.
  • Jesus, as perfect and pure as He was, did not make a habit of regularly dining, wining, clubbing or keeping company with sinners.
  • We are to avoid the sin of scandal.
  • The Bible says “Be not deceived. Bad company corrupts good manners” – 1 Corinthians 15:33

love the sinner

If the Jesus analogy is a little difficult to grasp, imagine that you are a parent, as many of you are.

You have a son who is also a raging, aggressive alcoholic and heroin addict.

Do you love him any less for his rages and alcoholism? No!

Do you love his alcoholism or his rages? Again, no!

Do you, by virtue of your love for him, then shoot up heroin and go on drinking binges with him? Do you partake in his defects because you “love him”? No!!

Why? Because you know that these defects are not his core identity and are not integral to who he is as a person and as your son, and also because partaking in his destructive activities with him will do nothing to help him.

You love him completely, but you do not ACCEPT  these defects and destructive habits.

So it is with us Traditional Catholics.

Let’s take a look again at my above analogy.  Say your son is going through detox.  His alcohol and drugs are taken away from him.

At first, he may seem fine with it, but he would begin to get uncomfortable.

He would demand that you give him back his alcohol and drugs.

You tell him No because you want to save his life.

But in the throes of his addiction and withdrawal, he would not see that.  He will call you all sorts of names, tell you that you are being hurtful and judgemental, insist that you do not love him.  None of these is true, so you hold your ground and refuse to hand the drugs and alcohol over, in order to save his life.

So it is with us Traditional Catholics.

Every soul that crosses your path has been placed there by God.  No matter how loving and firm you are in admonishing them, they (just like the addict) would accuse you of being hateful and judgemental.

This is the point at which a lot of “Christians” begin to water down their message, enable the sinner in his sin and by so doing damn to Hell both them and the souls that God brought in their lives.

We would be judged and held accountable for every soul that goes to Hell on account of us watering down the gospel and enabling them in their sin.

To love the sinner DOES NOT entail enabling them in their sin.

Sometimes, I deliver my messages with patience and sometimes, I am blunt and firm, but at all times, it is done with complete love for you all.

And to my fellow Traditional Catholics who have been gaslighted or tormented by those who tell them that they are not true Christians or true traditional feminine women because they admonish sinners, speak out against sin, speak out against perverse lifestyles which dishonour God grievously, or refuse to accept acts or behaviour that are degrading to God, themselves or other, do not be disheartened and do not believe the devil’s lies.

You are not a bad Catholic for speaking out against enforced LGBTQ propaganda in your child’s school or for choosing to take your child out of that school.

You are not a bad Catholic for refusing to accept the sins of others.  We ARE called to admonish sinners.

Continue to love, continue to admonish and continue to speak out, but always keep at the centre of your actions, love. Love for God, love for yourself, and love for the souls of your fellow human beings.

Mater Amabilis, ora pro nobis!



Judge Not

Who Am I To Judge


 ad Jesum per Mariam



5 thoughts on “Love The Sinner, Not The Sin

  1. Hello! I am a young girl on this page who is a part of the lgbtq+ (I am pansexual, but have a lean towards men.) will I be accepted into heaven if I am apart of this community? And can I convert to Catholicism if I am a homosexual with a somewhat heterosexual lean? Thank you for reading and god bless!


  2. While I am not Catholic, but simply a believer in Jesus & the Bible I have been able to glean so much information from your blog posts as it reaffirms so many things for me. Just last week I was on a pro-LGBT Instagram page educating people about what the symbol of the rainbow truly is–a promise of God to NEVER destroy the Earth by flood again. I was stalked and harassed by a poor soul blinded by the enemy. I was patient and let him know that God loves him, I love him, but the homosexual lifestyle was wrong and that I’d NEVER lie about that to save his feelings. He was extremely vile and angry towards both me and God. I continued to reiterate what the Word of God says on this matter & ended up blocking him after he got to be too much. Dear sisters-in-Christ, we must stand firm for what God and His Word stands for and not cower before anyone. “Greater is He that is in us, than He who is in the world.”


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