10 thoughts on “Feminism Is Anything But Feminine

  1. I was horrified to find this email in my inbox and I want to explain why I am unsubscribing before I do.

    Paige, I am a Catholic feminist, in full communion with the Catholic Church. I am pro-life–there is nothing pro-woman, or feministic, about a powerful man dismembering a helpless baby girl. There are multiple feminist organizations, including Feminists for Life, in full agreement with me on this.

    Paige, we know that Catholicism is the fullness of the truth. But there are many denominations that call themselves Christians, and many denominations that call themselves Christians, and teach many things that are wrong, even contrary to true Christianity. Some of these other Christian denominations represent Christianity so badly, and hold on to so little of the truth, that they stain the reputation of Christianty, and cause certain individuals to think Christianity is a bad thing. The Westboro Baptist Church, for example, is famous for going to military funerals and holding signs in the name of Jesus that say “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”. Yet no matter how many distortions of Christianity are at large, the truth of Catholicism does not lose it’s value.

    In a similar way, true feminism, the philosophy that there should be social, economic and political equality between the sexes, is good and right. Men and women have not only equal dignity–they deserve equal right to vote, drive a car, have a career, get an education, etc. I call it Equality Feminism. But there are many other denominations that call themselves feminists, and teach many things that are wrong, even contrary to equality feminism. Some of these other feminist denominations represent feminism so badly and hold on to so little of the truth that they stain the reputation of feminism and cause certain individuals like yourself to think feminism is a bad thing. “Feminists” who are anti-men, for example, are merely quasi-feminists. In truth, feminism itself rejects the idea women are better than men. Yet no matter how many quasi-feminists distort the truth, the true Equality Feminism does not lose it’s validity or goodness.

    Yes, there are a lot of people with non-Christian actions and sermons who proclaim themselves to be Christians. But I don’t reject Christianity because I see the truth in Catholicism. Yes, there are a lot of people with quasi-feminist actions and sermons who proclaim themselves to be feminists. But I don’t reject all of feminism because I see the truth in Equality Feminism.

    You have no obligation to identify as a feminist Paige, but I pray fervently that you come to understand Equality Feminism is not your enemy. Paige, do you vote? Do you drive a car? Do/Did you go to high school or college? Do you think women should be allowed to read and write? Do you think women should be allowed to attend medical schools? Do you think women should be allowed to live in their homes without expecting rape or domestic violence at the hand of their husbands? Do you think women should be allowed to own property? Do you think women should be allowed to have careers? Do you think women should be allowed to ride bicycles? Do you think women should be allowed to live on their own, without being managed by a male relative? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I hope you realize equality feminism is the reason you are able to do these things today, and I hope you appreciate everything our feminist fore-parents did to win us these rights. I for one am sincerely grateful for these gifts, and I will continue to carry the equality feminist flag so that my sons and daughters can live in an equal world when I am no longer here.

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    1. Hello Anna,

      I am truly sorry you feel this way.
      Feminism originally was about the right to vote and to have careers for women.

      However, it also advocated for the ‘rights’ of women to have abortions – and this, I simply cannot condone.

      In addition, feminism today has become increasingly evil, destructive to relationships and families, with an undercurrent that women are superior to men. So much for equality.

      Yes, feminism has some good points, but the negatives FAR OUTWEIGH the good, which is why I believe that no christian or catholic should be affiliated with the feminist movement.

      Islam has some good points in its doctrines. Does this then mean that because Islam acknowledges Mary’s perpetual virginity that we should be muslims and call ourselves catholic muslims? No and this is because Islam, at large is contradictory to Christian and Biblical teaching. Therefore, a catholic muslim is an oxymoron.

      It’s the same with feminism. Yes, it has its good points, but at large, it is contradictory to Christian and Biblical teaching. Therefore, a catholic feminist IS an oxymoron.

      This IS a traditional blog, so you can’t really expect me to condone feminism.



      1. Indeed, the original equality feminism was very good. The fact that some feminists wrongly support abortion now does not make equality feminism bad, just as the fact many Christians wrongly support abortion now does not make Catholicism bad. There is no contradiction between being pro-life and being a feminist. I invite you to explore the website of Feminists for Life

        All teachings that women are better than men are false and condemned by equality feminism, and contrary to the definition of feminism itself, just as holding “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” signs at military funerals is contrary to Christianity itself, even if the sign holders call themselves Christians. Equality feminism, or protecting the rights of both men and women, builds up families and society.

        Equality feminism itself is entirely good, just as Catholicism is entirely good. It is better to have both equality feminism and quasi-feminists, than no equality feminism at all, just as it is better to have Catholicism and Protestantism than no Catholicism at all.

        It is correct that some philosophies and religions, such as Islam, are part true and part false. I agree, we should not always support doctrines that contain falsehoods. Equality feminism is a doctrine that is 100% good, so I have no qualms in endorsing it.

        A Catholic Muslim is an oxymoron, because Catholicism and Islam teach different things. Catholicism teaches that Jesus is God, Islam teaches Jesus was not God. This is a contradiction. Catholicism does not oppose giving equal rights to men and women, and so it is not in contradiction with equality feminism.

        I expect any blog which claims to teach the truth of Catholicism to uphold the basic rights of women. Before feminism, most women weren’t even allowed to go to school, or learn to read and write. And now you are using your ability to write to attack feminism, while it is feminists who gave you the freedom to read and write. It is quite sad.

        I wish you the best Paige, but I can no longer support this blog, unless you take down this article. This article is an outrage against truth and equality. I will pray for you.

        God Bless!

        P.S. Feminism did not create Islam, radical Islam or terrorism.


      2. Ah, but modern feminism IS one of the major factors behind the rise of radical Islam.

        Radical Islamists admit it, regular Muslims admit it, Muslim converts admit it and even the terrorists admit it.

        Those that deny this are either living under a rock or have their heads buried in the sand.

        I will also pray for you that the Holy Spirit guides you and brings you to the truth.

        Thanks for stopping by. anyway! Pax Christi.


  2. It seems to me that St. John Paul 2 spoke of a “new feminism” in a positive way:

    “In transforming culture so that it supports life, women occupy a place, in thought and action, which is unique and decisive. It depends on them to promote a ‘new feminism’ which rejects the temptation of imitating models of ‘male domination’, in order to acknowledge and affirm the true genius of women in every aspect of the life of society, and overcome all discrimination, violence and exploitation.” Evangelium Vitae #99.

    Do you think a Catholic can be a feminist in the way St. John Paul 2 describes?


    1. I think that when in doubt, go with what God says and follow Mary’s example. Feminism is not compatible with Biblical teaching and is certainly not Christ-like


  3. I just came across this article on tumblr, so I have not read any of this author’s other work but I felt I must reply. I am deeply committed Catholic who tries to follow the teachings of the church and I am also a feminist. I do not see a contradiction. Does this mean that I think abortion is okay? Hell no, I am in fact going to protest against abortion this weekend. Does this mean that I think there are not differences between men and women? Yes but I think we must tread carefully when asserting those differences because asserting that women can’t be leaders for example is wrong.
    I feel like the article treats modern feminism as being a monolithic entity which it is not. This can be seen when it comes to the issue of pornography. Are feminists for it or against it? Well in my experience it is either seen as part of female liberation or their exploitation.
    So then one must look at what seems to be the core of feminism which is that both men and women are equal and that because women more than men have had less opportunities and have been oppressed, there then should measure taken to address that. I of course acknowledge that there is a radical fringe which does argue that women are superior to me but they are a fringe.
    The author wrote “Men are not inherently violent or sexual predators” I agree and I think that the fact that the vast majority of feminism would agree since they are not proposing to segregate the world into male and female societies as some radical feminists. But there are currently deep concerns about how men are being molded which means how they treat women is deeply concerning. I would cite porn as an example. However I would also point at the fact that men exploiting women for sex is normal, almost every sitcom has the playboy character who is willing to lie to women in the pursuit of sex. I feel that a lot of feminism is about trying to change culture. I understand that men feel emasculated and I do think we have to figure how to deal with that. While I would agree that there are problems in modern feminism but I feel like that society’s problems lie in the fact that it has become increasingly individualistic. If we look to the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph what I am struck by is how they were both willing to serve and I feel as if pretty much all of society has forgotten how to do that.

    Anyway this comment is made with greatest respect and may God bless you!!


  4. I think you raised some really good points about the need to embrace femininty and celebrate the differences between the two sexes. I also agree that some aspects of the modern feminist movement are deeply disturbing, but when we look at the actual definition of feminism which is striving for gender equality, it is something Catholics should strive for. Every person should be treated with equal dignity because they are children of God. I think Catholics can be feminists if we look at the core belief – all people should be treated equally – but we should be careful in aligning ourselves with the modern feminist movement without making our faith clear. This topic was actually what I covered in my first blog post (https://stumblingtowardsainthood.com/catholicism-and-feminism/).


    1. i disagree. Feminism was formed on the basis that men and women are not equal and this is simply not true.
      We have always been equal . God made us that way – equal in value, yet different and complementary in function.

      Feminist ideology and Catholic ideology are like oil and water – they just don’t mix


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