3 thoughts on “Feminism Is Anything But Feminine

  1. I noticed that many feminist mothers try to prevent their daughters from embracing their femininity. I recently read a blog post by a feminist mother who claimed that despite her best efforts her daughter loves all things girly. I was puzzled at why this woman felt that her daughter’s feminine interests were something that need to be changed. She goes on to mention in her post that she only buys toys like goldi blox, legos, and gives away traditional girly toys that her daughter receives from relatives. Its odd how feminists encourage boys to play with girly toys and won’t allow their daughters to have feminine toys.


  2. Feminism is very anti-femininity. Not all feminists and not always historically… but the movement is so toxic today that even if you agree with tenets of it (like men and women are equal, just different) calling yourself a feminist is just… bad. It’s morphed into something that proposes very unnatural and harmful ideas.


  3. Thank you for all your posts, especially this one, translate my heart into words. The nature of love between man and woman is reflected here clearly. God was perfect in creating us with differences and roles.

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