To Be A SAHM Or Not To Be A SAHM

….that is the modern-day question!

This morning, I came acrossย THIS ARTICLEย , which I shared on my Facebook Page, on the decline of Stay At Home Mothers and the resulting death of the family unit.

In my opinion, I believe that this decline is because mothers have no option but to work as their husbands either refuse to work and support their family, or refuse to challenge themselves to get a well-paid job.

There are even men choosing to get married whilst unemployed or financially unable to support a family, whilst living a fantasist life and claiming that ‘God will provide’ – yes, I actually heard a few guys say this.
No, what these men mean is that their poor wives will have to provide, doing both the man’s job of being a provider and the woman’s job of being a nurturer.

Today’s men have become effeminate, and lacking in honour, discipline or integrity.
They don’t want wives, they want mothers – someone to support them financially and also nurture them.

It’s sickening.

When today’s men learn to MAN UP (in the words of FSSP priest, Fr. Ripperger) and today’s women learn to stop enabling infantile behaviour from grown adult men, then women will respect men more and gladly revert to the traditional, submissive role.

One contributing factor to the SAHM problem is modern society’s ridiculous obsession with consumerism and desire to keep up with the Joneses. ย This obsession is fuelled by incessant media advertising and the popularity of celebrity culture.

Another contributing factor to the increase of mothers entering the workforce, rather than focusing on raising their families, is the rise of contraception and feminism.

Read my post on how feminism erodes natural femininity.ย 

As feminism infiltrated society and women becoming more masculine, taking on more masculine roles in the workplace and also in social engagement, it resulted in men being emasculated and reduced to roles of ‘man-child’ – I mean, that term did not even exist in the 1940s!!

In the TCF Sister Circle, I am hearing amazing stories from women who left high-flying careers to focus on their families. ย When they worked outside of the house, they were more stressed, more unhappy and their marriages and families suffered; ย many got separated or divorced. ย By restoring traditional roles in their homes, they were able to save their marriages and families and even though they have less income through their choice to be SAHMs and focus on their families, they are happier, more content and their marriages and families are flourishing again.

So how can we, as women, reverse the tide?

Stop enabling men, let them take responsibility for their actions, let them man up to their obligations, do not give them sex or marital benefits without a commitment, make him work to earn you, do not marry or court them if they are financially in no position to do so, do not go half-sies on dates ( if he asks you out on a date, he pays – period)…..basically, stop doing for men what they should be doing as men.

Men are biologically programmed to thrive on challenges and competition. They are naturally inclined to chase. So give them something to work for, to chase.

When you take away this natural instinct from them, you rob them of their natural drive, and then reduce them to the role of children in the relationship as they then have no real purpose in life.

Traditional and feminine women inspire men to be masculine and to lead.



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