5 thoughts on “What Is The Catholic Rite Of Betrothal

  1. Surely the point is that they were legally betrothed, in other words legally committed to marriage in the future (presumably at a fixed time) but not yet married in that they were not yet joined by God and therefore intimate with each other.

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  2. A Jewish betrothal was a legal contract under Jewish Law. There is no modern comparison to this legal contract in terms of Engagement. The revival of a Catholic tradition of betrothal is not legal per se, and is not the beginning of a legal marriage contract in modern terms therefore they cannot be compared. Joseph was technically married to Mary because of this Jewish legal betrothal. The Catholic betrothal does not legally bind a couple, and therefore they remain unmarried unlike Mary and Joseph, who were technically married. Mary and Joseph did not promise a future marriage, but were in fact in the state of marriage.


    1. I honestly do not understand the point of your argument on this.

      I have included links to the Catholic origins of betrothal and I never said it was a legally binding rite. It was binding in a very different sort of way, which you would know if you took the time to read through the links and documents attached

      If you decide you want to make an argument on an issue, cite your Vatican-endorsed sources. If you are looking to debate theological or doctrinal issues, this is not the website for that! There are forums and websites where you can do so.

      I take a very dim view of people who join the TCF forums, groups and website looking to stir up debate or conflict. There are places where people who just love a good argument/debate can air the conflicting views, the Traditional Catholic Femininity platform is NOT one of such places.


  3. Yes, Mary was betrothed to St Joseph, but the meaning of that, as I posted on the facebook page, is that she was actually married to him – it was a Jewish understanding of betrothal, not the same as the one you describe here, I’m afraid! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment.
      The Bible clearly stated that she was betrothed, which means the full marital rites was not completed.

      A betrothal is not a marriage contract, which means she was not married.

      Thanks for sharing. God bless


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