Back To School Essentials For Young Catholics

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Registration completed, the textbook list received, dorm rooms decorated, beginning high school, college or even the new school year can be an overwhelming process for both students and their parents.

School is tough.  Being Catholic in school is also tough, especially if you attend a non-Catholic school.

With the pressures of academic deadlines, extracurricular activities, socials, and perhaps even a part-time job, it can be easy to get distracted from the faith.

Although your focus should be on your education, you also do not stop being Catholic when you go off to high school or college.

Just as you are intentional about your academics, you should also be intentional about living your faith in school or college.

I have compiled below some of my top picks of essentials that I think every young Catholic should have on their Back-To-School list, whether they are off to high school or college.



Catholic Education: Homeward Bound – Useful Guide To Catholic Home Schooling



The Catholic Faith Handbook For Youth


100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know


Handbook For Today’s Catholic Teen

Prayers, Papers, and Play: Devotions For Every College Student

How I Stayed Catholic At Harvard: 40 Tips For Faithful Catholic Students

The Catholic Planner: Academic and Faith Tool, Organizer, Prayer Journal & Agenda

available in pink and other colours.


14.5″ Standing Crucifix  – makes a great addition to your dorm room decor


Marble Resin Standing Crucifix – makes a great addition to your dorm room decor


Hope you found the above list of Back-To-School Catholic Essentials helpful.

Let me know if there is anything is anything you would add to the list and don’t forget: pray like a Carmelite, study like a Dominican.


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