SISTER MAIL: Help! I Am Getting Married!!

I receive quite a lot of emails and requests from readers across the world.
In some cases where I feel like an answer would also help the larger community, I make the decision to share the message, as well as my answer on the blog.

A Traditional Catholic Femininity group member recently posted this request in our Facebook Group:

“I am getting married in a few months. Just wondering if there was a conservative book or article that might help me prepare for marriage. I grew up very conservative and sheltered from even the process of menstruation, and am just trying to have the best mentality for my husband and God. “

Firstly, many congrats to her on her upcoming wedding!!

I have listed below a few of my favourite recommendations to help her get off to a good start in marriage.

The items I listed below are also ideal for those who are already married and they make fantastic gifts for friends or loved ones getting married soon.




The books below are highly recommended and ideal for Traditional Catholics.  Are there any other suggestions you would add to the list?

The Catholic Family Handbook                            Three To Get Married

                                              Three To Get Married Fulton Sheen


Cana Is Forever                                                               The Wife Desired

 cana is forever                                                    The Wife Desired


100 Ways To Love Your Husband                        Simple Secrets To A Beautiful Home

100 Ways To Love Your Husband                                                           



Christ In The Home                    Feminine Appeal: 7 Virtues of A Godly Wife & Mother





Survival For Busy Women: Establishing Efficient Home Management


Courtship And Marriage And The Gentle Art Of HomeMaking


 ad Jesum per Mariam