False Piety And Catholic Mommies

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I recently posted a picture on my Facebook page.

It was a picture of a woman wearing a modest outfit, with a pair of lovely metallic silver shoes.

The picture received a few comments, among them the comment from a woman who made several rude statements and declared that the outfit was immodest.

When I disagreed with her and told her that that is entirely her own opinion and that I do not think the outfit is immodest, she told me that I was rude, arrogant and not pious.

Oh dear – I did not realise that me disagreeing with someone else, having my own preferences and my own personal opinions make me rude, arrogant and not pious.

Folks, never ever allow anyone to convince you that you are not humble or pious because you have differing opinions to them, or you refuse to be devalued and mistreated by them.

Manipulative and diabolical people use this line to justify their bad treatment of you.ย  ย You cannot love people if you do not love or respect yourself FIRST!

Even the Bible tells us to love others as we love ourselves.

So for you to be able to love and respect others, you must have healthy boundaries, love and respect yourself first!

This is why bullies, manipulators and other people like this woman attack, insult and devalue others.ย  They cannot respect or love others because they hate themselves for what they truly are.

Having sound boundaries, refusing to be mistreated, abused or disrespected is NOT arrogance.ย  It is a sign of a healthy self-esteem, which is vital if you are to love God and to love others.

Absolute and total submission and humility is reserved for God and God alone!

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.” – JAMES 4:10

Humility towards others is at discretion and just as you are not to be humble before the devil, but to rebuke him soundly, so also you are not to be humble before his minions and those who have given themselves over to him.

You can treat them with a measure of respect and disengage from them, but they do not deserve your humility or submission.ย  That is reserved for God alone.ย  Do not let these diabolical people, posing as Christians or Catholics, shame you into acquiescing to evil.

This terrible woman also had the nerve to tell me that because she has seven children, she knows better than us.


Having seven or more children does not make you better or more pious than other women.

By her crazy logic, she is more knowledgeable than any priest then, because priests don’t have children too, right?

Honey, having seven plus children does not make you a better mother.

You are actually the worst kind of mother EVER for claiming and presuming that having seven or more children makes you more knowledgeable or better than others.

Child psychologists, obstetricians, experienced nannies and child educators know much more about childcare than you, EVEN IF they are childless or have less than seven children.

That moment when a person tells you that you are arrogant and not pious, and immediately proudly proclaims that by virtue of her having seven children, she is better and more knowledgeable than you.

I had to delete and ban her when she said this to me and several others on my Facebook page.

Quite a few of my followers who were single, unmarried or struggling with infertility were very upset about her claims.

This woman is clearly a malignant narcissist and projecting her own arrogance on to me and other women.

People say that I delete and ban anyone who disagrees with me. That is not true.

I delete and ban anyone who is rude, abusive, antagonistic etc towards me or other TCF members.

I will not allow my platform to be used as a stage for malicious and unhinged characters to spew their bile and project their own self-hatred on to my followers.

As you will notice from the picture that I mentioned, a couple of other people also commented that the shoes were flashy and I disagreed with them too, but none of them were as rude and antagonistic as this woman, who I banned from the page after seeing her repulsive, demeaning and attacking comments towards other people on the page.

The shoes in question may be too flashy for daily wear, but they are completely appropriate for celebratory events like Easter, Christmas, Christenings, Weddings and so on.

Dowdiness is a form of false piety and arrogance, and is not only unfeminine, but also an insult to God who made you a woman to look attractive.

It also makes you no different to the feminists, aggressive social justice warriors, lesbians and butch liberals who cast off their femininity by dressing and behaving in a dowdy or masculine manner.

To be a woman and to be dowdy or unattractive is demonic because the devil hates beauty and replaces beauty with plainness, ugliness and dowdiness.

Modern art, music and modern fashion is a clear example of how the devil is inverting beauty.ย  Don’t allow him to influence you to invert the beauty and femininity that God gave you.

As a woman, it is okay to wear pretty, colourful and sparkly items.

You are supposed to look pretty, feminine and attractive.

Now, whenever someone comes to my page or website, and starts mouthing off nonsense that I am not pious, that I am a rad trad, that I am arrogant and the like, I simply laugh them off because they have completely outed themselves as the arrogant, judgemental people that they are.

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It is only a supremely arrogant, narcissistic, self-entitled person that will go on to another person’s page, another person’s group or website, another person’s home, another person’s digital space, and tell them that they are arrogant, pious or a rad-trad.

By their fruits, you shall know them and these people out themselves for the diabolical persons that they truly are.

Going on to someone else’s page, website or group and trolling, being mischievous and antagonistic there is not pious, not feminine, not wholesome, and NOT Mary-like or Christ-like.

You disagree with me and my views; you call me a rad-trad and you are still squatting on my page, my website and my group.ย  What do you think that makes you?! Hm?

I also find it disgusting that some so-called Catholic moms believe that they have a higher rank to other Catholic women simply because they are married or they have children.

It is one thing to give public testimony about your life, your marriage or yourย children, as a way of glorifying God for what He has done for you and to inspire other women.

It is quite another thing to brandish these same accomplishments as a mark of you being superior, more knowledgeable or better than other women.

Dear sisters, any woman who uses her marital status, her husband’s accomplishments or her children as a mark of superiority over you is not of God. She is toxic, diabolical, arrogant and narcissistic.

You will find women like these in mommy clubs, mommy forums and so on.ย ย Don’t listen to or associate with them.

They clearly see that you are better and superior to them, and that is why they target you.

They view you as a threat and that is why they attempt to shame you, lower your self-esteem and devalue you.

They are diabolical. They are not Christian and definitely NOTย Catholic!

They are also ignorant, uneducated, immature, emotionally stunted and have absolutely nothing going for them, which is why they try to lower your self-esteem to make themselves feel better about their own miserable existence.

Do read COLOSSIANS 2:18 regarding these sort of people.

Honey, you may be married and have an army of children, but with your arrogant attitude, your sin of pride and your sin of using your status to denigrate women here who are single or who have less children than you have, you have a special place in Hell reserved for YOU.

False piety and false humility IS a sin of pride!

Pride is the devil’s favourite sin.ย  Pride is what turned angels into demons.

Our Lady, terror of demons, pray for us!

Our Lady, model of femininity and beauty, pray for us!


True Beauty

Dressing With Dignity

ย ad Jesum per Mariam



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