Marriage, Family and France’s Continual Self-Destruction

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Marriage and family values, which are the building blocks and foundations of a healthy and thriving society, were originally established by God and the decline of these will result in a decline of the presence and protection of God within that society.

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.

In the 21st century, France has earned the unwanted honour of being the first European country targetted and attacked by the Islamic State.

While no country deserves to suffer a terrorist attack, one cannot help but feel saddened by the steady decline of France, once a Christian and Catholic country.

Earlier this month, France decided to lower the age of sexual consent and then today I learnt of France’s decision to lower the official school starting age to three!!

But wait, there is more!  Here are a few stats on France:


Oh, how the French Catholic saints including St Therese of Lisieux, St Joan of Arc, St Catherine Laboure, St Vincent de Paul, amongst others, must weep for the fall of France.

Oh, how our Lady of La Salette’s tears must continue to flow.

What on earth happened to France?!  Why does France continue to dig her own grave?!

The latest decision of France to lower the official school starting age from 6 to 3 struck such a chord with me that it spurred me to write this article.

Strong marriages and families create strong societies.

Weak families and marriages create weak societies and weak societies become vulnerable to attacks, losses, decline and destruction.

catholicism in france today, religion in france, french values and beliefs, french culture, marriage statistics in france, divorce rates in france, catholic marriage and family life, catholic family life, catholic parenting advice, catholic parenting blog, traditional catholic parenting, traditional catholic blogs, our lady of la salette prophecy,

Regular readers of my blog are familiar with my stance on family, and in particular, the topic of early childhood.

You are well aware of how opposed I am to daycare.

Not because I wish to shame mothers in two-parent households who send their children to daycare, but because I am aware of the damaging effects that daycare has on the overall development of a child and on society.

Fr Ripperger was right when he said, “A woman can make or break a nation by the way she raises a single child.”

And if you are creating a society from weak, damaged or traumatised children who have little to no empathy, what do you think the next generation of adults will look like?

The next generation will comprise sociopathic, narcissistic or psychopathic adults with little to no empathy or regard for human life.

Science and psychological has long attested that a child’s empathy and personality is formed between birth and age 6.

Healthy development of this is facilitated through close and consistent contact with the child’s primary caregiver, preferably the mother.

Sending a child to daycare gravely disrupts the proper formation of personality, empathy and cognitive development and by age 7, it is already too late.

Age 6 is also the age that children are able to have some emotional independence, adequate empathy and cognitive development to handle separation from their mother without damage to their psyche and personality development.

A child in daycare does not have this emotional resilience, regardless of how attentive and caring the daycare professional may be.  It is not the skills of the daycare professional at fault; it is the daycare itself and its environment.

A baby would not be ripped out from its mother’s womb before its due date, would it?

No, because it is still developing physically and will have a very hard time surviving and thriving in the outside world if born prematurely.

Why then would you rip the child from its mother’s arms before its empathy, psyche, cognition and personality is formed?

People think that they can get away with this form of child abuse because the damage done is not obvious.

A baby ripped out prematurely from the womb will show physical signs of distress, damage and poor development.  However, a baby ripped from the mother’s arms does not show signs of distress, damage and poor development…..or so you think.

What you believe you cannot see; what you think does not present to the outside world as a physical scar or manifestation of bad parenting WILL manifest in your child’s behaviour through their childhood, teenage years and in their adult lives.

To understand the damage that daycare does to young children, see THISTHISTHISTHIS, and THIS

You cannot ditch traditional marriage and family values, and then complain about the rise in sociopathy, low empathy, psychopathy, terrorist attacks and mass murderers.

Dear France, I urge and encourage you to return to God and rediscover sound, Biblical marriage and family values.

God’s chastisement is not because He hates us, but because He wants us to realise the errors of our ways and obey His commandments.

Heed, I beg of you, the warning of our Lady of La Salette

Full of sorrow, she weeps for humanity and for the lost piety of Catholic France.

She weeps and urges us to do penance for our sins, for the sorrows caused to her Son and for wrongs done against God.

Holy Family of Nazareth, pray for us.

Our Lady of La Salette, pray for us.



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ad Jesum per Mariam





5 thoughts on “Marriage, Family and France’s Continual Self-Destruction

  1. Modern France has been built on the idea that religions should be kept out of politics, since the popular revolution of 1789. This is how I want my country to be. It makes me happy to see the number of Catholics dropping and the churches going more & more empty every year. You pin that on Muslims, obviously, since ultra traditionalist Christians like you are always looking for something to say about their Semitic cousins, but the Muslim population in France is quite low for a country who had a colonial empire in Northern Africa. It’s around 7.5%. And the French Muslims are concerned that their children tend to reject religion and embrace the benefits of living in a secular democracy. The French people are proud to be one of the most atheist country in the world (4th according to different studies) and the law of 1905 that definitely separates the state & church is regarded as one of the most important political victory of our time. Even religious people in general support the idea that their beliefs are part of their private lives and should not collide with public laws.

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  2. As well, the rise in parents using electronic devices as “babysitters” for their children starting from a young age has given rise to a whole new generation of socially awkward or even socially crippled (if that makes sense) individuals. The decline in traditional marriage has truly affected the values of Western culture as a whole. Just look at modern day media such as TV shows: glorifying single and working mothers, hedonism, and promiscuity. I am very grateful to have found your blog!

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