Ladies, Beware Of Fake Trad Men

 I have noticed that a few men follow my platforms.
They claim to be traditional, but their views on women are particularly disturbing.
Some of them don’t believe a man should be paying on dates and one of them even had the audacity to say that if the woman has a high-flying career, he would expect her to pay, but if she was a waitress, then he would pay.
One also said that only women who are pure and virginal deserve to be courted in a traditional manner.
Men like this have no concept whatsoever about chivalry or dating, and their opinion that high-flying career women don’t deserve to be courted is disgusting and appalling.
Ladies, if you have a high flying career or good income and a man of lower status approaches, look him dead in the eye and tell him “I am out of your league” and walk off.
Okay, okay.  Maybe not so harshly, but on a more serious note, do not date a man who is of a lower financial or career status to you.
When you get involved with men like these, not only will you be disrespected and devalued for your career, status and income, but he would also expect you to support him financially.
This is a form of psychological and emotional abuse, by the way.
Abuse never begins with physical violence and hitting.  It always starts with little acts of disrespect, boundary-pushing, emotional abuse and psychological abuse
Also, avoid associating with any woman who has no concept of men being providers, as they will sabotage you.
A lady commented on my page that expecting men to pay on dates is gold-digging.
Like, what?!! Women like her are the reason why a lot of men today are not chivalrous towards women.
How on earth is it gold-digging to expect that a man who asks you on a date pays for the date?!
This clueless woman has no understanding whatsoever on what gold-digging is about and it’s so sad for her that she is so desperate and her standards are so low that she has such a poor expectation from dating.
. Men LOVE challenges.  That is why they play sports and games.
A man wants a woman that he feels he has worked for; not desperate, low-hanging fruit.
To the wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing ‘traditional’ men who are following my platforms, and who actually believe that if they ask a woman on a date, she should pay or go halfsies: you are in the wrong place, dude.
There is no point coming on to my page and demanding that women should pay on dates, unless she is the one that asks you out on the date.  In which case, she’s not truly traditional.  Good luck with that!
Fake trad men are misogynistic
They want a demure, submissive traditional woman, but want to treat her like a liberal and modernist.  There is nothing traditional, masculine or chivalrous about these men.
Part of my work on this platform is educating traditional Catholic women so that they learn to recognise and avoid men like these.
To the traditional Catholic women following my platform, be very wary of men like these.
By their fruits, you shall know them.
A man who values, respects and desires you will NEVER ask you to pay on dates – ever!
Men are builders by nature. They invest in things and people they want to build with.
If he is not investing in you (time, money and effort!), he does not want you, does not respect you, does not value you, and only wants to use and discard you.
A man who has invested in you is far less likely to discard you, cheat on you, disrespect you or do anything that would make you leave him.  This is a fact!
Stinginess in a man is a disgusting character trait and you should never entertain such men.
Dear men, nobody is expecting you to spends hundreds and hundreds of cash on a date.
.If all you can afford is a coffee date, then take her on a coffee date, but don’t ask her out on a date and then expect her to pay or go halfsies.  That is just disgusting.   Have you no shame?!

A real Trad man will never make money a discussion.

They would never ever allow a woman the indignity of paying. For them, paying is to wear the badge of manhood. It is about being a MAN. 


These men can claim to be Trad and dress like extras in a vintage film all they like, but actions always speak louder than words, and if he is expecting you to pay on dates or go halfsies, he is not a Trad.
He is a modernist, a liberal, a fraud and a predator.
Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!





 ad Jesum per Mariam



9 thoughts on “Ladies, Beware Of Fake Trad Men

  1. I have never read these truths from a fully fleshed-out explanation by a woman before. The effect on me is excellent. Rather than a simple list of do’s and don’ts, you impart the SPIRIT and MEANING of the traditional do’s and don’ts to other women as if we were all your dear sisters. I believe that the strength you lend is a strength we need, as women, in order to be the steady and stable mothers that our children will need, for they will be even more vulnerable than we are. Thank you, and God Bless you.

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  2. I adore your thoughts on this matter. They are honest and thruthful. Your style is manful(direct).
    If only I had learned this years ago. Thanks be to God I am blessed with a carpenter as a husband. I am a nurse, so I believe we are equally yoked. We are now Traditional Catholics, and we will be adopting children soon. I hope to be able to stay home and teach them our catholic faith. Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi,

    I am trying to clarify something for myself: are you saying that if a woman has a lower-powered career in comparison to another woman, then she is of lower value to the man courting her? I’m not trying to be argumentative but ??? Also, how are we measuring this, exactly? If you’re a nanny, you’re probably making more than a resident in an MD program…and according to you, helping to shape society (I don’t disagree). I am not trying to be negative, but basically if your career isn’t doing as well as your husband’s then he “settled” for you? I’m not offended,
    just trying to get your take on the situation,

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    1. No woman is of lower value to any other woman. I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion, to be honest.

      What I am saying is: marriages are more harmonious and fulfilling when traditional gender roles are in place.

      Within traditional gender roles, the man is to lead, provide and protect.
      That is in his biological nature, given to him by God.
      When he is unable to do so, he would feel emasculated and would react in one or more of the following:
      – resentment towards his partner,
      – reversal to an infantile role where you’ll be forced into the role of being his mommy,
      – infidelity, in an attempt to make himself feel masculine,
      – abuse, in order to subjugate the woman and cut her down to size, so that he can feel in a position of leadership over her.

      All this nonsense would be avoided if women go for men that are of a higher financial and career status than they are.

      Submission, femininity and fulfilment for a woman entail having the trust in her spouse and depending on him.

      A woman simply cannot respect or submit to a man that she does not trust with her wellbeing, safety or security.

      It is basic biology.

      Men value beauty and youth; women value comfort and security. A man who earns less than she does will not make her feel secure.

      She’ll be unhappy and take it out on him. He would be unhappy and take it out on her.

      Happiness and harmony are found when traditional gender roles are put in place.

      Now, if you are NOT a traditional woman, do not believe in female submission and femininity, do not believe that a woman should choose a higher status man for longterm marital success and personal fulfillment, then this information and this blog does not apply to you.

      Keep doing you, boo, and good luck.

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  4. I agree with every point here except that you should looking man in the eye and say “I’m out of your league and walk away ” simply because he makes less money than you.

    I will say from the From the view of a traditional Catholic man, that while Women value Strength, Stability, And chivalry etc. from men. men value virtue above all else. Guard it with vigilance.

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    1. Yeah, I was being a bit ruthless there, but the general point I was making is to turn the man down.

      It’s really for his own good. He may say that he is fine with it, but over 90% of men feel emasculated when their partner is of a higher income than he is.

      He will be more motivated to lead, protect and provide in a relationship where he has the higher status.

      Plus, it is just not practical because if they get married and the woman falls pregnant and has to take time off work, that is a major hit in the family income there.

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  5. I really like your posts and your blog, but I do think that men are confused by the way women have changed things so badly with feminism, etc. And that’s on women, not the men. Sure there are men who have taken advantage of the sexual revolution, but in my opinion, the women started it back right before the turn of the century (late 1800’s was when there’s feminist writing that cropped up).

    I’ve read what they said back then, as I studied it for a few years… it was awful the way their attitudes were, even in the Victorian age! Very discontent with what good men were wanting to give them, acting offended, and painting all men as the predators and villains of society.

    I’ve been married 10 1/2 years now, in a very traditional marriage… very Christian, always teaching our kids biblical principles, etc… but I totally understand where these men you’re angry at are coming from. They’re a product of a society where they didn’t have that kind of example of what you’re telling men they should be. And when they DID see that example of a good provider type man who respected women, they saw how *disrespected* he was for being that way. It’s abusive the type of society we’ve expected men to grow up in now for decades (40 years basically). How can we expect them to really understand that a traditional woman wouldn’t take advantage of them when they’ve NEVER in their lives probably seen anything like that?

    I mean… you’re talking about men who were probably abused since that rate has gone up so much (% on boys being abused is so horrific!). Or maybe they’re coming from a divorced home and their mom got custody and she kept him away from the father – so he had no role-model? Most of the men that have come to my site over the 5 years I’ve been writing on traditional male and female roles, they NEVER had the type of father that they needed in order to grow up to become the men that you want them to be. In my opinion, they deserve a lot of compassion and understanding.

    Also… there maybe times when a woman wants to pay for her boyfriend because she cares about him and his finances. I know after we were dating for a few months, I offered to pay sometimes at our lunch dates because he had paid so much that I didn’t want him harming his finances just because he loved being with me.

    Men REALLY appreciate things like that because it shows them that you would be a good traditional wife who would be able to protect his money coming in later on when handling the family budget and financial planning.

    So this is just my advice 🙂 take it or leave it of course… but I do like your site, and I think the men like that following you are STARVED for traditional women and they’re not purposefully looking for women to exploit, but maybe just ignorant as to what you mean by them being a respectable provider.

    Being kind and compassionate to them, understanding they may be coming from VERY dysfunctional homes now (which is so sad that our society has stooped that low), is to me a better way to influence them


    1. Men who have been abused or came from dysfunctional homes need to go work on themselves and get therapy.
      It is completely unacceptable to expect women to pay the price for their background

      All of us have come from less than perfect households, but we don’t pass off responsibility for our healing on to others. It is destructive, enabling and does not work.

      Women are not to mother men. That sort of love should be for their children.

      By taking away their right to work on themselves, you are emasculating men further and you are not doing them any favours whatsoever!

      Men need to learn to be men, NOT be mollycoddled by women.

      Offering to pay on a date because you feel sorry for the man is just ridiculous and disturbing. You are in effect, mothering and emasculating him. You put yourself in the role of Mother. If he could not afford the date, he would not ask you out or he would go on a cheaper date. Believe me.

      You completely rob him of his manhood and his right to be masculine when you deprive him of his manly duties. This is deplorable and emasculating to men and women like you are part of the reason why a lot of men now expect to be mothered by their partners, instead of being men and courting them. You need to stop! You are ruining men and turning them into soft sissies.

      There are many men who follow my platform and have come from dysfunctional families. Many of them are not abusive or misogynistic. A lot of them have worked on themselves and their backgrounds and are honourable, traditional gentlemen.

      A dysfunctional background is NOT an excuse to be abusive, degrading and disrespectful towards women or anyone else.

      Everyone, regardless of their background, has a choice to do what they do and has a choice to take responsibility for their lives.

      I am frankly horrified that you are advocating putting women in harm’s way in the name of being ‘compassionate’.

      The Bible says to love others as you love yourself. Loving or being compassionate towards a damaged man, who refuses to work on himself and take responsibility for himself, thereby endangering your physical and psychological well-being is not self-love.

      Finally, being kind to dysfunctional, abusive men to your detriment is not only irresponsible but incredibly dangerous.

      Ladies, do not ever do this! Your love and kindness will not change him or help him or heal him. Only him and God can change him, help him and heal him. Be compassionate, from a very far distance. Avoid these men.

      We are responsible for our individual lives, not for other people.

      Graveyards and domestic abuse shelters are full of women who channel their mothering, nurturing instincts into trying to help a damaged man instead of channeling that into raising their own children.

      You want a partner, not a project. Women are not rehabilitation centres for badly raised men.

      The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.


      1. Traditional feminine behaviour does not entail putting oneself at risk.

        A truly feminine and traditional woman will not allow herself to sullied and damaged by a damaged man.

        You either have a very terrible and distorted view of traditional femininity or you are confusing mothering instincts (with should be for your children only) with femininity.

        I hope nobody reads your books.

        Your advice is dangerous and damaging to women.


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