A Stingy Man Will Make A Stingy Husband

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One of my main objectives for setting up this platform is to provide support and resources to women in their vocations and in their various states in life, whether they are single, married or in religious life.

There has been a lot of interest in my articles for women that are single, dating or married.  In particular, there has been high interest in relationships, making the right choices and so on.

The person that you marry will be the cause of 90% of your happiness or misery in life, so it makes complete sense that you are extremely prudent when investing your life, your heart and your fertile years in a man.

As women, we are in a more vulnerable position than men.
When you choose the wrong man as a boyfriend or husband, any one or more of the following could occur:

  • Wasting your precious fertile years on a relationship that goes nowhere and the man will inevitably cruelly discard you, making you less of an attractive prospect to men who desire a woman of childbearing age.
  • Wasting the time that could have been spent in making progress in your career, due to you setting aside your work and career to be a man’s wife and mother to his children.
  • Enduring a marriage to an abusive, predatory man who only got married to you to secure a sex slave and beast of burden, while he cheats on you, abuses you in every way, and chooses porn over you, every single time.
  • Early death to due stress, high blood pressure, cancer etc, which are just some of the consequences of being in a toxic, abusive or dysfunctional relationship/marriage.

As you can see, marriage and commitment have more advantages for the man than the woman, which is why, for centuries, women have had to be extremely discerning and picky when choosing a mate.

Feminism and the sexual revolution has lied to women.  Giving sex freely before commitment or being less choosy about picking a spouse has resulted in heartache for many women.  This is evidenced by the continued rise in divorce, broken marriages, damaged children, domestic violence cases, spousal abuse and spousal murder.

Stats show that:

  • Women are more likely to file for divorce than the man.  Of course, the man won’t file for divorce.  He managed to trap a sex slave, beast of burden and abuse punching bag.  It is the woman that very often has to fight to escape the prison.
  • Married women, especially those in high conflict marriages, are more likely to develop high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and cancer, and die from these conditions.
  • Married women typically have less income and less pension than their male counterparts.  Whether the woman chooses to be a SAHM or a working mother, she still has less income overall because even working mothers will have to take time off to have their children.  Having a smaller pension pot means that the woman has a very real risk of living in poverty in her later years.
  • Married women involved with an abusive partner have a higher risk of being killed by their husbands, either in the course of the marriage or when she decides to escape the marriage.

Given the current state of men in the world today, being single or a religious sister would seem to be a far better and safer option for many women.

In addition, women today have been groomed by men to manage down their expectations on acceptable behaviour, to settle for less and to accept unsuitable relationships and marriages.

Who are these men kidding??!  Men need women – period!

Marriage provides more benefits, financially, socially, mentally, physically to a married man than to the woman.  This is why after God made Man, He then made Woman because He knew that Man needs Woman.

Do not ever let any man tell you otherwise.

Do not let any man tell you that you are high maintenance, a spoilt princess, a self-entitled bXXXX, a whore, a gold digger or any other demeaning words that they use to shame you into accepting and tolerating unsavoury behaviour.

If you wonder what sort of red flags you should look for, read my highly popular RED FLAGS article.

An interesting observation that I have made is how there are a lot of predatory men, using the guise of religion, to entrap trusting, faithful women.  They have infiltrated the Church and regardless of what they say, they are not Christian and certainly not Catholic.

These men write me messages, send me emails and leave me comments telling me that they are Christians, that they should not have to support their family, that they have a right to get married and have children, even if they are in no financial position to do so.  They expect the wife to do all the heavy lifting, emotionally, financially and more, in the marriage.

A key trait of these type of men is how eager they are to find (ie entrap) a good Catholic woman who is feminine, submissive, virginal or with little virginal experience, but they themselves have no desire to work on themselves in any way.

These hypocrites want a traditional wife, but they do not want to be a traditional husband.
They want the sweet, young, feminine, Catholic, traditional, respectful and submissive wife, but they do not wish to be the main breadwinner, to financially or emotionally support this woman.

They want her to go out and work, just like they do, then come back home, take care of the house AND the children AND his needs, and yes including his sexual needs, whenever and wherever he wants.
They want a sex slave and a beast of burden, NOT a wife.

They are selfish, greedy, stingy and lazy!  Men like these are labelled effeminate by Ripperger.
Just listen to THIS talk by Fr Ripperger.  It will give you an insight into what true godly masculinity is about and what to look for and expect from a man who claims to be honourable and virtuous.

There IS DEFINITELY a link between money and love.  A man who is stingy with his wallet is stingy with his heart – period!

People, men, in particular, invest financially in things and people that they value and love.
If he is not spending money on you, he does not value you and HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU.

Men like these do not want to spend money on their partners or wives, do not want to be the breadwinner of the home, and DO NOT want to protect and provide for their partners.

Considering that God’s main directive to Man is to provide and protect, would you seriously consider dating or marrying stingy men like these who claim to be Catholics and yet they vehemently defend their disobedience to God’s Word?

Avoid these men like the plague!!

You want to see an example of men like these?  Check THIS DUDE out!!

Do you see what a delightful, ‘honourable Catholic gentleman’ he is??!

He labels women “high maintenance” and “rent-seeking harlots” for expecting that their husbands be the main financial provider in the family.
Do you see the misogynistic, shaming language right there?

He then says “Of course a man wants to give his wife gifts, but a man does not owe his wife tribute as though he is her servant”.  This same guy will expect sex, obedience and submissiveness from his wife because he believes that she owes him that, and yet he does not believe that he should give his wife gifts?

He even goes to mention that a woman or wife that expects to be cherished, provided for and given gifts, as a demonstration of his love, is a prostitute.
In psychology, this is called PROJECTION.  This misogynistic man truly hates women, sees all women as whores (unless of course, they are virgins, according to him) and he is projecting outwards his hatred of women.

Finishing his tirade, he then goes to say that women who have had premarital sex or had other sexual partners, do not deserve to have a husband…..like having a husband is a status symbol, a victory prize for women.

By his logic, women are inferior.   Virginal women should not expect to be provided for by their husbands and any woman that is not a virgin does not deserve to have a husband.
What a delightful piece of work he is (!)

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This same guy who labels women as whores because they were not virgins before marriage is the same type of guy that will be whoring around in his earlier years, bedding any woman that he can.
When he then approaches middle-age, he is suddenly disgusted by all the women he has deflowered or penetrated without a commitment, and now decides he will go search for a pure, virginal, woman who is several years younger than him (15+ years) because obviously, the younger and purer they are, the easier they are for him to manipulate, according to his warped thinking.

The unfortunate woman that he marries will end up in a marriage where she is constantly abused, raped, put down and cheated upon, because, guess what, men with such flawed & abusive character issues DO NOT CHANGE after marriage, regardless of how pure, how young, how virginal or how submissive a woman is.

Mothers, protect your daughters from these sort of men!  Fathers, do you seriously want your precious daughters to date or marry men like these?!
Ladies, avoid these men like the plague.  Do not even entertain them at all.  Cut. Them. Off. QUICK!!

The quicker you cut off these men, the quicker you can move on and find an honourable man.
Do not waste your time on these stingy, predatory men or believe their lies that you will never find someone else.  You will!!  Men NEED women!!
Regardless of your age, past or looks, you are and WILL ALWAYS BE  a high commodity as a woman, so never sell yourself short.

This is why I strongly recommend that you watch a man’s spending habits when he is dating you.
If he asks you out on a date and expects you to pay, NEXT!
If he is not buying you gifts or not buying appropriate gifts at certain relationship milestones, NEXT!!

You cannot waste your time, energy or fertile years on duds like these.

The key to learning whether a man sees a future with you or simply wishes to waste your time is to see if he is spending on you.

For centuries, men have ALWAYS spent money on women that they want to settle down with.
It is a very natural part of the mating, courting process as he is proving to her that he would financially take care of her and their children in marriage.

If a man is being stingy with you, he is either

a) wasting your time and simply using you, or

b) grooming you so that when you do get married, YOU will be the one to provide for the family needs and take care of the family. In essence, he is grooming you to accept more abuse from him and also grooming you to be both his sex slave and beast of burden.

You see, a man that is serious about marrying you will not think twice about spending money on you.

Men have very fragile egos and a huge fear of rejection.
So when a guy has decided he wants to marry a certain woman, his natural provider instinct will kick in and he would spend lots of money on her, on dates, gifts, trips, etc.  In essence, he is laying down the groundwork to improve his chances of getting her to accept his proposal when he proposes in the near future.

This provider instinct is a very natural biological drive instilled by God into Man.

So if a guy is not showing this, he does not value you, he does not love you, he does not see a future with you, and he is grooming you to accept less than.

Luckily for you, ladies, you will be able to tell very quickly if the guy is using you and stringing you along from the 1st date! This way, you can cut off the unsavourables very quickly without wasting your time or getting emotionally attached.

On the first date, does he expect you pay?
On the second date, does he choose a cheap date or expect you to go half-sies?

Stingy, ungodly men expect you to pay on dates or go half-sies so that they can spend their money on multiple other women that they are also seeing at the same time.  Not only is he NOT a man of honour, but dating multiple people means that he will not be making a clear-headed decision when he decides to settle on one.  You cannot get to know a person properly and make a decision of settling down with them if you are chasing multiple people at the same time.

So if he asking you to pay, know that he is also dating several other women at the same time.  This disrespectful and ungodly attitude will carry over in your marriage and he will cheat on you over and over again.  Get out now!

A godly man understands and joyfully accepts God’s mandate of protecting and providing.
Spending money is not an issue for them.

Similarly, a godly woman understands and joyfully accepts God’s mandate of being submissive.  However, just because you are called to be feminine and submissive does not mean that you foolishly give yourself and your time to an ungodly, stingy, abusive or predatory man.

The Bible says that we are to be harmless as doves, but wise as serpents.

What sort of gifts should he be giving during the courtship/dating phase? Read THIS.

Want to find out if he has godly virtues and inclination to protect and provide? Simply ask him his views and expectations of a woman choosing to be a SAHM and find out where he stands on the topic of husbands giving their wives a personal allowance.

People invest in things/people that they both love and value.  Do not let stingy men, marriage-destroying feminists or jealous women tell you otherwise or convince you to settle for a man who expects you to provide.

Do not agree to date or marry a guy based on his words, his promises, or his outward displays of masculinity and godliness.  Action speaks louder than words, so watch his actions.

Any man that is unwilling to protect and provide for his partner does not deserve a partner that respects or submits to them.

A truly feminine, traditional woman knows her value and she won’t settle or even entertain any guy that has the selfish, ungodly and misogynistic mindset that a lot of modern men have.

Remember, a man that is honourable, traditional and goldy, and that truly values you, loves you, respects you, and sees a future with you is a man that will invest in you – Time, Effort and Money.

Do you want to be a wife or do you want to be an ungodly man’s beast of burden?



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