The Consequences Of Being Tolerant And Charitable

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So, I came across THIS ARTICLEย today.

Okay, so it is not really Catholic and I am not particularly a VS fan, but I am sharing this to highlight the liberal, leftists’ ridiculousness and slippery slope.

VS don’t want trans or big women walking the runway.

Um, duh(!)

This is not a case of discrimination; it’s a case of MEETING THE JOB REQUIREMENTS.

If the job requirement of being a VS model is to be a certain height, weight etc, then they are perfectly within their rights to decline anyone who does not meet their requirements.ย  Period.

There are lots of other runway shows for plus size women and for trans, but why are these people targeting VS, instead of exploring the other options?

Plain and simple: they are a diabolically-minded movement that wishes to force all of society to march to the beat of their own drum.

Next, we would have construction workers protesting and suing for the right to perform brain surgery, even though they do not have the qualifications of a brain surgeon!

This all or nothing approach, black and white thinking is classic of a narcissistic and psychopathic mentality.ย 

It is a trait of these two personality disorders, by the way.

Liberalism has gotten so irrational that they are now stark raving mad!

It is not enough that society allows them to do their thing; they have to force their lifestyle on the rest of us too.

You see this all around you today.ย  Just look around you!

Teach LGBT to your children or you are discriminating against us.

Marry gays in the church and bake our cakes or you are discriminating against us.

Their never-ending black hole of demands for their “rights” entails taking away the rights and choices of everyone else.ย  This is just not normal or acceptable.

And this is EXACTLY what happens when you treat psychopaths with tolerance and charity.

THIS is also what happens when you are gaslighted with the JUDGE NOT phrase that pathological people use to brainwash, gaslight and manipulate unsuspecting Christians into their diabolical agenda.

Many times I have had either outrightly manipulative people or ignorant and dangerously naive Christians tell me that my approach towards certain people who interact with me via the TCF platforms is harsh, unloving, or uncharitable or intolerant.

I have been told that I am being judgemental and that I should treat blatantly disrespectful and blasphemous people with tolerance, light, love, charity and kumbaya.

Nope!ย  Not gonna happen ever!

With most people, I am my real self – tolerance, caring, and accepting.

With manipulative and pathological people, however, I am not.

I am VERY firm and stern with them, and I make no apologies for it.ย  None whatsoever.

The same Jesus who was very loving, compassionate on earth, is the same Jesus who flipped temple tables over, called the blasphemers brood of vipers.

The point is, you are to have discernment and wisdom in knowing when to be compassionate and when to be firm.

If by your “tolerance and charity”, you enable someone into Hell, you had best believe that you will be joining them there.

Christians have become so completely ignorant of Scripture that they truly believe love will cure everything and everyone.

If you had a heroin-addicted son, would you be so loving and tolerant of him that you enable his self-destruction? Support his harmful addiction and maybe even buy him his fix?ย  No!ย  That is neither loving nor tolerant.

Some ignorant Christians fail to realise that some people truly choose to be evil and diabolical, and that no amount of kindness or charity will make them change.

These sort of people will manipulate your own good intentions against you, and throw out Scripture like JUDGE NOT, and gaslight you into believing that if you just treat difficult and pathological people with charity and tolerance, they would change.

In the meantime, they would strip away your virtues and suck you dry.

Doesn’t this sound exactly like an abusive relationship?

The abuser will promise you that they would change as long as you continue pouring in your love and tolerance, but the abuser NEVER changes and your own wellbeing deteriorates faster and faster.

Tolerance and charity towards evil only breeds more evil.ย  Period.

Being overly tolerant and charitable is extremely harmful for the following reasons:

  • It displays gross disrespect for yourself because it teaches others that you do not have any self-value and invites them to treat you badly.ย  This can be very dangerous for you
  • It teaches the offenders that their bad or destructive behaviour will be tolerated
  • It enables them in their bad behaviour and gives them have no incentive whatsoever to change

You can be tolerant and charitable, WITHOUT enabling or accepting disrespectful, degenerate or destructive behaviour in your life.ย  One of the ways you do this is by having boundaries.

Christians are so caught up in their attempts to be โ€œlovingโ€ that they do not have healthy boundaries anymore.

It is NOT loving either to yourself or to others to tolerate bad, disrespectful or dangerous behaviour.

A lack of boundaries is not only foolish, but also very dangerous.

As the liberal left continues to drag us down into its Hell, it is only a matter of time before you are sued or even thrown into prison for being “judgemental and a bigot” because you wouldn’t let a pedosexual have sex with your child……unless you put a stop to this slippery slope, RIGHT NOW!

Just like an abusive partner, today’s psychopathic society and liberal left do not respond to tolerance and charity.

No matter how accepting, tolerant, loving and charitable you are, an abusive partner will not stop abusing you and neither will the liberal left in their abusive attempts to destroy you, your family and your children.

the sin of tolerance, catholic teaching on tolerance, tolerant left strikes against, paradox of tolerance, tolerance is for those without conviction, tolerance is a virtue of a dying society, judge not, judge not lest ye be judged, thou shalt not judge catholic, social justice warrior, feminism, feminist,

I repeat: abusers, manipulators, toxic and pathological people DO NOT respond to tolerance, charity or kindness.

They DO respond, however, to consequences and to boundaries – strong ones.

For example, a consequence I generally have in place for people who violate the TCF rules (ie boundaries) is that offenders are deleted and blocked.ย  They lose the privilege of having access to TCF platforms.

You can apply similar principles within your own life and family, in your relationships and interactions with friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances.

So, you can set boundaries such as:

  • refusing to be spoken to in a rude manner;
  • refusing the LGBT indoctrination of yourย  children;
  • refusing to be treated disrespectfully, abused, lied to or cheated on by your partner;
  • refusing to get involved in social justice issues that are contrary to Scripture.


Then when your boundaries get violated by manipulators and pathologically toxic people ie

  • someone calls you names;
  • your child’s school brings in an LGBT-heavy curriculum;
  • your partner cheats on you or is violent towards you …..

…you IMMEDIATELY follow through on the consequences by

  • goinhg No Contact from your abusive or disrespectful friend or family member;
  • file an official complaint against your child’s school;
  • ending the relationship with a cheating partner;
  • calling the police on a violent partner and so on.

People will treat you exactly the way you allow them to and you teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you reinforce and what you stop.

This is a far better way to reach people and win them for Christ.

They learn that you have value for yourself and they also learn to treat other people with value, dignity and respect.

One would think that with my no-nonsense approach, direct manner of conveying truth, strong boundaries and follow-up consequences, that TCF would have a drastically reduced follower count.

This has not been the case at all.ย  TCF has grown immensely and my inbox is filled with people telling me that my blog inspired them to convert back to the Church.

People recognise and respect authenticity and truth, even if the truth is a little uncomfortable.

As Mother Angelica said: those who love you tell you the truth; those who love themselves tell you what you want to hear.

The price you will pay for being so tolerant and charitable is increasing erosion of your rights, dignity and safety, unless you stop this accelerating slippery slope by having healthy and solid boundaries.

Perhaps you get involved in an accident and need surgery.

Let’s just hope that your surgery is not performed by someone completely unqualified for that field of surgery who has threatened to sue or blackmail the medical establishment if they are not allowed to operate on you.

“Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society.ย 
When you have an immoral society that has blatantly, proudly, violated all of the commandments of God, there is one last virtue they insist upon: tolerance for their immorality.”


“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.”


“Ponder the fact that God has made you a gardener, to root out vice and plant virtue.”


Remember this the next time you feel you should be more tolerant and charitable.

What are your true motivations behind this? Honestly.

Are you being tolerant and charitable because you truly love your fellow human beings or because you love yourself?

Maria, Sedes Sapientiae, ora pro nobis.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.



ย  ย 

ย  ย 


ad Jesum per Mariam



One thought on “The Consequences Of Being Tolerant And Charitable

  1. I do have to admit…. a lot of what you’re saying is hard to hear, but I know in my heart, it to be true and I agree with this post. I was immediately bothered, but the sensible me, opened my mind and heart and heard you and God’s word. I’m still new to the faith, so I’m constantly trying to discern what is right and wrong, but I think I’m starting to get on the right path.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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