Intimacy And Bonding With A Guy

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Bonding with a guy is the best way of developing intimacy with him.

Simply having sex with a guy does not create intimacy; bonding does.

If you are in the dating and courting phase, you may think that having sex with him would draw him closer to you.

It won’t and THIS is why.

Bonding and intimacy are what make him fall and more importantly, STAY madly in love with you, decades after you tie the knot.

So, for example, your beau or spouse might open up to you about an unpleasant experience in his life, family, or childhood that impacted him in a negative way.

For most women who are out of touch with their feminine energy, their tendency is to jump in here and try to fix him, fix the situation, help him out or do any other physical stuff.


This is an expression of masculine energy and it would either push him away or he would mentally relegate you into the Mommy role.

And guess what, men are not attracted to women who display Mommy energy.

If you have been married for a while and have children, that Mommy-Will-Fix-It impulse is a natural reaction, but it should be reserved only for your children and not your spouse.

When your guy opens up to you as I described above, he is not looking for you to fix the problem or fix him.

What he really wants from you is to be receptive towards him and simply lend a caring, empathetic ear.

This form of receptivity is what feminine energy is about and this is the energy that men crave more than anything.

A woman’s feminine energy is the wind beneath the wings of a man’s masculine energy.

In order to create a connection with a guy, you need to create a connection with yourself first.

Feminine energy is inward and receptive, and reconnecting with your own God-given femininity is the most effective way to connect deeply with your beau or spouse.

An easy way to remember to remain in your feminine energy at all times during your courtship or relationship is to learn this mantra:

Masculine energy is projective; feminine energy is receptive

Masculine energy initiates and acts; feminine energy receives

Another approach would be to always pause briefly and ask yourself: how would Mary act?


Mary, Seat of Wisdom and Model of Femininity, pray for us!


Β  Β 

Β Β 

Β ad Jesum per Mariam



2 thoughts on “Intimacy And Bonding With A Guy

  1. I just found this blog and I love it! Thank you for your articles. This blog is so unique. It is actually the first blog on traditional catholic femininity I know of. Best wishes from South America.

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  2. Great article. You are spot on.

    Please tell ladies: Guys don’t want a female brother. They want a woman. Be their “girl”, not their mother. If you have a challenge or feel like a guy is mad at you, don’t “mother”. Fix what is wrong by dealing with it and not mothering your way out of it by cooking a nice meal/cleaning the house.

    Also, tell the ladies that a guy that has you “close” (as in small interactions, life experiences) is a true bond versus just having sex. Most guys figure out, (even “good” guys), that a woman that just brings physical experiences can be relegated to a “Thursday” instead of a girlfriend/LTR. This is especially true if you don’t bring anything else to his life that he finds beneficial, (support, social ability, traits, or family “knowledge”).

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