How Do I Make Him Like Me?

Y’all need to stop sending me messages, asking:

“I met this guy….blah blah blah.ย  How can I make him notice me/flirt with me/like me/love me…blah blah blah.”

First, breathe…….and then STOP!

TCF is not a pick-up community that dispenses XYZ tricks and techniques to make any one particular guy notice you, like you, fall in love with you, marry you etc.

The moment you find yourself googling, asking me, asking yourself or any other person questions such as the above, you’ve failed and have gone way off track.

You are either

a) A narcissistic manipulative person yourself….because it is only toxic, controlling people that are concerned about manipulating and controlling others,

or you are

b) are already being manipulated and controlled by this guy, but you can’t see it.

Confusion is one of the first signs of manipulative or problematic behaviour, and the minute you find yourself asking questions online or doing internet searches to understand your relationship or the guy in your life, youโ€™ve already been sucked in and need to stop.

You see, this is how toxic, manipulative and problematic people behave.

They act in such strange ways or give out mixed and confusing signals because they want to throw you off balance, make you question yourself and silently groom you into you spinning yourself around in circles and changing your personality to appease them.

Slowly, your entire sense of self is erased by someone who would never ever give you the validation that you need.

You become the donkey, perpetually chasing after the carrot that they keep dangled on the stick.

Sometimes, it could simply be that that man is just not that into you.

Nothing you do or say would ever make anyone like you or fall in love with you if they just donโ€™t want you or you are not his type.

Stop taking it so personally.ย  Not everything is about you.

A man that doesn’t want you may simply not be interested or you may not be his type at all.

When a man wants you, you will know.

Trust me. YOU. WILL. KNOW

If you do not know, then he doesnโ€™t want you.

You cannot control any single person.

This is not what being a TCF woman is about.

You can only control yourself, focus on yourself, improve yourself and by so doing, you will then attract the man who is the perfect fit for you.

This is what TCF is all about.

In fact, the above principle isnโ€™t just applicable to romantic relationships, but to all other relationships, friendships, family and so on.

Your life will truly be so much happier and less stressful if you stop being so darn controlling and manipulative and simply remain in your feminine energy.

Men do not want a manipulative woman, full of wiles and tricks.ย  They want a woman who is naturally feminine and comfortable in that role, not a woman who is acting a role.

“Acting feminine” is incredibly manipulative and will NEVER help you get and/or keep any man.

And if being feminine doesn’t come naturally to you because you’re out of touch with your natural femininity, then work on it and keep working on it until it becomes second nature and comes naturally to you.

THIS and THIS can help get you on the journey.

Feminine energy is not manipulative or controlling.


What would our Lady do?

Would she try to manipulate or flirt with Joseph? No!

Did she run around like a headless chicken, trying to appease Joseph, dress more seductively, or turn into his Momma cooking and cleaning, when he found out she was pregnant? No!

She simply remained calm, receptive and in her feminine energy.ย  She continued to be herself and it was God who changed Joseph’s heart, NOT Mary.

Be more Marian.ย  TCF is about Marian femininity and Biblical womanhood, not about manipulating, seducing or tricking a guy into being with you.ย  Tricks are for kids.

So, unless you want to open yourself up to being used, abused, disrespected and then thrown away, never manipulate any guy into trying to notice you, like you, love you or marry you.

Simply put – throw the whole thing away and start over again – MOVE ON!!

Our Lady, seat of wisdom and model of femininity, pray for us!


ย ad Jesum per Mariam



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