Monarchy Is STILL The Best Form Of Government

Some ignoramus, probably hyped up on misguided Americanism, sent me a message saying:
“Monarchy is a bad form of government because Prince Andrew has proven so.”


I know that the vast majority of Americans are not so childish or simple-minded, so I am sure this guy does not speak for you all.

America has A LOT going for it, so this hypersensitive reactivity to anything monarchy or frankly, non-American, is just so strange.

Nobody is going to rob you of your national identity, so this overcompensating gung-ho peacocking is honestly not necessary.  CALM DOWN.  Don’t let national pride veer into arrogant nationalism.

Now, it is no secret that I absolutely detest any form of nationalism (American, British or otherwise) that sees itself as superior to God’s Kingship or God’s template for human governance.

Patriotism is good, nationalism is also good, but any governance that is unBiblical or lacks basic common sense, (see Mr MUH-RICA above) is abhorrent.

Saying Monarchism is a bad form of governance because of Prince Andrew or a handful of badly behaved Royals, is just as retarded and stupid as saying Catholicism and the Catholic Church is bad due to the priest scandal or badly behaved popes.

It is also as stupid as saying Family and Marriage should be completely abolished because of a few marriages that end in divorce or some families that are rife with abuse and violence.

In addition, it is VERY disrespectful and invalidating to many faithful and honourable spouses, priests, bishops and Royals.

And when it comes to the Royal Family, it is undeniable that the way certain Royals such as the Wessexes, the Cambridges and of course, the Queen herself, conduct themselves and their duties has drawn nothing but respect, admiration and inspiration worldwide.

Every establishment (Church, State, Monarchy, Family, Parliament, etc) will always have some form of corruption within.

The difference is that establishments that are ordained by God ie Family, Monarchy, Church and so on have God’s blessing and grace to endure.

How else do you think these establishments and even the Catholic Church itself have continued to exist centuries later?!

Sheesh! I expected more intelligence and critical thinking from some people!

Sorry cupcake, but monarchy was ordained by God and remains the best form of governance, no matter how much the Devil tries to pervert or destroy it.

Just as the Vatican is in chaos, so too is the British Royal Family, at the moment.

And just as light is being shone on to the darkest crevices of the Vatican, exposing evils, so too I believe is the light being shone on to the British Royal Family, especially the House of Windsor.

Sure, the BRF has lost its way, starting when King Henry VIII left the Church, but that doesn’t mean Monarchy itself is bad or not ordained by God!

I believe that the exposure of these scandals within the Church and the BRF are necessary, and are all part of God’s Plan to purge and purify these establishments.

As St. Thomas Aquinas said in De Regno:
“Monarchy is the best form of government.”

A Monarchial nation that turns its back on God and the Church is a nation that is doomed to fail – just take a look at France.

You cannot dive into traditional Catholicism without diving into history and having a respect, understanding and appreciation for Monarchy.

This is why a lot more people, reluctantly or not, are recognising Monarchy as an ideal government, and those with Monarchies fallen to the wayside are working on restoring them.


In his Summa Theologiae, St. Thomas Aquinas also said:
“Human government is derived from Divine government, and should imitate it.”

Now, of course, it is natural for certain hardline Americans to buck against this idea.

In fact, it is to be expected.  After all, America used to be under the British Empire and the British Monarchy, and patriotic Americans do take their “independence” seriously.

However, just because you don’t like Monarchism doesn’t make it any less ordained by God.

In very much the same way, just because a hard-headed wife baulks at the idea of submission to her husband doesn’t make it any less Biblical.  Submission is a commandment by God.

The idea of America coming under a monarchy may sound very attractive to some, but therein lies the problem – who shall become King or Queen of America?

You must remember, the Monarchy is ordained AND inherited, NOT elected, so Americans who desire a Monarchial system have quite the conundrum there.

Kings are truly BORN to rule ie it is through lineage.

Monarchs are anointed, NOT appointed.

They are crowned in an Abbey, not elected.

They are ordained by the Church and their ordination goes back thousands of years to old European kingdoms, when the Church and the Monarchy were one.

In essence, the Monarchy is a biological, historical and spiritual lineage, which America, a relatively young country simply does not have.



Now, going to the  British Royal Family and Mr MUH-RICA’S comment on Prince Andrew….

I personally believe that England will return to the Catholic Church.

This disruption of the BRF & House of Windsor, starting with the indiscretions of King Henry VIII, and then Edward VIII (you know, Wallis Simpson’s beau), and then Prince Charles and now Prince Andrew could just be the kick up the backside that is needed to wake the Royal Family up to the fact that Monarchy without God at its helm is like a car without an engine and that, in order to survive long term, the BRF together with the House of Windsor need abolish the fake unordained Church, aka the Church of England, and to return back to the Catholic Church.

Despite Britain now being an Anglican Country, the Union Jack is a hidden tribute to three Catholic Saints and includes the St George Cross representing England, the St Andrew Cross representing Scotland and the St Patrick’s Cross representing Ireland.

You can take Great Britain out of Catholicism, but you will NEVER take Catholicism out of Great Britain

England has been “set apart’ for the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The title for England as “Dowry of Mary” is STILL enshrined in English Law and has never been revoked by Crown or Parliament.

Our Lady will reclaim Her Dowry for God once again.

England and the British Royal Family, in order to survive and thrive longterm, MUST purge out the cancers within and return back to the true Church – the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself – the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

One can only hope that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, stumble across this article of mine and set things in motion to make Britain Catholic again and thus preserve its Monarchy and thus the British Royal Family.

For God, Queen and Country!!

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us and for your Dowry, England as well as Britain.




 ad Jesum per Mariam




5 thoughts on “Monarchy Is STILL The Best Form Of Government

  1. Monarchies are the best, but if you can’t get them back ever again…Franco in Spain is the way it has to be done. Franco did more good than any other leader in the 21st Century (outside of Moarchs who were Catholics/Popes like Pius X, XII, XII.).


  2. Hey!
    In this post you take about how patriotism is good, I’m struggling with this since i recently read the U.S.A has a lot of influence from Free Masons (I don’t know if this is 100 percent true). This honestly terrified me. I don’t know how to be patriotic about a country with this past or if I even should! What would your advice be and how should I go about this?


    1. Charming salutation (!)
      Here are some tips on your dilemma:
      1) Never begin a message to someone with that kind of salutation. Hello would’ve been enough.

      2) you are no more responsible for the actions of your country’s founding fathers freemasonry anymore than modern white Americans are responsible for the actions of their slave-owning ancestors.
      As such, there’s nothing wrong in being patriotic as much as there’s nothing wrong with a white person being okay with their race.

      3) while you can’t control the past, you CAN control your actions in the here and now.
      So if your ancestors or founding fathers were engaged in something not very nice, YOU don’t have to engage in them. You can choose not to be a Freemason, a bad person, a slave owner…. etc.
      You get the general idea!
      God bless!


  3. Somewhat on topic; for every “United Statesman” or as many call them, Americans that say off key comments about the monarchy forget that there was a proposal to name George Washington as the King (of America?) when the Articles of Confederation “failed”. Many people forget this.

    Modern democracy/republic styled government wasn’t that common in history. It was believed that someone had to govern people, instead of the somewhat misguided idea that the masses would look after themselves.

    (Please note: Im not a monarchist. Lower case libertarian maybe. )

    Liked by 1 person

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