How Narcissists And Sociopaths Target You Financially

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So I got this email from a TCF reader recently:

“Oh my goodness your most recent FB post that stated, โ€œHuge red flag is within a few dates they have inappropriate inquiries into your finances…Or wanting to know your exact job title/position, or details of your property… “

I think she is referring to THIS ONE

“…….this is exactly what a man asked me after one month and one half.

I thought it was very bizarre.

He even asked how many people work with me and if I own the business I work for and if I pay rent for my home .

About two months in I broke off our friendship because he wanted to move to quickly into courtship and was quite uptight (RED FLAG!)ย  because I wanted to slow things down.

In the end he said I broke it off because he didn’t have a fancy car…etc & made it sound like I was being materialistic….so crazy. (RED FLAG)

Thank you for your postings-they are so confirming and enlightening, especially when trying to sift through men’s intentions when they claim to be Traditional Catholics.”


WOW!!! What a terrifying experience this poor lady went through!


Here is the response I sent her:

“Well done to you for spotting this in the man you were dating.

You said you thought it was bizarre – THAT feeling you had was your internal warning system.

In essence, red flags are not necessarily SEEN, but they are felt.

The other person will say or do something that will make you feel “hmm. that’s odd/strange/bizarre etc”

pay attentionย to those gut feelings – they are there to protect you.

I’m glad you were smart enough to break things off.ย ย 

And him spinning it around on you by saying that is was you being the materialistic one is CLASSIC gaslighting (he wants brainwash & gaslight you into doubting your own instincts) and also PROJECTION – he is accusing of being materialistic becauseย he is the one being materialistic.

He sounds dangerous – I would keep my distance and block him everywhere, if I were you.

Thank you for sharingย and God bless!”


Ladies, we MUST be wary and discerning of sociopathic people like this.

I believe this man has progressed past narcissism into sociopathy as sociopaths are VERY exploitative.

Men who are dangerous and toxic but call themselves traditional catholic are what we refer to as Covert Narcissists or Sociopaths.
They hide behind the facade of religion to use, abuse, and exploit people and unless you know what you are looking for, you will not see their true intentions until it is too late.

These types, in my opinion, are VERY dangerous.

They are the snake in the grass that we do not see coming, as opposed to the snake in the road that everyone can see coming.

They often end up murdering their spouses for their money or to hide a marital affair (all narcissists lie and cheat, remember) in order for them to maintain the facade of virtue in the community.

Think Chris Watts, the so-called decent Christian man, who had multiple affairs, including one with a homosexual, and instead of filing for divorce (that would’ve been TOO shameful for me in the christian community), he instead chose to murder his wife, their two children and their unborn child.

When we say narcissists and sociopaths do not see people as real human beings, but as objects, this is what we mean.

In their eyes, people are to exploit, drained, used and then thrown away when they feel like.

That is honestly a demonic way to view and treat living breathing human beings, especially those you have an intimate relationship with.

But narcissists and sociopaths do not bond to people and that is why it is so easy for them to use, abuse, exploit, discard and even kill others

Evil people often target good people, especially Christians, in order to strip-mine us of not just our material goods, but also our virtues, our sanity, our health and even our lives.

This type of human evil is nothing new. The Bible warns us that the enemy only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

The Bible also warns us about wolves-in-sheep clothing and advises us to be discerning.

If someone claims to be a Catholic or a traditional Catholic, don’t just take their word for it.ย 

Watch and see if their actions match their words – and if they don’t, RUN!!

This is applicable not just in dating scenarios, but also friendships and business relationships.

There is no low a sociopath or narcissist will not stoop to in order to strip-mine you of anything and everything you have in your life.

Don’t befriend them, don’t date them don’t marry them, definitely don’t have children with them, don’t let them have any access to your family, friends or inner social circle, don’t share any of your information with them, don’t loan them money or borrow money from them, don’t ask or receive any favours from them, and definitely don’t have a business or any form of financial dealings with them.


Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!




ย ad Jesum per Mariam



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