4 Ways to Support Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families

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Are you interested in doing more to support active service members, veterans, and military families in need?

Maybe you recently had a friend enlist, and youโ€™d like to go the extra mile to help others in the military. Perhaps you grew up in a military family, and now, you want to give back to the people who serve our country. Or perhaps youโ€™ve grown more aware of problems that veterans face in your community, and youโ€™re hoping to become part of the solution.

GetWellderly.Com in collaboration with Traditional Catholic Femininity shares how you can help people in the military and their families.


Lend a Hand to Active Service Membersย 

Life in the military can be tough and lonely, especially for those who are stationed at overseas locations far away from their families. If you know people who are currently serving in the military, you can send them letters and care packages. Receiving something special in the mail is guaranteed to brighten anyoneโ€™s day!

Even if you do not have any friends or relatives in the military, you can still send care packages and letters to active service members. If you would like to send a care package to a soldier you donโ€™t know, The Military Wife and Mom recommends using a service that will provide you with the names and addresses of service members who have requested care packages. And if youโ€™d prefer to write a letter, itโ€™s best to keep your tone positive, give your encouragement, and share your appreciation.


Supporting Veterans

There are probably veterans who could use your help right in your community. Luckily, there are plenty of things you do to make their lives easier. You could volunteer at a local Veterans Affairs facility or run errands and take care of home maintenance for veterans with disabilities. If you run a business, you could even make a targeted effort to recruit and retain veterans for open positions.

And if youโ€™d like to donate to a charity for veterans, make sure you do your research first. MoneyCrashers recommends ensuring that the charity is transparent, engages in efficient fundraising, and uses funds effectively.


Help Veterans With Home Buying

ย Do you have a loved one who wants to buy a home after completing their military service? Let them know about helpful programs that make it easier for veterans to purchase the right home! For instance, your loved one might be eligible for a VA loan. This program enables veteran homebuyers to purchase property without a down payment. Furthermore, they will not be required to buy mortgage insurance. With a VA loan, your loved one can buy their dream home at an affordable rate.


Reach Out to Military Families

Many military families could also use more help than they typically receive. People who are separated from their spouses for months on end may feel isolated, and raising a child with one parent overseas is certainly not easy. Offer your help to people with deployed spouses – from babysitting to assisting with yard work, your offers will be appreciated. Business owners can publicize discounts for military families as a way of saying โ€œThank you!โ€


Service members, veterans, and military families often face unique problems that many people are not aware of. Every day, they make sacrifices for the greater good, but they often lack the support they really need.

By following these tips, you can make a difference for veterans, members of the military, and their families.

Thank you to GetWellderly.Com for sharing!

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.


ย ad Jesum per Mariam




2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Support Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families

  1. Thank you for encouraging support of veterans.
    I happen to be a female veteran, I served in the Navy on a Marine base. Young women are not prepared for the amount of male attention they get, usually they will hook up with a male quickly, then get talked about. Infidelity is encouraged, especially on deployment. Many high ranking officers will use sex workers. Adultery is common and broken marriages are result. Abortions are common and birth control pushed. Tge marine base in SC has many communist marines and gay marines. Freemasonry has saturated every branch.. Every kind of perversity is tolerated. I love my country and served during the years that I should have been having children. Instead I was getting anthrax vaccines and being exposed to radiation from aircraft. Pray for the purity of our military.

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