Narcissism Within Society And Families

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Narcissistic people are very dangerous and leave a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake.

I liken them to a swarm of locusts.

The swarm targets a field of crops, decimates and ravages it, and then simply moves on to the next field to repeat the same behaviour.

This is what narcissists are – they ruin lives, destroy people and simply move on to the next target to repeat the cycle all over again.

Having a science background myself, here is a science analogy re narcissistic people.

โ I liken them to cancerous tumours.

A tumour is simply a rogue out-of-control cell.

Most cells simply do their job, contributing to the wellness of the organism.

The eye cell doesn’t suddenly decide to start growing in the stomach, for example, and when it does, a cell like this is viewed as deviant, malignant, and aberration of nature.

All the cells in the human body or organism work together in harmony with other cells, ensuring the overall wellbeing of the organism or human.

This is how normal people function and operate within society.

But here comes a rogue cell (the narcissist) – they are out of control and their maladaptive behaviours cause destruction.
But they don’t care – they simply proliferate and proliferate, destroying other cells in their wake and ultimately destroying the organism.

โ This is precisely how narcissistic people function in society, families, relationships, the workplace and so on.

Their maladaptive behaviours ultimately lead to the destruction of the family unit, workplace unit or relationship.


โ How do you treat cancerous cells?

Early intervention and treatment can halt the tumour’s progression.

For example, early intervention in cervical cancer involves removal of pre-cancerous cells that show up during a cervical smear test.

Side Note:ย  get your regular smear test, ladies!!

Likewise, early intervention in the lives of children who display oppositional behaviour can halt their full progression into malignant narcissism.

But this needs to be done BEFORE puberty as when they reach puberty, the personality has begun to ossify and solidify, and they can’t be changed or fixed from that point onwards.

However, early intervention doesn’t fix everything.

You can have early intervention treatment in cervical pre-cancerous cells and yet still go on to develop full cervical cancer later.

Likewise, early intervention doesn’t fix all people on the path to narcissism – some children are simply born utterly rotten and evil – this is an uncomfortable fact to acknowledge.


So what do we do with an already established mass of cancerous tumours?

We impose consequences upon its proliferation.

We treat it, burn it (radiotherapy), excise it (surgery) and cut it out, and essentially stop it from growing further.

Likewise, narcissists need to have boundaries and consequences imposed on them for their behaviour.

Firm boundaries prevent them from increasing their abusive behaviour and consequences such as cutting them out and excising them (ie no contact and cutting them out of our lives) , removing abusive priests from their positions etc …….can all work to reduce or eliminate their destructive influence on us.

Now, it will not stop them from being abusive and destructive, as that is within their maladaptive nature, but at least it will stop them from causing FURTHER HARM to you, the family or the workplace.

Yes, I consider narcissists as destructive, maladaptive cancerous tumours, a blight upon humanity and society, and they should be treated accordingly in order for us to survive, both as individuals and as a society overall.

There is no treatment for pathological narcissism and there is no cure.

You will never be able to fix them. They have CHOSEN to be the way that they are.

They know the difference between right and wrong, but they don’t care because they justify their abusive and destructive behaviours.

All you can do to protect yourself is remove them from your life.


Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!







ย ad Jesum per Mariam



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