Why Narcissists Are Demonic

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When people say that narcissists & other cluster Bs (ie sociopaths & psychopaths) are demonic, they are not far off.

There are just too many parallels between the way that they and demons operate for it to be a coincidence.

Now, before anyone saysย “What does this have to to with Traditional Catholicism? Wah, wah wah”….It actually has EVERYTHING to do with traditional Catholicism.

I literally had a guy, who is linked to a traditionalย  Catholic & Latin Mass apostolate here, get rather angry on my posts about narcissism and he told me to remove the word “Traditional” from Traditional Catholic Femininity.

I was rather shocked because I used to respect him, but then I realised that covert narcissists and wolves-in-sheep clothing are not just fruits of Vatican 2, but they also infiltrate the traditional community.

This is why I say and always say again: no matter what label a person calls themselves, please, be discerning and observe their fruits.

One of the greatest tricks of the devil is having us convinced that he or diabolical people does not exist.

This keeps us complacent, makes us less likely to be discerning, and opens us to predators who not only ruin our lives, but also make us lose our state of grace and consequently our souls.

The head-in-the-sand mentality regarding demonic activity and diabolical influence is something that I might expect to see among liberal Catholics and V2, but certainly wasn’t expecting that from a “traditional Catholic.”

Perhaps the guy was simply upset my brand of traditional Catholic femininity encourages women to be discerning, picky and careful so that they don’t end up with abusive predatory men who warp traditional gender roles as an excuse to subjugate and abuse women.

Don’t forget that narcissists are drawn to groups where they can have power over people and this is why it should come as no surprise that you will find them within traditional communities.

A lot of men hide their hatred for women as a “I just don’t like modern feminist women, so Imma get me a trad woman.” which really means “I want a woman that I can easily dominate and control, and if she objects to my abuse, I will simply shame her using religion and tell her she is not traditional, feminine or Christian enough.”

A feminist woman will probably fight fire with fire, so it makes sense to get a woman who is already “conditioned” to be docile, right?

Don’t forget that these men hunt the trad community for a wife or girlfriend, not necessarily because they value women, but because they want a physical and emotional punching bag, and some of even said that they see us trad girls as “Traditional Catholic Pushovers”.

How nice(!)

You simply cannot claim to be a traditional Catholic without being conversant of and alert to the demonic influences around us.

Do you seriously think that the chaos we see in the Church and in the world around us is normal??!


It seems a lot of so-called traditional Catholic focus more on the externals of traditional Catholicism ie the beautiful vestments, mantilla veils, submissive demure women etc and ignore the very real spiritual warfare around us.

These “Catholics” are just as useful as a pretty car with no engine – which is to say, not at all.

And this explains why so many people have been swept up by so-called trads who do not display the fruits.

Trying to embrace the traditional, Biblical Catholic life with no knowledge of the serious stuff is like giving a race car to someone who doesn’t know how to drive or allowing someone with no knowledge of chemistry to perform chemistry experiments.

It is ineffective, dangerous and in fact, irresponsible.

And now you understand why I focus not just on the pretty externals of being a traditional Catholic, but also the serious stuff.

Covert narcissist, narcissists are evil, narcissists have no soul, can a narcissist be saved, narcissistic sociopath, narcissistic abuse, catholic narcissism, catholic narcissistic, narcissism definition catholic, catholic annulment narcissist, catholic view on narcissism, catholic teaching on narcissism, catholic help for narcissism, god and narcissism, demonic spirit of narcissism, diabolical narcissism, demonic spirit of narcissism, fr ripperger, fr ripperger spiritual protection,

I get so many emails and messages from my readers and some leave me completely gobsmacked!

In the last few days, someone mentioned an engaged couple, soon to be married in the TLM, where the man tells the woman to give him her paycheck and he then decides for both of them how the money is to be spent.ย  And the woman, thinking this is what a traditional relationship is like, goes along with it.

No.ย  This is not a traditional relationship.ย  This is financial abuse!!
And if he is this abusive now, he will get much worse after marriage. If she is smart, she would stop giving him her money, end the engagement and run!!

A trad man would NEVER take money from his girl.ย  In fact, it is normally the other way around – he supports her financially…….BEFORE they even get married!

Before I got married, my husband would pay for my weekly travel costs (at the time, I did not have a car), pay for my groceries and as we got closer to the wedding date, he’d help me out with my rent.

I never asked him for any of this.

He did all this without my prompting.

After marriage, he continues to provide for me and our family.

Now he doesn’t pay for my travel costs anymore. Instead, he bought me my own car and he then pays for all the running costs.

As you can see, he was already demonstrating a willingness to be a provider BEFORE we got married and that just intensified afterwards.

Similarly, if a guy is abusive, parasitical, disrespectful or neglectful during courtship, he will only become much more of that after marriage.

Marriage AMPLIFIES a person’s character.

The poor girl above is already being groomed by a narcissistic entitled person and I dread to think what would happen if she marries him.

You need to have a solid understanding of what being traditional & Biblical entails, otherwise, predators and other diabolical people will twist and use your own virtues against you…..just like the devil did.

This is why I say Narcissists are demonic.

The Bible has good reason when it said:ย Be not deceived.ย  Bad company corrupts good morals.”

You cannot change a toxic person; instead, they change you and not for the better.

It is so important to distance yourself from toxic or narcissistic people.

The devil was the original narcissist and like all narcissists, he is driven by hatred and pathological envy.

“The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy”

Narcissists are diabolical tools of the devil and this is another reason why they are considered demonic.

Killing, destroying and stealing is what gives them feelings of power, entitlement and superiority over you – these are all narcissistic traits.

Of course, not all narcissists are serial killers, but all serial killers ARE narcissistic.

There’s nothing more narcissistic than a feeling of entitlement to take the life of another person.

There was a piece I came across about the Virgo Potens video “Demons and Serial Killers” which shows an interesting correlation between demons, serial killers, and narcissistic people.

Most narcissists are too devious and covert to actually kill multiple people because they are cognisant enough to know that they’ll get caught.

But make no mistake, all narcissists kill – in one form of the other.

Narcissists will kill your peace, kill your joy, kill your state of grace, poison and kill your friendships and relationships, kill your will to live, destroy or kill your finances and kill your ambition.

They will even destroy and kill your health through the diseases (PTSD, fibro, cancer, heart disease etc) that you will develop due to the raised cortisol levels and stress from having to interact with them.

As a result, your lifespan gets drastically reduced.

Narcissists will also kill your mental and psychological health, leaving you with anxiety, depression and other disorders, and a lot of them do harbour a sadistic desire to push you to kill yourself.

The idea of someone dying for them, because of them or as a result of their behaviour gives them unsurpassed feelings of superiority, power and control.

In short, the ultimate goal of narcissists is to kill you somehow and if they cannot do so directly, then they will do so indirectly, via disease, a shortened lifespan and pushing you to commit suicide.

Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger mentioned in a lecture on exorcism that if we wanted to understand the psychology of demons then we ought to study the psychology of abusive relationships because demons establish abusive relationships with their prey.

Father explained that demons first begin a relationship with a victim by acting nice and then as time goes on and after they have a person under their thumb then the demon often hits the switch and shows its true evil nature by acting cruelly. ARTICLE

As you can see, it is really important to have strong discernment, arm ourselves properly, learn to recognise the traits of narcissistic people, and distance ourselves from these people quickly.

If you give them an inch, they will take a mile and before you know it, they have you trapped in their snare.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!




ย ad Jesum per Mariam



7 thoughts on “Why Narcissists Are Demonic

  1. This is happening to me. I’m a 59 year old widow, no family. He’s been a big part of my life but he has become so verbally and psychologically abusive. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with IBS. I’m struggling so much. I believe he is making me sick. Pray for me to be strong and end it. Pray for me that God would send a holy man into my life for me. Thank you. And I appreciate this article so much.


    1. praying for you, dear
      and you are right – abuse does have an impact on negative, creating illnesses, even cancer and leading to untimely or early death.


    2. I am 58 (59 next month) and I left my partner 3 months ago and am now living with my sister. I was with him for nearly nine years and I realised he was a narcissist fairly early on in our relationship. I stayed with him because I now know that I was trauma bonded to him. I have had cancer three times in the nearly nine years I have been with him and a couple of months ago, my Oncologist told me I am terminal. I am convinced that being with him caused me to have cancer and thus has shortened my life. I NEVER got ill prior to meeting him. My Love for Jesus Christ was something that ALWAYS enraged him and I will never forget the time that he physically assaulted me because I refused to renounce Jesus. When I look back at our time together, I can see that the signs were always there that he was evil, but I suppose I was addicted to him……..I honestly don’t know what this hold was that he had over me, but I DO believe that Narcissists are demon possessed. I will pray for you………I have just a few months to live, and when I told him by email that I am dying, he had no sympathy at all. I have decided to forgive him, just as our Lord forgave those who wronged him and persecuted him, but if anyone believes they are with a Narcissist, I pray that they run as fast as they can to get away from these dangerous people.


      1. You were very lucky to escape with your life and your health. Sadly, being with a narcissist often results in the victim having several illnesses, including cancer. Wishing you good health and a speedy recovery from the relationship


  2. Don’t forget the narc who threatens their own suicide to pile guilt on you. I’m talking about having adult narc children in your family.


  3. I was the person that wrote about the girl. She married him Paige. I felt like something is not ok with this relation but I was affraid to talk to her about it as she is very traddy and I knew that other women with whom she run a fb group for trad ladies did a big smear campain on Facebook regarding some ladies who disagreed with them about some catholic issues. I was affraid to be labelled feminist and have my name slandered all over the internet. I was before in that position (labelled a feminist and bullied) and I dont want to go through that hell again. Some people claim you are feminist if you say that it is ok for women to exercise self care… These ladies even said that having driving licence isnt feminine…

    There is also one priest around that is a trad and he commonly has got sermons when he is for example: labelling women as hens and men as eagles and saying that hens hold back the eagle who is not able because of them to realised his full potential, also he told women who suffer because of the bad decision of their husbands to “quit whinning” while he claims that “being a husband is really tough role as women is beautiful just at the begining and then it goes worse and worse”, he also said asked the rhetoeic question “while are women (from my Country) labelled as easy?” at the same time claimming that men form my Country always have been known for their respect for women.

    Well, I dont know what should I think about it. I feel worse and worse about myself while listening to his sermons. I feel like he wants to shame women and at the same time exalt men which to me is ridiculous. Men and women arent meant to be eniemies. Yet, I sometimes feel like I am just bad person, enemy and intrinsically evil. I feel like a criminal.

    These guys claim that it is ok to criticise women as it motivates women to be better and strive and it is not ok to criticise men as it puts them down. They say that men thrive on praise and they think that they are just entitled to respect and we must give it if we want to have men in the Church. But Paige why should I respect effeminate? Why should I praise and admire a men just because he is biological male? I can admire virtous men for his dedication and his work but not just because he is male. I feel like these is abuse and gaslighting, they basically say that it is not ok to criticise men at all! While it is perfectly fine and even desirable to beat on women as they are more vulnerable and dependant! Isnt it the same what snake did to Eve in the garden? Yet it is preached by traditional catholics!


    1. Wow, that priest sounds like a radical trad militant priest who gives missions… I heard his voice in all you were saying, it scars me to this day. His name rhymes with “Bell-yay.” Many ladies sadly run from TLM communities or other Biblical communities for this very toxicity that runs deep. I am so grateful to have found Paige’s page!! She really brings sanity and sound holiness to living and loving tradition!


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