Proof That Jesus Was Born In December

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I am getting really fed up and miffed at how the secular world is literally trying to erase Christmas and Christ.

One of their favourite things to do around this time of year is to gaslight us that Christmas is a pagan festival (WRONG) or that Jesus was born in Springtime, not December (ALSO, WRONG!)

Just because Christmas occurs around a pagan festival does not mean it is pagan. I truly believe that God allowed Jesus to be born around the pagan Yuletide festival as a message that Jesus, the true Light of the world, is here to overcome, overthrow and replace the darkness of the pagan world.

I made this video highlighting how all the major Christmas symbols are actually Catholic in origin.

As we approach Christmas, a lot of anti-Christian sentiment is thrown our way, including the nonsense that Jesus was born sometime in Spring, not December.

So, here is how you educate these gaslighting or ignorant liberals.

Remind them that Elizabeth conceived John the Baptist around the Jewish festival ofย  Yom Kippur, which is set sometime in late September to early October.
And when Mary, newly pregnant with Jesus, went to visit Elizabeth, Elizabeth was about 6 months pregnant.

Calculating the BASIC maths, Elizabethโ€™s 6-month-pregnancy mark and thus Jesusโ€™ conception mark is in late March, which is 9 months from December.

Jesus was conceived (NOT BORN) in the Spring before Christmas.
I can see why it is easy for these liberals to get confused, which is why education is vital.
The birth of Jesus still occurred in December, not Spring, because Mary had a normal pregnancy.
Jesus could not have been both conceived and born within the same month.

The Jews also believed that the beginning of the world was on Nissan 14th on the Jewish calendar.
As Jesus was the beginning of the new world, early Christians, therefore, believed his conception (and thus the feast of the Annunciation) to be on Nissan 14th, which roughly translates to March 25th…..exactly 9 months from Christmas Day!

The Roman Christian historian Sextus Julius Africanus dated Jesus’ conception to March 25 (the same date upon which he held that the world was created), which, after nine months in his mother’s womb, would result in a December 25 birth.

And THAT, me dears, is why Christmas, the birth of Jesus, Christ’s Mass is celebrated on Christmas Day – 25th of December.

Our Lady, The Most Holy Theotokos, The God-bearer, pray for us.ย 



ย ad Jesum per Mariam



3 thoughts on “Proof That Jesus Was Born In December

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Iโ€™ve been really disheartened by everyoneโ€™s attempt to erase Jesus Christ from this day. The smear campaign of the secular world will not succeed!

    Have a blessed & merry Christmas

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  2. Hallo Paige, march 25 is also the date Abraham received the ram to sacrifice in place of Isaac. And Jesus is the lamb. Also the feast of sol invictus is of A later date than Christmas, the pagan romans did this to oppose it! A very blessed Christmas for you and your family! Greetings, Aimee (the Netherlands)

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