The Disgusting Effeminacy of Modern Men Today

Modern men today have become so effeminate that it is stomach-churningly disgusting and misogyny, a deep brooding hatred for women, fuelled by an intense jealousy of our womanhood and femininity, is at the core of it all.

These men absolutely hate women – like, they truly hate us to the core. We do not just see the dramatic rise in Drag Queens (the female equivalent pales in number, in comparison) we also see more trans men who change their gender to become women.
They hate women so much that they want to become women – to compete with women at being a woman and to be a better ‘woman’ than women themselves.ย  Isn’t that just crazy??!
And you clearly see this in the vitriolic manner that you see these trans people will attack women at public protests.

I see it as a demonic manifestation – these men are under Satanic influence.ย  Satan is the chief hater of women and womanhood purely because we are co-creators with God; it is we who decide whose bloodlines we bring into the world and thus affect the future of society.ย  This is why Satan attacks women and seeks to destroy our femininity and womanhood; he hates us because he fears us and he is envious of the co-creative power that God has given us.
He did it with Eve and sadly she fell prey to his deception.

This is also why the devil fears Our Lady immensely. She is the woman that came to destroy the serpent’s head – the same serpent that caused all women, via Eve, to fall – and she does so purely through her virtue, femininity, and womanhood.
As Fr Ripperger and other top exorcists have mentioned, the demons tremble at every Hail Mary, and during exorcisms, when Our Lady enters the scenario, without her even saying a word, the demons start to freak out, screaming “No!! Not her!! Not her!’

And today, the devil is still hard at work, trying to destroy women through trans ideology, through misogyny, through men who abuse women and even in the dating sphere.

Transgender men far outnumber transgender women.
Drag Queens far outnumber Drag Kings.
Science is now trying to develop womb transplants so that men can bear babies….isn’t it interesting that there isn’t an equivalent push for women to produce sperm??
It is all about trying to turn men into women…..why?
Because of the demonic spirit at work.

A lot of men today are effeminate and want to be women because they are jealous of women, and when they cannot easily become women, they seethe with hatred and then try to destroy us.

If these effeminate modern men are unable or unwilling to change their gender to become women, they very often channel their jealousy and hatred toward the women that they date.
And here is how it often manifests.

These men want to be courted, pursued and wooed like a woman; they want to be taken on dates, like a woman; they want to be a Stay-At-Home dad…..even though they do not have the anatomical accruements to breastfeed, which is the main reason for mothers being at home with their babies in the first place; they want the woman to be the breadwinner while they either do nothing or they get themselves deliberately under-employed; they want to FORCE women into unnatural masculine roles (eg pursuing, wooing, chasing, proposing etc) because in addition to humiliating the woman into subjugating her own feminine nature, it makes the woman the masculine energy in the relationship.

It is truly sickening.

Men with this mindset are also usually abusive to women and this is why you should run far away from men like this.ย  Nothing you do or say will change their perception of you.ย  Even if you do everything a man should do, you pursue him, you take him on dates, you propose to him, and you are the main breadwinner, he would still hate you for it because now he feels emasculated.ย  And he would cheat on you with a woman who lets him be a man.

You simply cannot win with these men and all you can do is walk away.

Someone made a comment HERE saying “…..most modern men feel that if a woman is receptive and non-initiative, she is playing games and wants to be chasedย ๐Ÿคฏ Iโ€™ve had a man, who appeared conservative/traditional, express this.”

Men who say nonsense like this should never be given time of day.ย  Of course, women want to be chased – that IS the natural order.ย  The men who like to shame and manipulate women for having these natural desires are men who hate women.ย  They hate the fact that they have to put in an effort to woo a woman and yet if you make things easy for them, they will hate you and call you a whore, or say you are emasculating them.
And it is truly disgusting to see so-called trad men who buy into this nonsense.ย  This man is not a real trad, he is a FRAUDย  who is clearly punching above his weight by trying to date a trad woman and getting all uppity cos she actually has trad values.
Think about it.ย  He claims to be a trad conservative man, he wants a trad conservative woman, but does not want to court her in a trad, conservative manner.ย  Is this man high on crack??!

Well done to the woman for walking away, like an authentically trad conservative woman would.

Beware of Faux Trad men and these types of men who prey on trad, conservative Catholic women.ย 

If a man does not want to pursue or initiate things with a woman, it is best she leaves him alone.ย  There are many men who will gladly pursue and initiate things with a woman.
In fact, from what I have seen and what many men have written to me, men feel relieved and less under pressure when the woman is simply receptive and allows him to lead and initiate things.

The only way to correct and fix the growing effeminacy in modern men today is by letting them be bred out of the population.
We do not date them, we do not marry them and we certainly do not have babies with them.
Let their effeminate genetic material die with them!
Once these men realise that women no longer want to deal with them and their effeminate mindset, they will start to shape or will die alone!

If a man expresses a wish to be a Stay At Home dad or speaks enthusiastically about someone else who is a Stay At Home Dad, you walk away and never look back.

If he is not initiating things in the beginning ie phone calls, messages, dates, you walk away and never look back.ย  Men like these know what they are doing – they drop a hankie by expressing interest (and dropping a hankie is a feminine trait, by the way) and then pull back, expecting you to now do all the work.ย  Meanwhile, he is off pursuing other women, knowing that you will always be chasing after him.
A man who is truly interested in you and actively pursuing you or initiating things, will not have the time or energy to be pursuing other women.ย  So when we start initiating things with a man or pursuing him, we are basically giving him spare time to go off and invest the energy that should be spent on pursuing you in pursuing other women.

If he expects you to pay for dates, you walk away and never look back.

If he is under-employed, why are you even dating him in the first place?? You walk away and never look back

Now some men are a little bit clever.ย  They will pursue you eagerly, to begin with, and then when they see you are getting attached to them, they start to withdraw, get cold, and be distant, leaving you hurt and confused. It is yet another manipulative tactic to get you to start chasing after them and pursuing them. Do not ever do this!
Realise that the man did a bait and switch on you, sold you a bill of goods, and you walk away and never look back.
It does not matter if he has been dating you for months, a man is supposed to keep wooing and pursuing you until he has won you ie made you his wife.

If a man courting me suddenly cooled off, instead of thinking “Oh no.ย  I need to pursue and chase him”, I will realise that he is either playing games and therefore does not truly love me or he has no interest in making me his wife, and I would walk away and never look back.ย  Why on earth would I continue to date a man who is playing me as a game.

Additionally, men who display these effeminate behaviours like I mentioned above, amongst many others, tend to closet homosexuals.
Regardless of how masculine they may appear, dress, or the masculine jobs/hobbies they engage in, any display of the effeminate behaviours I mentioned is usually a sign that they are GAY!!
They just want to ensnare a woman to take care of them or to maintain an illusion of being an upstanding heterosexual trad Catholic man.
This is why it is so important to be feminine and receptive – by sitting back and letting him lead, you will be able to quickly spot any red flags of abuse, control, manipulation, or effeminacy.

Remember, if we want provider men who will protect us, be loyal to us, commit to us and marry us, the ability to take initiative, pursue and lead CONSISTENTLY is what we are looking for in a man.ย  Inconsistency points to either a manipulator, a predator, an abuser or someone who is unstable in affections and is an early warning sign that this is not someone who will ever be steadfast and faithful to you.

Cut your losses and leave; you will find a non-effeminate man out there


2 thoughts on “The Disgusting Effeminacy of Modern Men Today

  1. I might be nitpicking (because I do agree with you) but I think you got your terminology wrong. A Trans woman is a woman that was born a man. A Trans man is a man that was born a woman. In reality it’s Trans women that outshadow Trans men, not the other way around.


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