When Liberals Attack Traditional SAHMs

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There is a toxic thread going around of so-called Catholic women, denouncing those who choose to be SAHMs.

I did not even join in theย thread or address the commenters. Arguments, conflicts, antagonism and forcing my views on others is not my style at all.ย  All I do is inform, not convince.

Do not let these uneducated immature bullies shame you out of your God-given role.

You have the right to be at home with your young children and your children need it.

Some of the stupid and ridiculous arguments that the bullies make for their claims include:

* All SAHMs must be uneducated and illiterate: um, no. I refer you to THIS ARTICLE.

* If you are a SAHM, you do not work: lol!! We live in a modern society where there is simply no excuse not to be a SAHM. A vast majority of jobs can be done from home. I work from home and I am still able to also be a homemaker and be there for my family.

* The never-ending references to St Gianna Molla or even Joan of Arc: Oh really??ย  First of all, those women had a special vocation.ย  You cannot compare yourself to them.ย  In the same way, not all Catholic men become priests;ย  not all priests become beautified.ย  It is beyond arrogant to compare yourself to these saints.ย  God has a general vocation for men and for women, and unless you actually have a very special calling on you, you must live out your vocation the way God intended.

I mean, our Blessed Mother is supposed to be our perfect role model for femininity, womanhood and motherhood, but according to these ‘Catholics’ who will twist anything to justify their agenda, St Gianna or Joan of Arc surpasses the Mother of God.

* OBGYNs are not SAHMs and therefore SAHMs are hypocrites because they need the services of these women to deliver their babies:
First of all, not all OBGYNs are trads or Catholics. Unlike these hypocritical bullies, we trad women do not care about policing how others choose to live their lives. We want to be SAHMs, so why are we being attacked for our choices by these so-called Catholics?
Ruin your own marriage and children’s future if you wish; we just want to be able to make choices that are beneficial for our marriages and families without being attacked.

Also, an OBGYN may not necessarily be a married woman, or a woman with young children. She could even be a mother whose children are above school age.

Didnโ€™t I tell you that these toxic so-called ‘Catholics’ are completely immature and uneducated??

They obviously did not think their ridiculous arguments through.

If the OBGYN has young children, she should be at home with her kids. Period!

In fact, several European countries allow mothers to be at home with their children up till 5 years old because they know the importance of the healthy psychological development of the child in the early years.

* One commenter even made a comparison with women from ancient times, how they worked hard on fields, despite having children etc.

Sure, they didโ€ฆ..with their babies right by their side.

Hardly different to working from home today with your baby by your side.

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In summary:

Psychology attests to the benefits of being a SAHM, both for the kids and their momma.

Sociology, theology and Biblical doctrine support these too.

Do not allow a few uneducated faux Catholics tell you otherwise.

They will not have to live with the choices you make; your children would.

You are not dumb, stupid, backwards or lazy for choosing to be a SAHM mom.

You are smart, educated, progressive, hardworking (being a SAHM is NOT an easy walk in the park!) and intelligent because you understand something that these faux Catholic, liberal bullies will NEVER understand: a happy, functional and successful society is born from happy, functional children, brought up in happy homes, families and marriages.

Your primary vocation as a wife and mother is to your marriage and children.

And I call them faux ‘Catholics’ because anybody that tells you to prioritise money and career over your children is NOT of God and definitely NOT Catholic.

God bless!

St Zelie Martin, mother of St Therese of Lisieux, pray for us!

St Gerard Majella, pray for us!

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and Mother of Our Lord, pray for us!



Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood

A Catholic Mother’s Companion To Pregnancy



ย ad Jesum per Mariam



7 thoughts on “When Liberals Attack Traditional SAHMs

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Please women stop idolising your career. I am on my early 30s, devoted my life to academical and career accomplishments, currently in a successful high-income position; and by the grace of God asking myself what on earth I was thinking! All I want is to be a wife and mother and a SAHM, and now the probability to find a suitable godly spouse and be a mother is declining sharply.


  2. I really don’t understand how you SAHM’s ensure your financial security if you are unemployed and don’t have any savings, inheritance etc.
    Do you have loans (and plans to pay them after going back to work) or do your parents or husband pay your health insurance and give you a monthly allowance?
    My own mom was SAHM too (a very unhappy one) but we lived in a country with very generous tax-funded social benefits so she wasn’t completely broke. But she was still poor so she had to ask my father for money (he worked outside the home even when we were babies). That makes me very sad.


  3. I don’t understand putting stay at home parents down. I wouldn’t do it, but then I’m not having kids anyway so it doesn’t matter, but the person in my live I admire most, my sister, has been a stay at home mother, home educator and homemaker for 21 years. She and her husband have managed to raise 13 (I don’t know how they did it!) kids and most of them are functional adults now, two of them are married themselves, three are engaged and one is working on becoming a priest. I’m pretty sure that’s a big success! And certainly not something to be attacked. I couldn’t do what she and other stay at homes do.

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  4. Agreed! I’ve been a SAHM for 15 years, and have never regretted it! I feel blessed to be sharing in the very same vocation as our Blessed Mother! Wow! What a privilege!
    Thanks for this great post. ( Oh, and by the way, not all OBGYN’s are female! )

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  5. Amen. Seriously… the vile nastiness of “Catholic” women these days are mind boggling… you could almost say they were working more for the devil than God.
    One in particular is how they attack women who dress modestly.. for their modesty! Hmmm…

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  6. Awesome! I`m a SAHM, 7 years now and even my own Mum puts me down to others as in *Oh she just stays home with the kids* in a low whisper. They`re probably just jealous we can pull it off and have good mannered, well adjusted, intelligent kids. I wouldn`t trade a career rn for this. I will return to the workforce when they`re ready. Great article. ๐Ÿ™‚

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