Traditional Catholic Femininity Is Just Not For You If….

Upholding Godly femininity, Biblical values and Traditional Catholicism is no easy feat in a world where we are constantly beset with an unrelenting tirade of hatred, not just from non-Catholics, but even from other Catholics are not โ€œRad Tradsโ€ as they like to label us.

To embrace Traditional Catholic Femininity is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Yes, embracing and sticking to Biblical womanhood and traditional femininity comes with a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Quickly weeding out the following type of men:
    • passive men, who expect the woman to do all the work in relationships,
    • men who are desperate and will settle for any woman
    • men who have no grasp of true Biblical manhood and masculinity,
    • men who do not care to protect, lead or provide for you
    • men who will make terrible husbands and extremely poor fathers,
    • men who will not make you a priority and will take you for granted,
    • dangerous, abusive, sociopathic and predatory men
    • men who only want to use you and are not available, emotionally or otherwise
  • Bringing peace, stability and contentment in your life.
  • Forming you into a woman of high value
  • Gaining a man who is:
    • authentically masculine and chivalrous
    • who views you as a top prize because he had to do the work to win you
    • who is highly motivated to win you, marry you and build a family with you
    • who lovingly leads you, valiantly protects you and generously provides for you
    • who makes a wonderful husband and an amazing father
    • who respects you and your time, and cherishes your femininity and womanhood.
  • Making you respected, honoured and cherished within your social circle and community.

We must remember that, even with all the attached benefits, Traditional Catholic Femininity is just not for every woman.

It IS the Biblical ideal, for sure, just as making Heaven is the ideal for every woman.

However, the Bible does mention that more people will end up in Hell than in Heaven.

Yes, Heaven is that exclusive club with high requirements for admittance.

In the same way, being an authentically Biblical and feminine woman in today’s society is the privilege of the few who are willing and able to meet the requirements.

Embracing Biblical womanhood and traditional Catholic femininity is definitely not for the woman who:

  • doesn’t like hard work, including working on herself, her character and her appearance.
  • can not take constructive criticism
  • who is resistant to change and unwilling to unlearn decades of grooming and conditioning from society.
  • who has such low self-value in themselves that they feel they have to lower their standards and expectations in order to get or keep any form of attention, from just any guy.
  • who justifies, argues, denies, excuses and explains away bad, destructive and disrespectful behaviour from men.
  • who is desperate to get married
  • who believes that being a wife and mother means you no longer have to keep working on yourself.
  • who confuses being a wife to her husband with being his mother
  • who believes that being feminine or traditional entails accepting mediocre or disrespectful treatment from anyone
  • who is worried about what other people will think of her traditional lifestyle choices.
  • who is more content in being sheep and going with the modern-day crowd
  • who does not care about building a lasting legacy for herself or family
  • who believes that being a traditional, feminine woman entails playing dress-up in some slutty outfit.
  • who believes that being a traditional, feminine and Biblical woman entails having no backbone or opinions.
  • who believes that traditional femininity is compatible with being pro-choice.
  • who believes traditional Catholic femininity is an ideal for whites only or who has white supremacist, ethno-state fantasies.
  • who believes Traditional Catholic femininity to be synonymous with white supremacy, nationalism, racial superiority or any similar nonsense
  • who believes feminism is compatible with traditional femininity.
  • who baulks at the idea of respecting, trusting and submitting to her husband’s leadership
  • who is a free-for-all woman and who instantly lowers her own value by giving submission and husband-benefits to a man who has not done the work and made her his wife.
  • who focuses on being chosen by a man, instead of focusing on being choosy
  • who believes women to be subservient or inferior to men, in any way.
  • who prioritises her career over her vocation as a wife/mother or religious sister
  • Who refuses to embrace traditional Catholic doctrine and sacred traditions.
  • who is unwilling to work on developing feminine skills and embodying Biblical femininity.
  • who is just plain lazy about making any changes that will lead to the overall enhancement of her life.

If any of the above applies to you and you are unwilling to make changes, then you good, boo-boo….Traditional Catholic Femininity is just not for you.


Mary, model of femininity and womanhood, pray for us.




ย  ย 


ย ad Jesum per Mariam






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