The Return Of The Monarchy?

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THE MONARCHY – For God, Queen (or King), and Country.

As liberalism and leftism surge to ridiculous levels, resulting in the never-ending destruction of the fibres that hold families and civilisation together, decency, morality and tradition, it may come as no surprise then that there is growing interest in Monarchism among the public.

The growing interest seems to be a natural progression from the interest in traditionalism that we have observed in the past few years.

The U.K. is reclaiming its sovereignty via an exit from the EU aka Brexit.

This year in Britain, the Queen’s Christmas Day Speech topped TV viewings in the UK.

The growing support for Jacob Rees-Mogg to become the next Prime Minister in the UK.

Mr Rees-Mogg, a UK politician and MP, embodies everything that Traditionalists and Monarchists desire in a leader: traditional Catholic values, strong family values, and loyalty to the Monarchy.

He is indeed for God, Queen and country.

Elsewhere, a growing number of European countries such as Italy , France and more are fed up with globalism and want a return to Monarchy.

The growing number of social media accounts and fan pages, local and abroad, dedicated to the British Royalย  Family and other Royal families are a clear indication of how popular monarchism has become today.

There is even support and calls for Monarchism coming from regions as far as Canada and beyond.

It seems that the more degenerate and depraved the Liberal Left become, the stronger the desire for traditionalism and monarchism among the Right.

In popular culture, ratings of shows like Downtown Abbey, Versailles and other similar shows is a good barometer of what the general public wants.

Monarchism, faith and traditionalism are intricately linked to each other – you can’t be one without the other, for they all support and reinforce each other.

Monarchism begins with God and family – the foundations upon which society and civilisation are built

It is hardly surprising then that many Traditional Catholics, especially in Europe, are also strong advocates for Monarchism.

In fact, the further down the path of traditionalism and conservatism you go, the more understanding of and appreciation for the monarchy you will have.

There are many reasons for the growing interest in Monarchism, including:

  • desire for tradition
  • having conservative values
  • need for security
  • distaste for the ugliness and degeneracy of the liberal left
  • disgust with corruption of power among politicians
  • fed up with the Left’s incessant propaganda of egalitarianism, globalism, open border policies and secularism

and more.

Monarchy is the only form of governance that money cannot buy.

It is a calling from God and that is why Kings and Queens are crowned in an abbey, NOT a government building.

They are anointed, NOT appointed.

An archbishop places the Crown on their head, NOT a minister.

As a result of the above, the Monarch in answerable first to God, in their duty, and then to the public.

The monarchy:

  • Cannot be bribed
  • Does not seek votes
  • Answers only to God via the Church/Pope
  • Has a strong sense of duty
  • Is traditional, conservative, nationalist and pro-family
  • Serves the people
  • Promotes family values
  • Preserves traditions and history
  • Builds and protects for the long-term

And don’t be fooled – even constitutional monarchies still have ultimate power.

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Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is not just a mere a figurehead, as some people claim.

She still retains ultimate power, even if the country is run by the Prime Ministers and she has the power to dissolve Parliament and sack the Prime Minister, in extremis.

The Queen is a completely independent, non-partisan and fully functioning Head of State who can act with or without the advice of her Ministers and many Parliamentary decisions are run by her first.

Just because the Crown chooses not to interfere in State affairs, except in extreme matters,ย  does not mean that it has no power.

It does. And it has the final word

The English Crown, one of the oldest and the longest surviving in the world,ย  wields ultimate power over the judiciary, the government, Parliament, the military and the civil service.

It is the constitutionโ€™s balancing factor and binds the great offices of state together.

It isย also a custodian of the past, a moral and religious leader, a trustee of the future, a national unifier and a constitutional arbitrator, and Commonwealth head.

Monarchism itself preserves tradition and conservatism, and this is why a vast majority of Traditionalists and Conservatists are also Monarchists – they are intertwined

Now, Traditionalism and Conservatism should never be confused with the Alt-Right movement.

The Alt Right are merely a bunch of rather ignorant people who seek to be edgy and radical for radical sake.

Traditionalism and Conservatism seek peace and stability, and are founded on the belief that hierarchy, order, tradition, duty and reverence for our ancestors are all bedrocks of a functional, organic and civilised society.

The general ethos of Monarchism, Traditionalism and Conservatism are:

  • Preservation of beauty, culture, history and tradition,
  • National pride and a strong borders policy
  • Focus on Religion, Hierarchy and Authority
  • Emphasis on Family, Community and Kinship,
  • Appreciation for nation, history and culture

It emphasises

  • Christian values over secularism
  • Patriotism over globalism
  • Loyalty to God, Queen and Country over ‘tolerance’, ‘progress’, and ‘equality’
  • Authentic Traditionalism over Neoconservatism
  • Monarchism over Neopaganism and Nazism
  • Hierarchy over egalitarianism
  • Strong borders over open borders
  • The countryside and green spaces over metropolitan living
  • The Old Rites of the Church over the new rites

On social media, this movement is called the High Tory Gang and it extends from the UK, across Europe, all the way up to Canada and beyond.

And like many other ideologies and movements, it is beginning to spill out into the physical world.

Given the choice, many Traditional Catholics seem to prefer the restoration of Monarchist systems over revolutionary, democratic, liberal leftism.

The reason for this is very simple: the Monarch preserves and conserves tradition, faith and family.

After all, Heaven is a Kingdom and NOT a Republic, and we on earth ought to imitate Heaven.

For God, Queen and Country.


Regina Caeli, ora pro nobis!





ย ad Jesum per Mariam





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