Joan Of Arc Is NOT Impressed!

Re THIS LINK I shared on one of social media pages a while ago, someone said that Joan of Arc would have missed the memo, implying that Joan of Arc would’ve insisted on being an altar girl.


Joan of Arc, Catherine of Siena, Mother Angelica and other outspoken female saints of the Church might have been blunt, forthright and outspoken, but one thing they were not is DELUSIONAL or HERETICAL!

I find it laughable that desperate modernist feminist “Catholics” twist Scripture, pervert Church history, and cite these women as their models to project their own hardheadedness, heretical beliefs, diabolical agenda and blatant disrespect against God.

Exactly like what the Serpent did in the Garden to Eve.

Makes one wonder who is REALLY influencing these so-called “Catholics” that come up with these suppositions, doesn’t it?

These female saints DID stand their grounds against some of the authority of their day, but NOT ONE OF THEM stood against God, His ultimate divine plan for Woman and the special vocations that He called them to.

In Joan’s case, it was in the military; in Catherine’s case, it was in religious life; and in Mother Angelica’s case, it was in religious life and also via her ministry in media.

So, um……. yeah, nice try, Heretic, but NO, Joan of Arc would not have pushed to be an altar girl and neither would Catherine of Siena either.

They had a profound respect for Church tradition and obedience to Biblical teaching, and they lived out their calling as women WITHIN their vocations and states in life.

Modernist feminist “Catholic” just love to use Joan of Arc as justification for abandoning their children in daycare in pursuit of their careers.

Nice try, but it does not work that way.

Your vocation that God calls you to comes FIRST and then everything else is worked around that vocation, NEVER the other way round

You don’t see Joan of Arc claiming to be called to marriage, and then abandoning her children and husband to go follow her career or military calling, do you?!

You don’t see Catherine of Siena or even Mother Angelica abandoning their vocations in religious life to focus on their other pursuits, do you?!

If these female saints were as heretical or rebellious (aka apostate) as today’s modernist feminist Catholics paint them to be, do you not think that during their time they would have demanded to be Pope, pushed for female priests or even advocated for altar girls?!

To the person who left the Joan of Arc comment and other “Catholics” with the same diabolical, manipulative mindset, nice try, but not today, Satan.

Faithful Catholics are not as gullible as you like to believe.

We keep ourselves spiritually armedย in order to sharpen our discernment of spirits and see through the wolves in sheep clothing.

We look ALWAYS to our Lady, not any saint, as wonderful or virtuous as they might be, as our ultimate model of femininity, womanhood and implicit submission to God.

We would not be manipulated, deceived or seduced into disobedience against God.

Nice try, but we rebuke you, and all your lies and all your empty promises. Amen.


Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!





ย ad Jesum per Mariam



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