3 thoughts on “Femininity, Boundaries And Social Media

  1. “You wouldnโ€™t have someone come to your home address and allow them to start brandishing knives or attacking you for the way you cook your pasta, would you?”

    I mean this half seriously and half jokingly: I would be more puzzled that they showed up to where I live to begin with. Id probably get them a glass of water.

    I do understand your sentiments. I had to block a person on Gab who was either the silliest troll or a basement dwelling Superfund-level toxic person. I would hope you would tell someone on the margins if they goofed, if they meant it in the right way but had a bad delivery.


    1. You did the right thing. It is not your job to teach an adult the basics of healthy human interaction. That stuff should’ve been figured out by age 7, tops.
      An ad
      An adult who lacks these basic social skills has already missed decades of major developmental growth and milestones, and also displays severe anti-social traits.

      We just can’t fix everyone or try to. People are responsible for fixing themselves.

      All we can do is have good boundaries to ensure our own sanity and safety – either physically, emotionally or otherwise.

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