Pandemic Essentials

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I decided to put together this resource for the ongoing Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic.

It will include items for personal care, hygiene, household use, health, symptom monitoring and so on.

It will also be a work-in-progress, continually being updated as this crisis situation develops, so be sure to check back regularly for new additions.

Please note, all my recommendations are for disease prevention and early symptom management only.


However, they can help to prevent infection, strengthen your immune system and curb disease progression.

The Coronavirus key stages of developments are:

  1. Infection
  2. Incubation
  3. Severe symptoms or worsening of symptoms, leading to necessary hospitalisation.
  4. Recovery, if lucky.ย  Otherwise, it is…
  5. Disease complications
  6. Multiple organ failure and death


Our goal is early intervention before things get to Stage 3.

As I mentioned in SURVIVING THE CORONAVIRUS, the key areas to work in achieving the above goals are:

  • Social distancing
  • Hygiene
  • Health & Immune support
  • Preparedness

If you can focus on these key areas, you have a good chance of either preventing infection or expediting recovery, EVEN IF you have an underlying health condition.




Countries, where bidets are part of the household sanitation, saw little to none of the crazy toilet-paper hoarding that many other countries experienced.

The first time I visited my in-laws in Italy, I noticed that every single business, public building, and even home had a bidet….even government-subsidized homes aka “the projects” in the US.

Bidets are very environmentally friendly – just think of all the toilet paper (and TREES!) saved!

Coronavirus tips, coronavirus prevention, Pulse oximeter amazon, face masks amazon, masks amazon, oximeter amazon,

So if you are the sort that wants to be eco-friendly and play a part in preserving God’s beautiful green earth and our home, I would encourage you to get a bidet.

They are rather easy to use and not as intimidating as they look.

Plus, they come in different types, from the DIY Installs that you can put together in 15 minutes to the full install.

Find all the bidets HERE




The Oximeter is your early warning system for pneumonia, as it is used to measure the oxygen level (oxygen saturation) of the blood.

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Many times, a lot of the young people who die from the Coronavirus without symptoms or preexisting conditions, die due to silent hypoxia.

Regardless of your age, health, or fitness level, I really recommend that you have a pulse oximeter in your home.








Unless you have displayed severe coronavirus symptoms, there is no need to rush off to the hospital or your doctors at the first sign of fever.

In fact, going to hospital can put you at increased risk or very quickly worsen your condition.

The hospitals are already being stretched as they treat the critically ill and if you, displaying mild symptoms that could just as easily go away, enter into the scenario, surrounded by lots of sick patients, you increase the chance of your symptoms going from mild to severe as a result of exposure.

This is why doctors, WHO, and the CDC advise that if you are displaying mild symptoms, you should monitor the symptoms while self-isolating at home for about 10-14 days.

This two-week period is the incubation period for the disease.

Most people, thanks to a robust immune system and so on, will recover after the incubation period as their own body’s immune system fights off the disease.

Others will, unfortunately, worsen after the two-week period and this is the point at which you should contact your doctor or hospital…..particularly if you develop breathing problems.

Thermometers should be part of your home first aid and health monitoring kit.

However, using a regular thermometer can spread infection and this is why I love this Non-Contact Thermometer.

Coronavirus tips, coronavirus prevention, Pulse oximeter amazon, face masks amazon, masks amazon, oximeter amazon,

Simply point it at the forehead and it will take a read within one second.

Non contact, no skin touch, and it gives a very accurate digital read.ย  It is also suitable for the whole family – babies, infants, children, and adults.

Find them HERE.

You can also chart your temperature on a chart to determine if you have a fever, plotting your readings on a graph for an instant snapshot of the fever trend. It can also provide valuable data to medical staff in the event of a hospitalisation.

Download the free template HERE and print off as many copies as you like.




Part of preparedness is planning for emergencies and having a chest freezer can be an important part of this.

In my video about the Proverbs 31 Woman, she is described as someone who “….provides for her family….has no fear for her household’s wellbeing…and is able to laugh at the days to come..”

She is definitely a woman who plans and prepares.

Growing up in a family of 8, we had 2x chest freezers, not just for freezing leftovers, but also for meal preps and freezing items that were bought in bulk.

Certain fresh items were cheaper to buy in bulk than in single portions, so the chest freezer used to preserve and store these items was a money-saving tactic.

However, you don’t need to have a family to benefit from having a chest freezer.

When I was single and living alone, I continued my family tradition of having a chest freezer.

I didn’t have a large house or a garage, but the cute compact chest freezer I stored in the corner of my living room proved to be a great investment, not just for helping me develop meal-planning and budgeting skills, but also helping my income stretch further. In addition, I had access to fresh fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for healthy, nutrition, and of course, beauty.

Today, with a family of my own, the chest freezer tradition continues.

Coronavirus tips, coronavirus prevention, Pulse oximeter amazon, face masks amazon, masks amazon, oximeter amazon,

A major benefit of having a chest freezer, especially during this pandemic crisis, is that although many of the grocery stores and shops are rationing their items or have completely sold out of certain essentials like bread, milk, cheese and so on, lots of local farm shops are desperate to shift their stock.

So, of course, we buy many of our items from our local butchers, fishmongers, and farm shops.

A couple of families will even club together to buy, say half a cow, and we then store our portion in the freezer – this ensures that we still able to feed and nourish ourselves during this time.

Good nutrition is vital to helping your immune system fight off diseases and infection, so if your nutrition plummets due to scarcity or rationing, your health would follow shortly afterward.

In the chest freezer, you can store bread, milk, frozen vegetables, fruit, fresh produce, and more.

I honestly encourage everyone, single or not, to have a chest freezer in your home.

Today, many chest freezers come in various sizes, from the large ones for families to compact ones for single-person households.

Find them all HERE.







Like I said, this page will be updated regularly, so do check back soon for the latest.

Our Lady, Health of the Sick, pray for us!





ย ad Jesum per Mariam



3 thoughts on “Pandemic Essentials

  1. Hi! Love your website! I’m from Argentina and in my country every single bathroom has a bidet.
    The thing is that women shouldn’t use it! Because of vaginal infections! It’s not healthy for a womans body either. It’s known in my country and all my doctors told me the same. Sorry for my English but I hope it helps!


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