Is Coronavirus Racist?

Apparently, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics are dying from Covid-19 at a disproportionately higher rate than their White counterparts, and this has led some people to believe that the Coronavirus is discriminatory and thus racist.


I find this ridiculous and I am a black person myself!

There’s just no such thing as a racist virus and this myth is simply amplifying the fear surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

While I do accept that there are indeed many parts of the world where racial injustices and inequality DO exist, I absolutely resent the woke Left pandering the race card and hijacking serious global issues for their own agenda.

The BBC also published THIS ARTICLE reinforcing this topic too.

Shame on you, BBC!!

Public figures like this lady below, clearly of a minority ethnicity, and a Member of Parliament (politician) for UK’s Labour (aka the woke joke Left),  do not help matters either.


Someone, please send her a link to this article as I am going to dispel the myth that the Coronavirus is racist and it discriminates against people of Black, Asian or Hispanic ethnicities.

First of all, people of ethnic minorities are NOT being discriminated against by Covid-19.

They do, however, seem to be more affected by the virus and are more likely to die from it due to the following reasons:



Many Blacks, Asians and Hispanics tend to live in low-income and/or high-density population areas.

Living in low-income or deprived areas can limit your access to basic health, amongst other socio-economic issues

When you have also large numbers of people densely packed together, you increase the probability of infection as well as the mortality rate.

In addition, they tend to come from multi-generational households, where families live together with their in-laws, grandparents and so on.

Italian families tend to live in multi-generational households and this is one of the reasons why Italy’s infection spread was so quick and the death rate so high.




Heart disease, diabetes, and asthma remain some of the highest causes of aging and death among the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities.

These health conditions increase the risk of contracting the Coronavirus and dying from it due to complications.




People of ethnic minorities tend to be naturally deficient in Vitamin D and the darker the skin colour the higher the deficiency.

It is no secret that Vitamin D is protective against colds, flu and respiratory diseases

White people produce Vitamin D in the sun far quicker than minorities because their bodies have evolved to do so.

The white race comes naturally from colder climates where sun exposure is limited, so the body has evolved to learn to produce Vitamin D quickly

Minorities also produce Vitamin D, but at a much slower rate than their white counterparts because their bodies did not evolve to do so.

Ethnic minorities, especially Blacks and Hispanics, naturally come from hotter climates with longer hours of sun, so their bodies did not need to produce Vitamin D quickly.

This is probably why minorities have more melanin than white people.  Melanin enables the minorities to stay longer in the sun in order to produce optimal amount of Vitamin D.

Conversely, white people have less melanin and thus less sun protection, and this is why their bodies have evolved to produce optimal amounts of Vitamin D within a shorter time frame

Dr John Cambell explains this further HERE

There are many food sources of Vitamin D, but it is extremely difficult to get our body’s optimal Vitamin D from diet alone and this is why, I would recommend that everyone, white or not, takes a Vitamin D3 supplement.

During the colder months, white people get less sun in their regions and thus get prone to seasonal colds and flu. So pandemic or no, you really should be supplementing with Vitamin D3 of at least 5000iu.

And if you are Black, Hispanic, or Asian, you definitely should be supplementing with high dose Vitamin D3 of at least 10000iu.

Be sure to read my RECOMMENDATIONS on the other supplements and remedies that you should be taking to protect yourself and survive the Coronavirus and check out the PANDEMIC ESSENTIALS too.

Our Lady of Africa, pray for us!!



 ad Jesum per Mariam



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