One thought on “What Is This White Privilege That You Speak Of??

  1. “Thereโ€™s a difference between the BLACK LIVES MATTER message which I wholeheartedly support and the Marxist BLACK LIVES MATTER organisation, which I do not support”

    THIS!! I want to scream this from the rooftop.

    But sadly this statements is false: “Most people are also able to differentiate between the two โ€“ the BLM message and the BLM organisation โ€“ and are not so unifocal or rigid-minded as to conflate both.”

    Most people CANNOT differentiate between the two. The masses are too much affected by the hegelian dialectic because the media and politicians want it that way, they want division and endless strife. The left-right paradigm is too entrenched.

    It is the same with saying all lives matter and black lives matter. People think they have to pick one.

    Saying all lives matter in that context is akin to consecrating the whole world and trying to say that you consecrated Russia. The level of specificity certainly matters. But that is getting off topic.


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