America’s 2021 Inauguration

First of all, congratulations to America for getting through the 2021 Inauguration Day without too much incidence.

I also understand that there are some Americans, especially Catholic ones, who are still sore about losing the election and they still spout nonsense that Biden stole the election.

It almost makes one wonder whether they are simply delusional or perhaps they are just invested in clinging to their failed narrative that Trump won and they cannot handle that narrative.

If at this point in the game, you STILL believe that Biden stole the election, you need mental help and I encourage you to get it QUICK!

I especially feel sorry for the Catholic parishes and nuns that we all saw wearing MAGA hats at Trump rallies, showing blatant support for the psychopath that is Trump.

Great(!). Jusst great(!)

Thatโ€™s just great!(!) ๐Ÿ˜’

Tbh, that ish is just downright embarrassing to the Church and to Catholics everywhere.

Through foolishness, renegade clerics and poor discernment, the Church AND the pro-life movement have now been scandalised through the actions of the Trump-idolising Y’all Qaeda Catholic frauds, who allowed themselves to be swept away through the manipulations of a fascist man who was hell-bent on destroying America.

Let it be known that the Catholic Church is NOT anti-America.

The Catholic Church is not pro destroying America and it is not pro-fascist dictatorships.

We are Catholics FIRST before we are patriots, American, British, Conservative, Republican etc

In its last 6 months, the Trump administration put more than three times as many prisoners to death as federal government had in the previous 6 decades. SOURCE

And this doesn’t even include the hundreds of thousands of people who died during this pandemic as a result of Trump’s actions and decisions.

This man is what the catholic frauds call their โ€œpro lifeโ€ president.

Heโ€™s really not.
He, like many catholic frauds, is only demonically obsessed with unborn babies.
Adrenochrome, anyone?!

No sane Catholic will ever view Trump as being pro-life.

Even Bishop John Stowe rebukes Trump as being anti-life.

And His Holiness Pope Francis doesn’t consider Trump to have christian values – because he truly doesn’t.

At least, with Biden, sensible Catholics like myself do know he is a VERY flawed catholic and in need of prayers.

We do not defend him, regardless.

Yโ€™all Qaeda Trump-idolaters will defend anything and everything that Trump does.
That, folks, is idolatrous.

These cancers aka the Y’all Qaeda Trump-idolaters have infected and scandalised the Catholic Church and God is exposing them. God’s judgement is swiftly coming for them.

Only God… and GOD ALONE is to be accorded this sort of glory and worship.


In the months leading up to last yearโ€™s US election, lots of American people (especially REPUBLICANS) died from Covid19.

Why? Cos Republicans, blindly following their Trump idol, are largely anti-maskers.
During a FREAKING pandemic!!!ย  The sheer arrogance of it.

It takes a special level of stupidity to be blatantly anti-mask, have a large portion of your demographic DIE from your careless decisions during a pandemic, resulting in fewer Republicans being able to vote (cos they are DEAD, duh!) and then act all shocked and surprised that the majority who won are the Democrats.

The arrogance & narcissism of the prideful led to their own downfall.

If you lost the election, you largely brought it upon your own self by promoting actions and choices which resulted in the deaths of your group.

Making foolish decisions and yet playing victim by blaming others (ie saying Biden stole an election) for the repercussions of YOUR OWN FOOLISH DECISIONS isnโ€™t just the height of stupidity.

The ish is just embarrassing ๐Ÿฅด

It also makes you look silly, uneducated, illogical & delusional.

You messed up!! Own your ish.

Narcissists NEVER take responsibility for their choices and decisions; don’t be a narcissist.

Many of us, myself included, were very pro Trump at the start of his presidency.

When we saw what he was really like, when we saw that he conned us, we were not ashamed to withdraw our support and admit that we made a mistake.ย  This is the sign of a HEALTHY normal mind – being able to acknowledge mistakes when we make them.

A narcissistic or sociopathic mind is, by definition RIGID & FIXED, and it is no suprise that Trump, who is narcissistic rigidly refuses to accept his own losses.

Neither is it any surprise that the “Catholics” who still blindly support him at this stage remain RIGID in their worship and idolising of him.

Satan was the original narcissist.ย  He was very arrogant and prideful. And even when he knew what the consequences of his actions would be, he STILL chose to rebel against God, leading to his own self-destruction.ย  That’s just embarrassing and incredibly foolish.

Many narcissists are exactly the same way.ย  They know what the consequences of their actions would be, but they are so RIGID in their warped mentality that they enable their own self-destruction.

Don’t be a stupid narcissist.

As a Saint once said: you are free to make choices, but you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

Before the 2020 Election, I expressed my SHOCK & HORROR at how Catholic America seemed to idolise and even worship Trump.

I warned y’all that God will share His Glory with NO ONE & if you kept idolising Trump as a saviour, both him and you WILL be humbled & humiliated by God.

We all know what God does to idols.

And what better way for God to demonstrate this by knocking Trump and his Catholic-idolaters off their pedestals with humiliating defeat AGAIN & AGAIN and then allowing the most flawed Catholic ever (aka Biden) to take office.

Trump’s loss isn’t just as a result of his disastrous leadership, but it is also due to you – YES, YOU – you who call yourself Catholic and yet holds Trump as the golden calf – you brought down your own idol through your worship of him.


We keep talking about how the family, the individual is the unit of society and what that makes is that dysfunctional and disordered people create dysfunctional and disordered families/societies, while healthy people create healthy families and societies.

In short, we do get the leaders we deserve.

Whether it is within the Church or on the political stage.

Many Catholics get so pressed about Pope Francis, regardless of what he says or does, and they NEVER stop to reflect, think and look inward at their own lives to determine if their own lifestyles is why God gave them such a leader to rule over them.

If you are unhappy with the actions of certain bishops or leaders in the church or with the Pope himself, I already told you what could be done about it HERE and HERE.

But of course, many of us refuse to listen, refuse to reflect, refuse to change in our own little ways, and remained bitching, whining and moaning about everything and everyone, including the Pope and now, Biden.

Whining about things you cannot control instead of focusing on what you CAN control (aka yourself) is an exhausting and unproductive way to live and you’ll end up getting nowhere fast with that attitude.

To be honest, Joseph Biden being inaugurated in the Year of St. Joseph is, in my opinion, DEFINITELY a sign from God to Catholic America and to us all.

We may not understand Godโ€™s plans, but we are to simply trust in Him because He knows what He is doing and all of Godโ€™s plans are ultimately for our own good.

We need to turn back to God; not any man or woman, not any Catholic celebrity/influencer and definitely not any political figure.ย  We need to turn back to God in humility.

If we do not humble ourselves before, He will NOT stop humiliating us and He will not stop giving us leaders, who we may deem unworthy, to rule over us.

The best thing Catholic America can do is to simply focus on strengthening discernment, lots of spiritual internal work and praying for Biden that he does the right thing.

Biden is your God-given thorn in your side, so pray for him.ย  You will achieve better results that way.

And if you still think that I am just talking poppy-cock and Trump is still your greatest leader EVER, please leave my page, leave the Catholic Church and go set up your own Trump religion.

Congratulations once again, America.ย  Let the dogma live loudly within you!

Our Lady of America, pray for us!

St Joseph, Most Just, Zealous Defender of Christ and Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!




St. Joseph w/ Child Jesus Veronese Statue - 8.25"Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph

ad Jesum per Mariam




3 thoughts on “America’s 2021 Inauguration

  1. I am a Catholic above all in my life and I am not delusional. I supported Trump and will never support Biden. I do not worship Trump. He is mere man. Biden has shown he is Catholic only in name. He does not live the teachings of our faith. I pray he will change his heart and live his faith. I was so excited to find your site and read all you had to share. Unfortunately, I do not like being called delusional. May the Lord Bless you.


    1. Nobody called you specifically delusional, but if the shoe fits, wear it, honey. The fact that you are personalising a statement that wasnโ€™t even directed at you specifically IS delusional. And no, my site is not for everyone, so kindly run along now. Thanks


  2. Thank you! So much of this echoes my own thoughts. Delusional is exactly the same word that has been in my mind! And yes, so many people idolized Trump (esp. Catholics & evangelicals) to the point it became terrifying! We are Catholics before anything else, and it’s been very sad to see equating being Catholic with being a “patriot.” Trump was pro-life in regard to unborn life, but somehow not in regard to many of the lives that are already here. I think I have enough thoughts to write my own post! ๐Ÿค”


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