Happy Candlemas

And just like that, we have officially come to the end of the Christmas season.

So, even the raddest Trads of them all will have to take down their Christmas trees and Christmas decorations today.

Candlemas itself is a triple feast day, which celebrates 3 key events all centred around the Holy Family:

  1. Presentation of our Lord
  2. The Purification of the Virgin, and
  3. Candlemas

The three events mark the start of February, the month dedicated entirely to the HOLY FAMILY.

At this time Mary completes the ritual purification required of women after childbirth, and Joseph offers the sacrifice for the redemption of the firstborn, as required by the Law of Moses.

The Holy Family offered two turtledoves, permitted to the poor instead of a whole lamb.Β  Also, this was because Jesus Himself was going to be the symbolic sacrificial lamb decades later.


According to Mosaic law, male children are required to be presented at the temple, 40 days after birth. Candlemas occurs 40 days following the birth of Christ and this is when the Holy Family presented baby Jesus at the temple.

At the presentation, the child is prayed for over for health and thanks is given to God for the safe delivery of the baby and its protection during the delicate first 40 days of life.




Purification following childbirth was a requirement for mothers, 40 days after childbirth.

The Church’s version of this is the ancient CHURCHING OF WOMEN rite.

Churching of Women rite is an old custom in the Catholic Church which, like the Catholic rite of betrothal, is now making a comeback, thanks to renewed interest in traditional Catholicism.




Also, this day is known as Candlemas ie Mass of Candles, during which beeswax candles are blessed by the priest.

The custom was born from when St. Simeon prophesied at the Presentation of our Lord, declaring that baby Jesus “a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to thy people Israel.”

On this day, candles are blessed for the upcoming liturgical year.

These blessed beeswax candles and other sacramentals are believed to be the only things that will give light in the darkness of the end times, and are also connected to the prophecies of the 3 days of darkness.

If you are able to, do go to Mass and get your beeswax candles blessed on this feast day.

For females, veils for this feast day would be either white or Marian blue.

Our Lady, She Who Gave Milk To Our Bread, pray for us.



Β Β  Β 

ad Jesum per Mariam




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