Youthful And Feminine Makeup Tips

Part of being in your femininity and feminine energy involves not just what you wear, but also the knowledge of good grooming, which includes skincare, haircare and makeup.ย 
A feminine woman looks youthful at any age and it is all down to her skincare, haircare and makeup practices.

In today’s modern society, with access to social media, there are a lot of images, videos and tutorials that showcase makeup that is heavy and frankly, aging.ย 

I have already mentioned how important it is to grow your hair long, even if you are above 50 years old, married or not.ย  Sure, longer hair requires more time and effort for it to look decent, but by investing in your haircare this way, you let people who see you know that you do value yourself and value your appearance.

This, in turn, makes people treat you better and more respectfully, and if you are single, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.
Long hair isn’t just trad or feminine; it is your glory, given to you by God, and it is your duty and obligation to nurture and take care of that gift.ย ย 
Women who shave their hair or maintain very short hair are in rebellion against their femininity and against God.ย  The only exceptions are when the hair needs to be short or shaved due to illness or when in mourning.

I have also talked about investing in your skincare.
When you take care of your skin, you will not need to spend a ton on makeup products.ย  Check out my non-scrupulous, simple skincare guideย that will take of most age-related or skin issues.

Today, I will discuss femininity and makeup.

Heavy layers of makeup are not just bad for your skin, it also ages you badly.

So, here are my tips for soft, youthful and feminine makeup for all skin tones, that is timeless and ageless, and will keep you looking youthful, fresh and feminine, no matter your age.

In today’s world of contouring, highlighting, fake lashes, and all that nonsense, a woman with a soft, feminine youthful makeup look will stand out in a very good way and will be infinitely very attractive.

Start with your base which should preferably be a tinted moisturiser, tinted BB cream or light foundation.ย 

If you have freckles, please do not cover them up – God gave them to you – and they are super cute, youthful and very feminine.ย 

If you regularly thread or trim your eyebrows, they should always look neat and defined. Otherwise, a light application of eyebrow pencil or brow brush is all you need.

When using makeup, accentuate the eyes or the lips, but never both.ย 
You can add mascara and blush on either look, but be very light-handed in application, and never use false lashes. Ever.ย 


So, it is either bold eyes/nude lips or bold lips/nude eyes, but not bothโ€ฆโ€ฆunless you want to look like a clown or a drag queenโ€ฆ.or unless it is your wedding day.

For an everyday soft, feminine and youthful look, nude eyes and nude lips (ie lightly tinted lip gloss or lip balm), together with clear mascara and a light swipe of blusher across your cheeks is all you need.
It looks clean and fresh, and the blush adds some warmth/colour to your face.

If you are very blonde or have very fine eyelashes, you can swap the clear mascara for a darker mascara, but be very light-handed in application.ย 

This everyday soft, feminine look works well for students and non-students alike, and looks good on all ages and skin tones.


Our Lady, model of femininity, pray for us.



ad Jesum per Mariam



One thought on “Youthful And Feminine Makeup Tips

  1. Thanks for this lovely post! I’m a college student trying to learn how to do makeup, but I didn’t want to follow the really heavy routines that are in style on youtube… this post is just what I needed! So far, I’m partial to Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms or lip shimmer- just enough color to change up your look without being too overpowering. ๐Ÿ™‚


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