How To Fix Society By Fixing The Family

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St Anthony the Great once said:

“A time is coming when men would go mad, and they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying: You are mad; you are not like us”

As one looks around and sees the:

  • normalisation of transgenderism, especially among children
  • rise of LGBTQ and normalisation of paedophilia
  • celebration of abortion and euthanasia of children
  • abandoning of marriage for sologamy and robot sex
  • subjugation and emasculation of men
  • persecution and ridicule of women who choose to reject feminism and uphold traditional values on marriage and family
  • persecution and attacks on women who choose to prioritise their children and marriages by being Stay At Home Wives and Moms
  • children, one-third of whom are autistic, being injected with hormones to change their sex

It is not hard to see that that time indeed is upon us.

As society continues to march down the slippery slope towards its own destruction, we wonder how on earth did it get to this and more importantly, how can we fix it?

The answer:  Fix the family.

Huh? I hear you ask.

Yup! Fix the family and you fix society.   It sounds really simple, but it so effective.

Just like a cell is the basic unit and fundamental building block of an organism, so too the family is the basic unit and fundamental building block of society, and also of civilisations.

A preponderance of unhealthy, sick and dysfunctional families result in a society that is profoundly sick, unhealthy and dysfunctional.

Destroy the family and you destroy society. Period.

Ever since the denigration and destruction of the family began in the 1960s, society itself began disintegrating and the momentum of its destruction picks up speed with every passing year.

By placing the focus back on the family, on upholding traditional family values, families and homes will become healthier and happier, and this would have a ripple effect on society as a whole.

But will it work or is this just idealistic pie-in-the-sky thinking?

Let’s look at an actual living case study, shall we?


fix society please, what can fix society's problems, can government fix society's problem, family as a model for the state, government role in family life, government policies family, catholic teaching on family, catholic beliefs on family values, catholic teaching on marriage and family, catholic family life, traditional family, breakdown of traditional family, traditional family values,

After years, decades even, of tolerating illegal immigration, rapidly declining Christian values, Islamic terrorism, Europe is fighting back and beginning to reclaim its identity and its Christian faith.

Italy has always had a tough stance against illegal immigration, which is probably why it has not been beset with terrorist like other European countries have.

Poland is reclaiming its Catholic history.

In Germany, crucifixes are being displayed on public buildings.

And then there is Hungary.  Ah, Hungary.

After battling Fascism and Communism in the last century, Hungary, despite receiving a lot of criticism from Merkel and Co on its stance on migrants, is choosing to focus on and prioritise what truly matters – family and faith.

You see, Hungary understands that in order to have a strong and thriving country and society, the family unit should be strong and thriving.

So what does Hungary do?  It draws up pro-family policies, including:

  • maternity support is granted, a one-off payment offered when the child is born. 
  • parents are entitled to paid childcare leave for three years. 
  • Child home care fee (GYED) extra package, introduced in 2014, offers significant support
  • a generous family tax benefit 
  • the family allowance, offered on the basis of a subjective right and for each child
  • the family tax reduction 
  • housing allowance for families 
  • (housing) loans with subsidized interest 
  • state-supported housing savings programmes 
  • family home-start subsidy 
  • families who are currently raising three or more children or who undertake to raise at least three children in the future (including the children they already have) may uniformly receive a one-off in-cash support of 32.260 Euros when building or buying a new estate. 
  • these families are eligible to a 32.260 Euro (HUF 10 million) reduced residential loan with a State interest-rate subsidy 
  • Tax allowance for first-wed new couples 
  • The Baby Bond (currently managed by the Hungarian State Treasury) means that an amount – made up by the new start allowance of 137 Euros deposited by the state for each newborn baby, by an amount optionally deposited by the parents and by an amount credited annually by the state each month for the first two payments (10% of their amount, but a maximum of 19.35 Euros) collected on the Start securities account opened at the Treasury – is deposited on a bond of a maturity of 19 years. 
  • the Elizabeth Programme of social vacation to ensure that those in need have opportunities for holidays. Every year, the major target groups include pensioners, large families, persons with disabilities, and children. 
  • The government has extended the opportunity for free or subsidised child catering. 
  • Extension of the free supply of textbooks. 
  • the government has suspended the repayment of the debt of student loan in the first trimester of pregnancy for women who are having their first child, release 50% of the debt of student loan of women with two children, and for women having three or more children, the government release the whole debt. 
  • The period of degree holder’s child care fee is extended for university students until the child reaches the age of two. 
  • The debt of families with three children having mortgage loans decrease by HUF 1 million and by further HUF 1 million if they have more children; the state will take over this amount from them. 
  • extended the Birth Grant for Hungarian mothers living outside the borders 
  • Old age pension for women having a 40-year entitlement period without age restriction 

As a result, Hungary has seen its abortion rates plunge dramatically.

It’s almost like a nation will not resort to abortions if its government supports its families like it is supposed to. Crazy, huh?

Hungary also understands that by supporting its families through the creation of family-friendly policies, more people would feel encouraged to get married and have children.

The increase in population will bring an increase in the GDP and also lead to a stronger position on the world stage.

Well done to Hungary for showing everyone what can be done when a nation focuses on bettering the lives of its citizens.

It really is a win-win situation all round and it is insane that many countries, including the world powers like the UK and the USA, are not doing this.

A good nation is the father of its citizen.

With any luck, someone in the government may stumble across this article of mine and take that first step in creating a stronger, thriving nation by focusing on the family.

Meanwhile, we can do our part.  After all, it is our children’s future that we are creating.

We cannot afford to be passive, so here is what we can do



Do not be a complacent or lukewarm Catholic.  Your faith is a spiritual muscle that requires regular exercise because it will give you the strength and insight to handle and execute all other areas of your life in a rightly-ordered manner.



If you are called to marriage, choose the right spouse, get married and start a family.  One day, you will fill an entire church pew.  Aim to have a traditional Catholic family, kinda like THIS ONE.



Surround yourself with like-minded folks.  Inspire other women to embrace Biblical femininity and traditional Catholic values.

And this is how we fix society and create a better world for our children and their offspring, by fixing the family, one family at a time, one woman at a time.

Our Lady, model of femininity and womanhood, pray for us.







 ad Jesum per Mariam





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