Vetting A Guy On Social Media: Selfies

Social media is a godsend!

You can tell a lot about a person from the content of their social media, allowing you to quickly vet out unsuitable and predatory men before you get too entangled with them.

This can save you pain, heartache, wasted effort and wasted time, so be sure to use social media to your advantage.

And here is how to do so.

Within the 1st month of getting to know a guy who has expressed interest, I recommend that you search out his social media profiles, in particular, his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

If you discover that he posts selfies, pictures of himself, or updates his profile picture every 2 weeks or more frequently, DO NOT DATE HIM!!

Just sweetly say, “I’m afraid I do not feel that we are a good match and I wish you the best in your search.” Then, RUN! FAST!!

A healthy amount of vanity or concern for one’s appearance is a feminine trait.

Posting regular pictures of himself is kinda expected if he is in his teens; not entirely acceptable if he is in his twenties and a MASSIVE RED FLAG if he is aged 30 and above.

Adult men who regularly posts selfies and pictures of themselves are displaying feminine traits.ย  They have no ounce of masculinity within them and they are also effeminate and narcissistic.

At best, they are closet homosexuals and at worst, they are psychopathic in nature.

Studies have shown that men who regularly take selfies tend to be narcissistic and psychopathic.


A man like this is seeking adulation, validation and approval, and he would never be faithful to any woman because he is addicted to receiving attention and validation from multiple women.

He is also using his appearance to lure women because he truly has nothing else to offer.

If you fall for this tactic, you are telling him that you are thirsty hoe who only values men for their bodies or looks, and guess what, he will do nothing else to impress you,ย  protect or provide for you because after all, you have demonstrated that all you want from him is his looks.

He would reverse the gender roles and you will find that you are the one putting in all the effort, chasing him, courting him, planning or suggesting dates, paying for dates or going halfsies and then financially supporting him.

Even so, he would still cheat on you because:

  • he is addicted to receiving validation from multiple women
  • with you putting in all or majority of the effort in the relationship or marriage, he would rapidly lose sexual interest in you.

Being with a man like this would strip you of your innate sweetness and femininity, and he would turn you into a resentful, angry nag.

To be honest, you deserve better, which is why I recommend you do the Social Media Selfie Test and give men like these a wide berth before they get their clutches into your heart and your life.

Maria,ย Sedes Sapientiae, ora pro nobis

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.



ย  ย 



ย ad Jesum per Mariam



One thought on “Vetting A Guy On Social Media: Selfies

  1. Good advice.

    Anecdotally, the men I know who post selfies tend to be self-absorbed too. However, what do you think of posting frequent pictures of them doing something? As in, a man posts pictures of charity work or his profession?

    I think it is still a red flag if it trends into selfie/self-absorbed territory, though I think when the focus is clearly on the work that is being done, even if the man has a prominent and frequent role in the photos would be very different.

    Liked by 1 person

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