No, You Are Not Entitled To The Eucharist

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many Catholic churches and parishes are announcing the closure of Masses and many Catholics online are having a meltdown over this. Sigh.

I really don’t understand why people are so upset that we will not be having access to Communion for a while.

What a spoiled, selfish and entitled generation we have become!

We seem to have forgotten that in the past, receiving Communion every week was just not the norm.

You are not entitled to receive the Eucharist.  It is a privilege that you earn, NOT  a right that you are given.

In the past, receiving Communion every single week was just not the norm.

Also, if you are not in a state of grace, you denied Communion – period!

These days, it seems everyone and their dog can simply saunter up towards the altar, dressed in short skirts, open cleavage, garish makeup, clearly living in sin or lacking grace after being absent from Confession for years, and simply grab the Body of our Lord on their filthy, sin-stained hands.

There has been so much disrespect to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that I will not be surprised if this plague is a chastisement from God.

“But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation.” – DEUTERONOMY 32:15 

“You DARE to disrespect Me this way?! Not only will I send a plague to wipe out many of you, but I will deny you access to the Body and Blood of My Son until you do better! Off into Quarantine you go!”

Perhaps Our Lady has a similar sentiment.

US: ugh. I can’t pray the Rosary.  I don’t have the time!

CORONAVIRUS: *cancels literally everything*

US: *still somehow doesn’t manage to pray*



For decades, liberal Judge Not false Christians have preached continually that God is Merciful, but conveniently omit the fact that He is also perfect Justice and will not be mocked!

Like I said above, you are not entitled to the Eucharist

Unless in the danger of death ie viaticum, the faithful are not entitled to the unconditional, absolute right to Communion. We DO have the right to receive Confession, though, and we DO a duty to remain in a state of grace.

In my article SURVIVING THE CORONAVIRUS, I did mention that we must remain in a state of grace in anticipation of a lockdown.

Our priority right now should not be getting to Communion, but getting to Confession AND maintaining our state of grace during these unpredictable times.

Now will also be a good time to wear your brown scapular, if you have one, and use these other key items of SPIRITUAL PROTECTION.

You are not just fighting to survive now, but also fighting for your immortal soul.

As countries and locations progressively go into lockdown, it will not be surprising that there will be a digital lockdown on non-MSM sources, restricting the spread of information about the crisis, including tips for surviving it.

A lot of things about this situation are already being kept quiet by MSM eg this thing is not just taking out the elderly.

Anything that is not the official narrative, fed to you by MSM will be restricted and that will include things like natural remedies that can help you through this event.

Facebook started quietly deleting posts and restricting pages that do not feed into left, liberal narrative.

Here is what many page owners have been seeing and this Facebook tactic may extend to other social media platforms.

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to subscribe to my FREE newsletternow so that you can continue to get access to much needed TCF information, as well as vital health and survival tips for yourself and your family.

I am also working on creating a playlist for dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, news, activities, recipes and more. โ€ฌ
Be sure to subscribe to the Traditional Catholic Femininity YouTube channel, if you havenโ€™t done so already.

As more of us go into lockdown and quarantine, I hope the playlist will be a source of information and edification for us all.

Our Lady of Social Distancing, pray for us!

ad Jesum per Mariam




5 thoughts on “No, You Are Not Entitled To The Eucharist

  1. Good post and I largely concur with your thoughts. The response of many or most of my fellow conservative/trad Catholics has been most disappointing, yet revealing. Our bishops are not “caving in” to government authority but simply doing what has to be done to stop this virus. Short term pain, oh yes. But necessary to get this behind us as fast as possible, yes there too.

    On the other hand I do admire how so many people so miss the sacraments, as this speaks highly of them. So I do understand the upset, even though it’s sometimes misplaced.

    Do keep up the good work here on your website!


  2. Thanks for your response. I never complained about taxes. I also never implied that I would be disobedient to the government. I only said I didnโ€™t like it. Not liking something does not make me entitled. You are somewhat harsh in your response. Spreading the truth is a must, but donโ€™t ever spread it without love. Truth and love must always go together. Best of luck to you!

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    1. None of us like this. The difference between “not liking” something and being “entitled” is that
      you can not like something, but you still make adjustments and rearrange your life to the new normal, out of respect for the laws and consideration of the greater good – the health of the community.

      Being entitled is ” I do not like this and so I will not do it!”

      Now, of course, I am not saying that was your mentality – or maybe it was, I dunno – but I had to reiterate, not just for you, but for the numerous other people who truly feel entitled and who would be reading your comment and spinning it to suit their entitled narrative.

      So you say you did not feel entitled or that you had a right to Mass? Good for you – well done!
      However….other people reading your comment would have felt otherwise, so my response was for them, for you and for us all.

      Have a blessed day!


    1. How interesting that your comment was marked as spam.
      No matter which way you try to spin it, entitlement is entitlement.
      If you truly believe what you say, then you shouldn’t pay tax either.
      After all, how dare the government take your money, right??!
      The government does have a right to enforce rules. Even Jesus’ parents OBEYED the rules of their government.
      They moved when their government asked them to.
      So here’s my advice for other entitled people like yourself

      a) regardless of what you think of the government – you are STILL not entitled to communion. You are no more special than people in the past who didn’t have weekly access to Communion. It is a mark of PRIDE to think otherwise!

      b) Jesus himself in the Bible said to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar when people were trying to tempt Him and bait Him over topics.
      His response is also a reminder that civil disobedience or breaking the law is STUPID, is being a stumbling block to others and is tempting the Lord thy God!!

      A little bit of submission and humility might do this generation some good and THAT is the lesson God is trying to teach you!

      No one owes you anything.


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