How A Crisis Brings Out People’s True Nature

Everyone can be nice when things are going well,ย  but the test of a person’s true character is how they behave when things are not going well.

Nothing reveals a person’s true character like a crisis, especially if you or the people around them are going through a crisis.

Narcissists, manipulators, toxic people, and sociopaths are notorious for ramping up their antisocial behaviour and abuse during a period of stress or crisis.

Isn’t it rather diabolical that a person’s response to your vulnerability is to push you over the edge completely or drive in the knife deeper?

This is the opposite of how a true human spirit would behave during a crisis.

During crises and stressful periods, it is normal human nature to come together, nurture each other, and to support and help each other through the difficult period.

You don’t even need to be a Christian or Catholic to do this – it is the pure love of humanity, a preservation trait inbuilt into the human spirit.

However, those who have been in close relationships, partnerships, friendships or even familial relationships with sociopaths and narcissists often report that the abuser would ramp up their abuse during periods of stress, vulnerability or crises in the target’s life, such as any one or more of the following:

  • Pregnancy or shortly after birth
  • Illness or when undergoing surgical procedures
  • Unemployment, job loss or financial trouble
  • Homelessness or other domestic problems
  • A breakup

It’s like they have a sadistic nature of “Oh, look…look at the teeny tiny helpless, vulnerable bird. Instead of taking care of it or nursing it back to health or at least, taking it somewhere safe, I am now going to stomp on it until it is DEAD!”

For those who don’t believe that evil lives among us, I hate to break it to you, but it does

The devil has his minions among us, as well as demonically-influenced people among us whose main goal is to sow fear, confusion, discord, disease, death and destruction among God’s people.

The devil hates humans because God loves us and so he will do anything to destroy us, destroy our bodies and our health, and destroy our souls.

This is why a lot of people who have survived narcissistic abuse often refer to their abusers as demonic because they DO behave in diabolical and very wicked ways.

The Bible even warns to be careful of these people “Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves…”ย  and it encourages us to be watchful, discerning, prudent and wise.

This is what having boundaries is about….and having boundaries is okay and Biblical.

Now, there are still good, decent and helpful people around us as we navigate through these scary uncharted waters, but don’t get shocked if you see an explosion of evil and chaos around you.

Don’t allow their behaviour to kill your faith in humanity and do not let them suck you into their chaos either.

Evil thrives in chaos and conflict, and this is why there are so many people acting in blatantly wicked ways right now….to keep us in constant fear and stress, which then affects our judgement, critical thinking abilities and of course, our immune system.

It is also the reason why your abuser, for those who have had an abusive partner or family member, would always manufacture chaos and stress.

It is done on purpose to keep you off-balance, to keep you blind to the truth and the way out of the chaos, and to lower your immune system, which makes more vulnerable to infection and death.

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, here is the ugly side I have observed.

People shouting me down on my social media when I started mentioning weeks ago that this virus isn’t simply targeting the elderly – all of us – young adults, children, and even babies are at risk.

I was attacked on social media by a handful of people who told me I was fearmongering.

My intention was never to promote fear, but to educate and inform, so we are not complacent or ill-prepared, and so we can keep both ourselves and our children safe.

But of course, if you try to sound warning bells, you get accused of fearmongering by people continue to go out wilfully, socialise and thus put the lives of many (old and young) at risk.

I honestly believe that if more people had listened to the precautions advised or concerns raised earlier enough, many lives could have been saved and the disease contained.

We may not have had to go into lockdown or have our churches shut till further notice.

More atrocious behaviour I have seen or heard of during this pandemic include:

People hoarding and selfishly stripping shop shelves bare, with no consideration whatsoever for the elderly, the vulnerable and those with large families.

Not cool.ย  Please, don’t hoard.

It’s so bad that even the Holy Father, Pope Francis, had to comment:
“โ€œEvery man for himself is not a solution to a pandemic. โ€œ “

On the converse side, I had seen attacks on prepper families who have had a prepping mindset long before the Coronavirus outbreak and have always had a stash of food that they have worked hard for and slowly built over the years.

Why are you so angry at a person, who is not hoarding, but has slowly built up their own emergency stash, when YOU failed to prepare?!

Would you go attack a pensioner who has dutifully worked hard and saved for their pension, and you didn’t?

So what makes you think it is okay to berate and insult preppers who already have their stash in place, while you, in desperation and panic, run out to strip bare the supermarket shelves, leaving nothing for vulnerable people??

Own your ish! Take responsibility for your mishaps and lack of preparedness, and work around it.
Don’t go attacking those who prepared ages ago when you didn’t.

This sense of entitlement to the resources of others and failure to take responsibility are classic traits of narcissistic and toxic people.

Noah was a prepper.ย  He warned people.ย  They didn’t listen and when the floods came, these people were desperately and angrily banging on the door of the Ark, but he didn’t open the door.

The Ark was full and his priority was now to his household.

If you are a prepper or prepper family, I am sure that you already know that you should NEVER tell anyone outside of your household the extent of your prepping or supplies.

You can discretely help people who are truly in need, but whatever you do, for your own safety and the safety of your kids, don’t broadcast your preps or food stash. Not even on social media

I have also heard of younger people deliberately coughing into the faces of the elderly or vulnerable.
This is an act of aggression and an act of terror, so I was really pleased when the perps were apprehended by the police and charged with an act of terror

Then there are the idiots who have torched delivery vans that were delivering groceries to households who ordered online much needed.ย  Like, why??!!ย  Bitterness, rage, jealousy, and hatred.ย  That’s why

There were also stories of doctors and nurses having their vehicles smashed and vandalised.

Do these Covidiots not realise that crippling the medical workforce will mean there’s no one to look after you when you get ill??

And don’t get me started on the people abusing or spitting on Asians and Asian-Americans!


It is okay to be frustrated and scared, but it is never okay, normal or acceptable to take it out on anyone!


Then there are those who, despite desperate pleas from the authorities to practice social distancing and stay indoors, were seen partying and sunbathing, placing not just themselves at risk, but every single person in their household and anyone they come into contact with at risk. Idiots!ย  I mean, COVIDIOTS!!

The only way that we all will get through this is by coming together, supporting each other, disciplining our will or sense of entitlement, and making the needed sacrifices (such as quarantine, social distancing, etc) for the good, safety, health, and lives of our fellow humans.

Have we forgotten that we are called to love our neighbours as we love ourselves?

And what about those who are more concerned about the economic collapse or people like THIS ONE who encouraged people to go into work, declaring that he would rather die than to let the country die?!

My bad.ย  He actually means that he would rather YOU die than let his bank account die.

Isn’t it sad how corporations are so narcissistic and self-absorbed, demonic even, that they don’t care about your health, your family, or your life!

This outbreak is one of the consequences of globalism and greedy capitalism, but that’s okay because your corporate overloads have spoken: WORK AND DIE!!

Do these fools not realise that there is NO economy or country if the majority of its citizens are dead??!

They are always all about the money and capitalism.

Mammon, stupidity, narcissistic entitlement, greed and messed up priorities is what will kill many people like him and sadly, take many innocent people too. Don’t be a victim of this sort of mentality.

Until we as humans curb our selfish entitlement and work TOGETHER, this disease is going nowhere!!

Perhaps this was God’s plan after all.

Our society has become so entitled, self-serving, capitalist and narcissistic at the expense of our fellow humans that God sent this pandemic to put us all in time-out, lock us down and lock us in with the family that we have been too busy chasing money to spend time with and to reconnect with our neighbours, as well as the natural world around us, and focus less on chasing capitalism and more on our health.

There are even Catholics that throwing a hissy fit that they can’t attend Mass.ย  Like, are ya serious?!
Do you realise how lucky we are compared to other pandemic generations that don’t have what we have now – the digital age??!!


We must learn to do the best we can with what we have.


There is currently no cure, vaccine or treatment for this disease.

It is a new disease and that is why it is called Novel (aka new) Coronavirus.

The people who recovered have been those whose immune systems have been able to fight it off.

The medication given in the hospital is given to treat the secondary bacterial infections that result from the virus – that’s it!

But if the body is so weak, immunocompromised or weak in immunity, it will continue to shut down until the patient ends up on a ventilator because all their organs are failing and shutting down and they cannot even breath anymore, and so they need a machine to breathe for them.

At this point, all medics can do is put them in a medically-induced coma, if they are not already in a coma already,

The body goes into a coma to prevent further damage to itself.

Sometimes, a patient will have to be put into a medically induced coma so that the body in deep rest can try and heal itself.

When Covid patients get to the ventilator + coma stage, all doctors can do is step back and let the body try and heal itself.ย  No further treatment can be done now.ย  It’s the wait-and-see game.

Often times, the patient’s body sadly gives up the fight and dies.

There is no cure or treatment for Covid-19.

And many people walk around already infected, but not yet showing symptoms, and still spreading the virus.

Over half of us, if not 80% of us, WILL get the Coronavirus.

For those that have strong immune systems, we will display just mild symptoms and our bodies would be able to fight off the initial infection before it progresses into respiratory and major organ lung failure.

So, literally, the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your children, and increase your chances of surviving this is

  • Social Distancing and sticking to any quarantine requests
  • Rigorous hygiene, and most importantly
  • Boosting your immune system

That is all we can do and that is all we have control over.

I go into how to practice the above three steps in more detail HERE.ย 

Check it out and check out, in particular, the section I wrote about boosting the immune system.

2 METRES DISTANCE DETERMINES OUR EXISTENCE – So good, I got it on a T-shirt – see below.

Your diet and the supplements you feed your body are crucial for immune support because 70% of your immune system is found in your gut!

This is why I recommend taking probiotics as well as digestive enzymes, in addition to any health supplements you may be taking.

The digestive enzymes help your body break down food so that the micronutrients can be absorbed into your body and be of benefit to you.

The probiotics repopulates your gut with the good bacteria and get rid of the bad bacteria, thus supporting your immune system

In fact, the bare minimum you should have for immune support should be:


Our duty, as our neighbours’ keeper, should be to continue to offer support and education to each other through this crisis, so that we can all get through this period together with wisdom, prudence, planning, preparedness and not fear.

You may not be able to save lives directly. You may not be a doctor, nurse or other essential worker, but you can still save lives through support, education, information and spreading the word.

This is what I aim to do, even though Facebook has been trying to shut my page up, as well as many other pages too.

Many people on Facebook or other social media have been reporting that Facebook is restricting them from what they can see on their newsfeed.

At the moment, this only seems to be affecting Catholic and Christian pages, so it is fairly obvious that we are being targeted.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a digital lockdown or restriction in coming weeks or even days.

So if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to subscribe to my newsletter .

Many have already signed up and continue to do so.

I will be sharing regular practical tips and resources that will help get you, your children and your family through this.

Lack of information keeps people fearful and stressed, which weakens your immune system.

Do not give in to stress or fear.

Facebook or other media outlets may want to keep you misinformed or underinformed, perpetuating fear and stress.

However, by subscribing to the TCF FREE NEWSLETTER, you can still access relevant information and resources that will put the power and control of your life and your health back into your own hands.

Yes, these are scary times. Yes, there are nasty wicked people out there.

Yes, there is currently no cure or vaccine for this plague, but there is really no need to feel powerless, hopeless or helpless.

Our hope is in Christ and there is so much that we can do to take back our power, to help ourselves and our families survive this pandemic.ย  I will be sharing all of this in my newsletters.

It is not all doom and gloom, and I believe something positive will come out of all of this.

Despite the abhorrent nature of some people, there have also many more people responding with support, care, providing information and random acts of kindness.

These are the people we should try to emulate.

Reach out and help, if you are fit and able, to those in need.

Check-in on your elderly neighbours or any vulnerable children.

Have the police do a welfare check on persons that you may have concerns for or that you feel may be at risk of domestic abuse.

Stay away from toxic, destructive, dangerous and conflict-ridden people – they will kill your spirit, steal your joy and kill your hope in the kindness and decency of human spirit.

Avoid those who tell you that you are fearmongering, those who are dismissive and say you are overreacting, as well as those who have a head-in-the sand or defeatist mentality – it is disempowering and dangerous.

Be like Noah – build your ark!!

The goal is to have a BALANCED and PROACTIVE approach to this crisis.

Gain the necessary information, educate yourself, keep up by following TCF on all my platforms and then take proactive steps as I detail HERE.

Focus on you, your family and people who truly need your help.

I have also started a Pandemic Tips Playlist and more videos will be added shortly, covering various topics from pandemic hygiene to wellness, homeschooling, relationships and so on.

So, make sure you are also subscribed to the channel.

Our Lady, Health of the sick, pray for us







The items below are available in adult and kids sizes, and in various colours.
They also serve as a Social Distance reminder for yourself, your kids and the people around, to keep yourself and your family safe.



ย ad Jesum per Mariam






2 thoughts on “How A Crisis Brings Out People’s True Nature

  1. Is Francis really the Holy Father? With the aamazin synod and the disaster that was…you have Catholics who regularly defended him then say I have nothing I can defend him with since this synod went against everything the church has always taught. Is it not fair to ask you to deeply discern and ponder, are any of the Vatican II โ€œPopesโ€ really true Popes? How can you be the Pope when you donโ€™t even have the Catholic faith to begin with? Francis doesnโ€™t seem to know what it even is….

    Iโ€™m not asking you to become sedevacantist overnight, but at least hear out the sedevacantists and look at what true Popes taught vs these modernists.

    Pius XII writes an encyclical called Mediator Dei and explicitly says never to separate the tabernacle from the altar. Go read it for yourself.

    What did they do after Vatican II? You are a good soul but still deceived by these modernists who use a little tradition to cover their true beliefs. Pope Leo XIII Warned is of this tactic that they would use. Pius X also


    1. I hear you man, I too disagree with some of the things Pope Francis has said and done. However, they have been many popes throughout history who were terrible people, much more so than Pope Francis, but that doesnโ€™t mean they werenโ€™t popes. I also think that the media paints Pope Francis in a very modernist light and carefully cherry-picks things he says to make the public believe he is more liberal than he really is. On the whole, Pope Francis may be more liberal and deal with problems differently to how we would like, but he is still the pope, like it or not.
      God bless you,


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